Marilyn Monroe – Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)


I didn’t believe it when I 1st heard that Marilyn Monroe underwent rhinoplasty, but you can’t deny the photos!

Marilyn Monroe before rhinoplasty:

marilyn monroe before <a href=nose job“>

Marilyn Monroe after rhinoplasty:

marilyn monroe after nose job

It is obvious that Marilyn Monroe did indeed have a nose job, which was performed before her career took off. I had no idea that plastic surgery was in demand for celebrities back in the 50’s. Who would have thunk…

Anyhow, I think that the cosmetic surgeon that performed Marilyn’s rhinoplasty should receive a metal of honor. He did an amazing job! Marilyn Monroes nose looks much more refined and feminine while still appearing totally natural.

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  • avatar Lahna says:

    Marilyn also had a chin implant FYI.

  • avatar kim says:

    i dongt think her nose looks that much different… but your nose does actually change as u get older .. that could be why it looks slightly different!!!!

  • avatar Nat says:

    Oh please…doesn’t anybody know that your nose does change with age, it gets thinner which is what happened to Marilyn’s nose. She was a natural beauty before and after she became famous. Seriously, lay off the dead!

    • avatar Bewtful_let_down says:

      She actually had her hair died blonde, surgery and her eyes color wasnt blue. I love her but she is known as the first fake blue eyed blonde. She was not all natural… :/

  • avatar splodge says:

    I’m sorry but just because someone has passed away doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss what they may (or may not) have done. We do still (vaguely) have something called freedom of speech…
    Personally while I agree noses can change as you get older (mainly at puberty – mine certainly did) I don’t see how anyone’s nose can change quite that much…

    And I’d heard several times about her having either a chin implant and/or removal of the fat under the chin too…

  • avatar Kate says:

    Actually, the nose grows bigger with age; it does not thin out. With Marilyn, her bridge was shaved down and that does not occur naturally.

  • avatar JIGGLES says:


  • avatar Tania says:

    I love her, but you can clearly see her nose, and chin is different. Fact is her manager set up the surgery for her, and anyone with eyes can tell there is a difference in her face.

  • avatar Glyth says:

    To all the incensed people up there. I believe there was an actual documentary on Marilyn Monroe stating that she did have her nose and chin worked on.

    I don’t believe anyone meant this as a smear on Marilyn but simply as the truth. Besides, she looks much better after the surgery.

  • avatar jayde says:

    its a known fact Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) DID have a nose job.Fox made her. Look up marilyn monroe plastic sugery up on google and it has the name of the plastic sergion who made her face


    and yes your nose dose get smaller as you age but your nose dosent get that small in a period of 10 years.YOU STUPID FUCKS

    its totally obvious thats shes also had more work done

    • oh thank u thank u thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 4 tellin d truth i think the ppl in denial r thse die hard fans(rolls eyes) get real ur nose doesnt get tht smaller..her bridge nd everythin else is more thin refined nd pointed..get a life!besides she looks better thn b4

  • avatar Dan says:

    what a cutie pie love her bikini pics

  • avatar susan smith says:

    She had one of the first chin implants in the country. IMHO think the chin made more of a difference than the nose.

  • avatar Marilyn Monroe says:

    Marilyn also had breast implants, along with electrolysis on her hairline. At the time she worked in Hollywood, actors and actresses were basically “owned” by the studios they worked for, and whatever was called for by the studio execs was done to the “stars” – Marilyn wasn’t the only one that had extensive work done back then.

  • avatar Kate says:

    No, Marilyn did not have implants. Her breasts tended to grow or shrink with weight loss as normal women do. However, she was known to pad her breasts, and used a technique involving buttons to create “extra-special” breasts.

  • avatar Mark says:

    Oh my God, this poor lady has been dead for almost 50 years and to see some of you lunatics have such a passionate reaction like “no she didn’t do her nose!”…don’t get your blood pressure up over this. God, it’s a online forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion so don’t get angry or you could end up in the grave prematurely too. Cheers! Either way, Marilyn is gorgeous and will live on forever as a legend in film.

