Steve Erhardt has spent $300,000 trying to look perfect, but he still hates taking pictures. Despite the 45+ surgeries he has undergone to perfect his image, he expects there will be more and plans to have a large celebration for his 50th cosmetic surgery. “I don’t like lines, I don’t like wrinkles.” He told Dr. […]

Chumlee before after weight loss

If you watch the show Pawn Stars you definitely know who Chumlee is. Formally known as Austin Russell, Chum stars on the hit TRUTV series playing himself, a slow sort of guy that keeps everyone around the pawnshop laughing (or yelling) over his never ending stupid antics and lazy ‘fat man’ personality. Instead of another […]

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roseanne barr weight loss

Roseanne Barr recently walked the red carpet at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day in Pasadena, California, on April 8 and stunned fans who were shocked by her dramatic weight loss! The former sitcom star, who was decked out in a black top and pants, leopard print gloves, and silver heels, looked quite svelte. When […]

Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain popped into Coachella over the weekend and blew our f%&*ing minds! While everyone else seems to be commenting on the resemblance she and fiance Isaiah Silva bear to her parents, we find Frances’s shocking plastic surgery transformation far more intriguing. Frances Bean Cobain then and now: Frances Bean Cobain has successfully completed […]

Michelle Obama Discusses Arts And Humanities Education At The White House

This year Michelle Obama turned 50 years old, although the First Lady might look younger now than ever before. While she attributes her good looks to eating well, exercising, and never missing a check up with her doctor, she also admits that there’s nothing wrong with getting a little plastic surgery. [...]

alessandra ambrosio plastic surgery after pictures

Do you ever wonder if Alessandra Ambrosio has undergone any surgery to get her banging body and perfectly proportioned face? According to her she has only been under the knife one time, and the experience was so terrifying she plans to ward off plastic surgery forever! Alessandra Ambrosio after having plastic surgery. Can you guess […]

beyonce thigh gap vacation golfing

Beyonce shared some candid photos from her tropical vacation today, and, oh boy! Did these pictures get everyone’s panties in a bunch. Why, you ask? Well, I hate to break it to you but Beyonce has a “thigh gap”!!! You know, that space between the thighs that fit women typically have. The picture in question […]


This time last year, Amanda Bynes was setting fires in the yard of random neighbors, tweeting crazy talk and getting arrested for throwing a bong out the window of her apartment. Fast forward through several bad wigs, mugshots and finally a conservatorship awarded to her parents, it looks like 28-year old Amanda has finally got […]

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