Megan Fox – Nose Job


It looks like the lastest Angelina Jolie wannabe, Megan Fox, had a little bit taken off the top. From the pictures below it appears that Megan Fox has indeed had a nose job to grind down the bump on the bridge of her nose, into a completely flawlessly straight nose.

Megan Fox before rhinoplasty

megan fox rhinoplasty

Megan Fox after rhinoplasty

megan fox nose job

Quite honestly, I think her nose looks too perfect now. But, I’m sure that is the look that she is going for, so good for her I suppose. I think Megan Fox is gorgeous with or without her nose job. Judging by when the pictures were taken, Megan Fox went under the knife for her nose job sometime between July and September 2007.

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  • avatar kim says:

    kinda looks like she had lip aug too

  • avatar AMIEE says:


  • avatar Faith says:

    I think her nose looks really pretty here

  • avatar Amber says:

    Her lips are done too.

  • avatar jodi says:

    i think she is beautiful.before and after

  • avatar aleykat says:

    Lip JOb Also and coloured contacts with Eyelash Extentions too shes pretty but not in a very organic way lol

    • avatar sara says:

      Your a fuckin idiot to think she wearing contacts. Why would you even say that? Jealously doesnt wear well on anyone.
      I hate people who talk about colroed contacts you can OBVIOUSLY TELL look at lil kim or anyone who does, ALSO, they come off your eye and look like a film on the side view dumbass.

  • avatar Lahna says:

    She’s hot, and looks better than Ms. Jolie.

  • avatar matt says:


  • avatar andréa says:

    It does look like she’s had a nose job, but the rest of her face seems untampered with. I hope she doesn’t do anything else ~ she’s gorgeous.

  • avatar damn says:

    puta do caralho

  • avatar linda says:

    She had a nose job forsure but it looks really good. It looks better but not completly different.

  • avatar didi says:

    changing the nose can change the entire features of the face. she definetly went under the knife but her new nose looks great on her. however, theres something about it that makes me cringe — probably the fact that it appears VERY sharp, and yes, i suppose to some PS’s, it may look “done.”

  • avatar natasha says:

    Look who cares what shes had done everyone in hollywood does when there famous/ actully even if ther not… shes has had her nose done and my lip plumpi…. but i wouldnt go as far has saying chin done. she has naturally baby blue eyes, i know coz there the same colour as mine and ppl think mine r contact and so what if she has fake eyelashes most of the world were them so who gives a ****

  • avatar angie says:

    OMG! i love, love her eyebrows! they are perfect and she is beautiful, the before pics, she looks alot younger, so maybe that is why she looks a little different too, but i do think she got her lips done a bit.

  • avatar bocelli says:

    She also had jaw imlants too. Her surgeon is really good I must say!

  • avatar wow says:

    OKAY. Maybe she got her lips done…maybe its a different angle or maybe she’s wearing a lip plumper. I can see the nose…but that’s it. The only photo that she looks very different in she looks like she’s 16 in and did her own makeup. OBVIOUSLY an actual make-up artist would create a different look (i.e. eyelashes)….ugh.

  • avatar J Jonie M says:



  • avatar jim says:

    i really think she looked better after the surgery. she doesn’t have any character in her face anymore. it’s all very plain.

  • avatar cristos says:

    I dnt know how u yanks can consider someone beutifull if they have to go under the knife.
    At the end of the day shes still so shallow on the inside that she has to take on a knife and on the outside well she is naturaly ugly n u yanks worship her… hahah another product of americas trashy culture.

  • avatar wetwings says:

    to cristos- naturally beautiful people get plastic surgery too. the difference is they go from beautiful to almost perfect. it’s not necessary but hey it’s their body. people just have to know when to stop before they start looking like plastic. and megan fox so far looks natural, hopefully she stops there because anything else could really ruin how pretty she is. just look at her before photo- she was beautiful then too! don’t judge a person because they choose to have plastic surgery. and there are some trashy looking girls out there but megan fox is not one of them.