  • avatar Vera says:

    That must be the best nose job possible in that era-all those early rhinoplasties look horrendous.

  • avatar jedi says:

    It’s a fact she had work done on her nose. It was a condition of her contract along with changing her name. We know she dyed her hair, and I’m sure they made her go to etiquette coaches to improve her presence and posture. As far as a chin implant, this is up to speculation, but I can tell makeup and the lose of weight in face made her chin look more pronounce. Makeup can do A LOT for looks, as well as age, and weight.

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    I am a huge fan but can admit she did have a nose job. DUH. But I don’t care. She needed it. She couldn’t be successful without fixing her nose. Which was bulbous.
    I agree with Tania that anyone with eyes can see it. She was ugly/average before. It’s ok to say MM had a nose job and still love her!

  • avatar D says:

    It’s pretty obvious. But it was excellent work.

  • avatar Slick says:

    Noses do change with age….THEY GET BIGGER. So do ears. There both flexible cartilage. Really, have you ever seen an old person with petite, smooth ears? Doesn’t happen. It’s the way of all flesh. Don’t fret, get used to it.

  • avatar Pam says:

    Jeez, will you people just get over it? She DID have plastic surgery cause its pretty obvious by how much her face has changed.
    Don’t be so ignorant and deny the fact that she’s never had plastic surgery. She DID. I’m positive. Just get over it please and stop acting all hurt because its fact. Although I think you people should stop acting all disgusted with plastic surgery cause theres nothing wrong with it. You act like its an unforgivable sin or something. Why? Dont we all deserve to be beautiful. Jeez, just grow up. She needs to look beautiful after all because of her job. =P Again, just grow up
    Marilyn WILL always be one of the greatest stars ever. Btw, I want her plastic surgeon

  • avatar sara says: whatch this vidio and will see that she is a natural beauty there are photos befor and after in the vidio and her nose is the same

  • avatar Brandon says:

    where is her mole in the top pick? that cant be added can it??

  • avatar sara says:

    no way….whatch this vidio befor and after the nose of marilyn and will see that her nose is the same befor and after

  • avatar kelli says:

    she did not have anything done to her perfect face. anyone that says otherwise is a dumb idiot who has so much free time that reality is warped. idiots!

  • avatar Jason says:

    She’s 50’s hot
    She didn’t get a nose job

  • avatar Maud says:

    It’ s obvious she did her nose, her eyes (look at the pictures of her as a child please!) and her fat assymetric cheeks done. The line of the cheeks are at later age very unnatural . I happen to see the little scarves of the operation on one picture. Of course she did get the advise to camouflage these little scarves ( also on her eye-lids) with make- up. On the picture whenn she is dead you can see the rest of her nose….as was by Michael Jackson.
    But….great and lovely and intelligent personality…in no matter what body her soul hadbeen!! I only wonder…why she wasnot intelligent enough to quit the world in a better way….She had the money to buy an island and spent there the rest of her life….having children for example. Enjoying life, flowers, animals.

  • avatar Maud says:

    I don’ t think she had a chin- implant. The sides of the cheeks had been made thinner. Also the line of her hair- implant had weekly been shaved because it was to wilde and iregular. Of course the film-contract did (and does) demand of girls that they had diverse surgeries. I think Marilyn also had her breasts done and her waist. They often did remove the two lower ribs to get that abnormal slim waist we don’t have ;-)) Sorry for my english, I’ m dutch. She changed her name and her body but her soul stayed the same.

  • avatar scarlett rose says:

    just SHUT UP all of you, the fact of the matter is Marilyn monroe was absolutly beautiful before and after surgory. Now she is dead so would you all please just cut her some slak ok.
    RIP Marilyn.

