Heidi Fleiss – Bad Plastic Surgery


Infamous Hollywood Madame, Heidi Fleiss, has gotten herself a new pair of lips.

Heidi Fleiss before plastic surgery

heidi fleiss before

Heidi Fleiss after plastic surgery

heidi fleiss after

It also looks like Heidi had some sort of face work and/or botox done, which has pulled her eyebrows way too high up on her forehead.

Personally, I think Heidi Fleiss looked 100 times better before she had plastic surgery. After her surgeries, she looks like a deformed joker. People pay to look like this?! Stick to hookers, Heidi, the plastic surgeon just isn’t doin’ it for ya…

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  • avatar Mikael says:

    Oh damn! What the hell happened to her?!

  • Heidi Fleiss looks disgusting. I hope she sued whatever surgeon did that to her face. Ouch.

  • avatar Justjen says:

    Wow. She looks SO much better without the joker lips.

  • avatar !#@$%^& says:

    Hmm she looks so suprised now. Crazy too tight face lift action

  • avatar Just Saying says:

    She was cute before.

  • avatar Noname says:

    Maybe now that the Girls Gone Wild guy is outta jail, and Fleiss has resurfaced as an “expert commentator” in the wake of Spitzer, these two can collaborate: Botox Gone Bad!!1

  • avatar Janelle says:

    OMG fugly! Give it up. How do these women actually think they look good??!

  • avatar Bad Lips says:

    Looks like Heidi’s plastic surgeon told her he could hide her gummy smile by increasing the size of her lips but it just made it worse!

  • avatar on the shelf says:

    I would love to be able afford plastic surgery, but will tell the surgeon that I do not want to look like the love child of Pete Burns(so good looking in the old days) and Alex (cage fighter, cross dresser) Reid.

  • avatar Holly says:

    I just caught Heidi on UK TV. It’s painful to look at her. I couldn’t believe it was her so I googled her to see if anyone was talking about her and what she was up to (specifically to see what had happened to her once beautiful face). OMG. I hope she sued and won a fortune for what was done to her!

  • avatar margaret says:

    OMG – how did she ruin her looks like that. She can hardly eat for the trout lips. Why do people do this? She looks a freak.

  • avatar sam says:

    I was under the impression she was in some sort of accident. I’m not a fan of rehab but while channel surfing I came accross what looked like Heidi Fleiss. Went to the web and asked (what happened to Heidi Fleiss?) She actually paid to look like she was hit in the face with a bat>

  • avatar Melanie jessamnie says:

    I am not sure what wen through Heidi’s head that she could not see how lovely she was & that just because she is getting older does not mean she needed to be altered. People in holiwood are lookng melty-faced these days. Wouldn’t you hink a good looking young person equals a good looking Oder person? Our society is so bizarre. The men dying their hair & having surgery look equally as bad.

  • avatar Giovanni NYC says:

    Heidi looks so fuckin ugly it actually hurts to look at her!

  • avatar Amy says:

    She was okay before….she is VERY hard to look at now. She really got butchered!!

  • avatar rick says:

    Well, after giving 25000 or more BJ”S wouldn’t anyones mouth look a bit stretched?

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