  • avatar wetwings says:

    i’d like to add, if you think someone is automatically naturally ugly if they’ve gone under the knife you’re not only being silly but you are dismissing a lot of naturally pretty people. not only celebs get plastic surgery but just to name a few attractive celebs who’ve gotten some work done-sharon stone, angelina jolie, marylin monroe. and many more who you’d never know got work done and yes they were pretty before too. if you met a beautiful, natural looking girl or boy, fell in love with them for who they are and then find out they had work done you’d dump them and find them ugly? that would be ridiculous! it’s like who cares if people get plastic surgery and do all the things they do to “beautify” themselves? it doesn’t change who they are as people. too much of anything is not good, but minor plastic surgery is short of fake and extreme. natural beauty is to be admired but no one is naturally perfect, only naturally beautiful. everyone’s going to have one thing or another they can improve and they’d be near perfect. but it’s not needed and most people won’t notice it but themselves. but for those who can afford it and want to then why not? (just know when to stop) maybe YOU shouldn’t be so superficial and look past that.

  • avatar Miguel says:

    WOW, what a stunning beauty both before and after! If they can live with it (plastic surgery), more power to them. Also, I do not believe Americans go under the knife for cosmetic surgery per capita. I think either Venezuela or Argentina can claim that title….and what amazing results! Wow!

  • avatar Madison says:

    To Cristos:
    I must say, it is funny you are chastising someone for their choice to go under the knife considering you are on a celebrity plastic surgery website. A little silly don’t you think?

    That said, it is just as shallow to judge someone for their choice to alter THEIR body, as you claim it is to get plastic surgery. Additionally, often the desire to change one’s appearance is rooted in insecurity, not vanity.

    Megan Fox is beautiful, and if you are on this site just to condemn celebrities for their decisions, make better use of your time (that’s to you Cristos, you insensitive prick).

  • avatar ab says:

    well.. she may have had surgeries done, but the before pictures seem to be made up of two different photos.. photoshop work i guess. the top parts of both the pictures are from somewhere else.!!

  • avatar Melrose says:

    She is beautiful. Pity she relies on so much make up I`m sure shes still stunning with out it.

  • avatar Vera says:

    I DO think that people who get plastic surgery, especially for little trivial things like this, to replace a perfectly nice nose that had character to look ‘perfect’, are shallow, ugly people inside. ‘It doesn’t change who they are as people’- changing the outside doesn’t, but the action shows who they are inside. It’s ridiculous in itself not to mention a waste of money that could be put to some meaningful use.

    Megan looks a little too fake to me, but she’s still attractive. I liked her better before though, even aesthetically.

  • avatar alice b says:

    MEGAN FOX isnt natural she wasnt a looker atall in the film ‘teenage drama queen’ its her refined dyed eyebrows,overly dyed hair, fake tan, fantastic make up and surgery that has made her look nice. And make up has made her eye colour stand out even more. Shes not a natural beauty seen her in interview for teenage drama queen she was just the same as lyndsay in the looks department aka nothing special, didnt even catch my eye one bit. Hollywood is an illusion non of them even look like that without make up or before surgery. Its a load of crap the only person who looked stunning before surgery was angelina jolie and women like sophie loren.

  • avatar alice b says:

    And if anyone thinks that megan hasnt had surgery u are blind

  • avatar alice b says:

    her lips look plastic

  • avatar jessica says:

    honestly she looks average before the surgery, the expensive makeup artists and stylists!… these days you can have any average looking person give them lots of money and they would be close to perfect..

  • avatar Pam says:

    I hate that stupid bimbo…She is such a fake and I hate her fans who love her because she’s “hot” and not for her personality, smarts and talent. She was such a bitch for dissing Scarlett Jo (who will forever be better than her). Yeah she is gorgeous but wouldn’t everybody be if they had the right plastic surgeon? Go figure

    PS: Megan-slut Fox sucks

  • avatar Antonia Parisx says:

    She’s had her nose done, cheek, jaw and chin implants & pumped up her lips and she looks hot! Who ever is concerned about Megan getting Cosmetic sugery… should get a life people!