  • avatar BitchMonroeisFUGLY says:

    This fake bitch had a compelete face rehauling. She has her POTATO NOSE chopped off, her cheeks liposuckioned and her jawline completely recontoured. Don’t forget her eyes, she had eyelid surgery, she had small eyes and then she was like 0.0 NO ONE GAVE A CRAP ABOUT UGLY NORMA JEAN MORTENSEN! And she would have never made it without her plastic surgeons’ help!

  • avatar Alex says:

    work of ART!
    thats the best nosejob ever.

  • avatar Charlie says:

    NOSES AND EARS GET BIGGER WITH AGE! That’s why old people have big noses and big ears. Noses do not get smaller with age.

  • avatar Kat Lancaster says:

    Breast implants were NOT created until many years after MM died…NO chin implants avaliable…Plastic surgery was very limited at that time…

    Surgery on the nose tended to be rather extreme and obvious…this IS a natural beauty folks…

  • avatar Nura says:

    i love your blog.
    but, thunk?!! seriously…?
    past tense of think is thought..

  • avatar Ella says:

    Yes, indeed it was very limited at that time. But all the knowledge for the surgeries Marilyn did have, was there and for sure available for Film studio’s with millions of dollars, who ofcourse wanted to invest in their goldmines. She had no chin or cheek- implants. On the contrary: her cheeks were made smaller and symetric. Her eyelids for sure were done. Please look at her child- photo’s and the pictures at the age of around 16. Her nose is beyond discussion. It’ s obvious she had her nose done.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    Haven’t you ever seen the documentry where it tells you she had a complete transformation to make herself Marilyn Monroe she did have surgery but does it really matter she was beautiful b4 and beautiful after and people who are sayin those nasty things are sick twats.
    Respect everyone which means respect the dead morons
    RIP Marilyn Monroe

  • avatar Joy says:

    She had her chin done – that was the big one.

  • avatar Honey says:

    Good golly, have none of those who say she had all kinds of surgery ever know someone in school who was plain and as they aged they became better looking without surgery?

  • avatar Hooper says:

    Wow, some of you people are beyond delusional. I can’t even wrap my mind around the idea that anyone would believe that she didn’t have a nose job. It’s so obvious.

  • avatar N.D. says:

    She definitely had work done. There’s no denying it. But what incredible work!

    For some reason people don’t seem to understand that no ammount of plastic surgery and makeup can make a woman stunningly beautiful who doesn’t already have a good physical structure to work with.

    They can’t start with fugly and finish with fabulous. The raw material has to be present…

    On the other hand plastic surgery and makeup can take someone who’s reasonably attractive and turn them into pure fug.

  • avatar snapdragon says:

    Marilyn Monroe did have a nose job and also a chin implant, according to the biography by Donald Spoto. This particular biography, unlike pretty much every other one out there, is well researched, factual, goes to original source documents for quotes and information, and is not sensationalistic, and meticulously debunks all of the crazy stories made up about her over the years by people looking to make a buck off of her.
    So what if she did? Saying she had a nose job does not equal hatin’ on MM. She was one of a kind, and amazing.

  • avatar Rose says:

    Yeah, she had a nose job and chin implant. When I first found out I thought I’d be disappointed that the most beautiful woman alive had work done, but I really didn’t care much. She’s still one of my favorite actresses.
    And even though this is so far down it’s doubtful anyone will really read it, noses GROW as you age. Seriously. So to all the people saying it thins and gets smaller, it sure as hell doesn’t. It never stops growing till the day you die, so Marilyn without a doubt had hers shaved down to become the most recognizable face around for 60 years. So her surgeries were pretty worth it.