  • avatar Amorino says:

    In the last 2 pics she looks too old.. That’s not good. But in general she was cute before and even more after.

  • avatar Kayla says:

    I think she looked so much better before >[

  • avatar Paula Pandaa says:

    I think that her nose looks better now, but I liked her lips from before.

  • avatar Ema says:

    She is great before and after…Because she is beautiful,someone who is ugly, I think plastic surgery couldn’t help…

  • avatar meow says:

    @natasha: no she’s definitely wearing blue contacts. I googled after aleykat’s comment, there is a picture of her on the News Of The World website, she’s apparently 17 and her eyes are brown. She’s unrecognisable TBH. I’m really finding it odd the amount of people prepared to say that she looked better before or that she has ruined her face. I think that to most of us it feels like she’s cheated? And also, that there must be a price to pay for looking so good? Because all the “She looked much prettier before!” comment smack of the saying ‘Misery Loves Company’. The unfortunate truth is that she looks better than she did before– now she looks fantastic. As long as she does not go overboard with her top-ups she will continue to look good until her looks fade naturally. Guys, life’s just not fair…

  • avatar Courtney says:

    It shouldn’t matter if she did or not. Either way she is beautiful no matter what and she will always be beautiful.

  • avatar Dana says:

    Nose, lip, boobs and hair extensions, probably some other stuff. Megan has had the works.

  • avatar Alex says:

    There are too many envious 14 year olds here…
    and Im not even a fan…
    This girl was cute before, but now shes a DOLL…
    G O R G E O U S

    Were talkin looks here…
    she had some good work done and the result is P E R F E C T.
    To wheep and hate there are other forums.
    Girls you dont have to look like here,99% of the population couldnt ,surgery or not.

  • avatar amber says:

    She slept with Michael Bay and then called him Hitler. Wat a whore.. Whoever wants to look like her just go sleep with a couple of directors get a couple thousand and Plastic yourself up and You’ll be there in no time.. Good Luck!!

  • avatar Zac says:

    She is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the world! I’m gay and I would choose her over ANY man! Btw Cristos, you call her “Another product of Americas trashy culture”? Well I’m sure none of you Europeans get plastic surgery?! Right? Come one now. She is just flawless. Who cares if she had surgery. It looks amazing.

  • avatar Thomas says:

    I liked the bump on her nose, it was cute.

  • avatar Clarissa says:

    Does anyone know the NAME of Megan Fox’s PLASTIC SURGEON? Thank you.

  • avatar nathan says:

    theres actually still a little bump on her nose even after surgery:

  • avatar zoe says:

    she does have a little bump on her nose just like Nathan said, it’s just a little bump plus you can see that she has a pimple on the tip of her nose and little tiny hairs that are amplified by her makeup you’ll only see them up close in a pic . it’s actually cute on her and her lips are not as big as she usually has them, they are just starting to settle into itself but she’s gonna get it down even though she doesn’t have to anymore whomever did her surgery did a wonderful job.

  • avatar hayley says:

    My nose is exactly like Megan’s in her before piccie and I am very insecure about it but it makes me feel better that someone can look so beautiful with a bump. I don’t think that I’d get rid of my bump though, I’m only 14 so that isn’t really an option for me anyways. Megan was stunning before and after but I just hope she doesn’t get anymore work done cos she’ll turn too fake and plastic like a barbie doll.

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    Lip AUGMENTATION and fillers, teeth straightening, nose job, boob job, botox, chemical peel, brow lift, something to her jaw line.

    Who knows what else she has had and she is only 23.

  • avatar Foxie says:

    “Before” is better than “After”

  • avatar zoe says:

    she must be lipo sculpt or implants in the face. Whitecatthorn i dont know what she did i cant really tell but she had something done to her jaw

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    Look at her smile, It wasn’t perfect in 2007 before all the surgery, now it is. Trust me, if you want to see the changes, go to any Megan Fox website and look at 2006 / 2007(before August) archives, then at 2007 (after August), 2008, 2009 and 2010. You will see how much her face has changed in the last 3 years. It’s actually shocking that she’s had so much surgery. Every year she’s had a little bit more, obviously she had it done little by little so that it isnt one huge sudden change. She didnt want anyone to notice.

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    The pictures this site has are all from 2007…..we need more recent pics please!

  • avatar Rose says:

    The second seems to be photoshop. The bridge is all pixel-y (but I’ll admit, I know nothing about photoshop).

  • avatar skippy says:

    I’m not a fan of the nose job. It gives her face a sharp, “harsh” look.

  • avatar helen says:

    I know this is quite off topic but her face looked prettier before. It has a soft friendly look whereas the after has a fierce mean look. I don’t know, it’s my opinion.

  • avatar sunny says:

    she definetely got her neck lengthened (yes you can do that) and just because she decided to do plastic surgery, doesnt make her shallow or ugly inside. maybe shes a perfectionist and wanted beauty inside AND out. nothing wrong with that. plastic surgery is to perfect flaws on pretty ppl. it cant help ugly ppl

  • avatar Roxy says:

    Megan Fox and other actresses are in the business world of creation. It’s part of their job to create fantasy for their fans. Although she was somewhat beautiful before, she became spectacularly exquisite after her surgeries. What a transformation! Megan and Sophia Loren are magnificent manmade creations. Although they are not God made creations, God has given us the ability to create by providing plastic surgeons. So in a way, they are God’s creations. So just enjoy their beauty without critique. Beautify like this was meant for the world to enjoy

  • avatar cj says:

    she didnt need the surgery .. but hey ! up 2 her if she wants to ruin her self like the rest of them whens shes older !

  • avatar Dana says:

    so sad,she had a shitload of plastic surgery and shes only 23 🙁 now she looks very fake! what is this world coming to?

  • avatar Ashman1990 says:

    damn she looked soo cute/sweet before…

    not gonna lie though, she still looks fine! but i dont really agree with plastic surgery…

  • my god, she’s only 24 and look what she’s done to her face and body!
    she should’ve loved what gave her, because in around 10(+) years she will look like that cat woman who did tons of surgery to stay pretty…

  • avatar yoMAMA says:

    Megan Fox is HOT!

  • avatar Tom says:

    Was prettier on hope and faith before surgery. Looks too tranny now

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She looks way to skinny in the second after photo! It looks nasty!

  • avatar Kristen F Pilon says:

    WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH!!!! who ever said she looked better than Angelina Jolie has SERIOUS issue’s, Angelina Jolie is flawless, she blows megan fox out of the water. shes a real woman, megan fox (shes stunning aswell but…) she reminds me of a wanna be. Megans nose job looks good though, and people,not everyone has lip injections and hair extensions, my hair is almost to my butt, its super long and everyone comments on my full pouty lips, and im a teenager, i know for a fact i haven’t gotten plastic surgery.

  • avatar MXN says:

    If you ask me, I do like her new face shape cause she looks gorgeous in her new look, though some people might argue with this.

  • avatar simon says:

    All I can say is that she looks good after her plastic surgery cause now she looks more hot but compare to Angelina Jolie she is not even close…

  • avatar Daniella says:

    I think she’s very gorgeous even before. She’s amazingly gorgeous! Especially those blue water eyes! So mesmerizing but the surgery done towards her face is completely apparent. NO LIE TO THAT! People just over-react too much. They say she’s a fucking ugly witch with out make-up and surgery. Fuck off. I’ve seen Megan before she rose to fame and she was simple. She looked gorgeous! The problem is….she isn’t CONTENTED nor SATISFIED. She’s obsessed with her looks and tend to scrutinize her features for perfection until she looks plain mature and old for her age BUT she is fucking gorgeous whatever you say.

  • avatar Whompwhomp says:

    Her nose was so cute before she got the rhinoplasty. 🙁

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