    • avatar Dani says:

      who is the most beautiful woman alive? Marilyn is dead..and anyway she wasn’t the most beautiful woman when she was alive, she wasn’t even the most beautiful ACTRESS when she was alive..she was up there and considered a great blonde bombshell…but MOST BEAUTIFUL…seems like a very difficult title to get, especially when Hollywood was full of extremely beautiful can you rank such beauties? The public from that era tried to rank them, and Elizabeth Taylor was consiered the most beautiful woman along with Ava Gardner..I still dont agree…they were all sooo beautiful it is stupid saying one is better than the other

  • avatar Michy says:

    Rib taken out too.


  • avatar vidz says:

    Fake mole, fake hair, fake nose, chin ( I don’t know). but still a gorgeous whore!

    also dumbasses, the bottom pic is rachel weisz as marilyn! 43 comments and nobody pointed that out? now that woman is a goddess.

  • avatar Rogelio Shanberg says:

    Lindsay Lohan is such a fun gal!

  • avatar zoe says:

    i new about her nose job for a while, my mother told me that they didn’t have that in the 50’s but in reality plastic surgery had been around since before Christ!ahah the Romans where the ones who started the whole nose job thing, they didn’t go into the nose just on top by slicing off a thin layer of skin and letting a new layer grow on the nose. plastic surgery has been around for a very long time…. i bet you didn’t know that huh? oh and other thing Your facial features and body doesn’t get smaller it gets bigger and wider so whom ever said that her nose got smaller and thinner cuz of age is really blind and only can see ignorance without knowing it or just stupid.

  • avatar sara says:

    people, your nose gets bigger by age, not narrower! i wish it would get narrower though. mine is notcute as it used to eb when i was 16, or 21… LOL… its very abvious MM had a nose job, but why freak ou? its not like having a nose job is an evil thing to do.. everyone does what he/she thinks is right. right?

  • avatar Ava says:

    Sorry to disappoint fellas, she had nose and chin to correct a weak chin and narrow the nose. The outcome was great but I think that is part of why she was soooo insecure is because she always felt like a fake.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    I have her biography & according to it, she also had a chibn implant, her hairline raised & breast augmentation.

  • avatar Puple Lady says:

    MGM, Parmount pictures, Warner bros. ALL did it to their A lister’s. Male and female
    Even Elvis Presley was blonde and had a nose job!
    Here is a list of what else she did
    >chin implant
    >upper and lower eye lids
    >brow lift
    >hair line adjustment
    > gummy smile fixed
    > Peroxide for that “FAMOUS ” look the studios CREATED as they did for all of them.

  • avatar Annette says:

    This is absolute crap. This sort of thing has been done with any number of celebrities where they put up two photographs that obviously show a difference. Yet you look at ANY OTHER PHOTO you can’t find a god damn trace of what they’re suggesting.

    Until it comes out (WITH EVIDENCE, NOT JUST HEARSAY; MEANING RELIABLE SOURCES) that she did get all of these surgeries, I won’t hear any of it. This is myth of photographic truth; what you see isn’t necessarily what is real. The Theresienstadt documentary film by Kurt Gerron is proof of this.

    Take into account that it took Marilyn 3 hours to do her makeup, meaning there is a certain degree of contouring going on. Also in her earlier years she smiled differently – upper lip covering her teeth. Later by the suggestion of a friend she was told to lift that upper lip. This can make certain aspects of your face look different.

    If someone could find a clear photograph of Marilyn where the expressions are relatively similar there might be some basis for what’s being said. As it stands, it is only a rumor being spread about someone who can’t reply. As someone earlier aptly put it: leave the dead alone.

  • avatar Jessica says:

    I’m sorry but it is common knowledge that she had rhinoplasty . No amount of makeup is going to make your nose and chin look that slim, without having some super exaggerated highlighting and shading. It does not appear that the author is bashing Marilyn only stating a fact . I’m getting my info from books and documentaries I’ve seen growing up . You know before google we read and what not.

  • avatar Dar says:

    All you jealous women are ofcourse happy.

    Never mind that as the photos clearly show, whatever surgery she had was obviously very minor, and that even before she was already more beautiful than all you worthless jealous broads combined.

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