Lisa Rinna – Lip Injections


With every passing year, it appears that Lisa Rhinna’s lips grow increasingly larger…

Lisa Rinna before lip injections:

Lisa Rinna after lip injections:

I wonder how much collagen she has to pump into those things to keep them oddly inflated like that?!

It looks like Lisa Rinna is a fan of Botox as well. Although she hasn’t overdone the Botox, like she has with the lip injections. Her lips have just been blown up to ridiculous proportions!

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  • avatar Faith says:

    She was so much prettier before! Her top lip looks all weird. Why is it hanging down on the sides like that?

  • avatar Sussy says:

    Did you see her lips whern she was on dancing with the stars? They were HUGEEEE

  • avatar Horsefeathers says:

    She looks like she ran into a wall. Very NICE!!! WHY don’t they leave themselves alone? They look surreal. Very sad.

  • avatar Terri says:

    Those photos don’t even show how strange her lips are now. From a beautiful woman to someone who seems to be unable to smile much. Very disturbing.

  • avatar Sally says:

    I can’t wait till this “blow fish” trend is over. Who came up with this horror? Has to be the plastic surgeons and dermatologists thinking of unnecessary standards of beauty to maintain their lifestyles.

    A beautiful woman who now looks like she has vaginal lips for a mouth. Does her family dare tell her the truth or are they entranced by it all? Presently at the Emmy awards she hadmega cheek implants and those combined with the lips make her look like the Wildenstein lion freak. Unbelievable!

  • avatar Crystal says:

    Before I knew about lip injections I wondered what was wrong with her lips. She is an attractive person, and she’d be even more attractive if she didn’t continue that. It doesn’t look good at all. They are always very obvious on anyone who has it done. I don’t see how anyone with lip injections could look in a mirror and be happy with their appearance.

  • avatar Allazay says:

    Who told her that her lips look good like that?

  • avatar Becky says:

    I just saw her on the Doctors and her lips are gross!

  • avatar Cheryl L Snyder says:

    I think I can answer why this fad of over inflated lips came into vouge in two words…Angelina Jolie! That’s who they are all trying to look like, the only problem is hers are real and the trout-pout on the others looks like what it is, FAKE and UGLY!

    • avatar Bossy B says:

      You need to get your facts straight….Angelina’s lips are real! Look at pics of her at 12 years old. They’re the same! DUH!

      • avatar Jill says:

        Um, settle the fuck down. That’s what Cheryl said…that Jolie’s are real and the other are trying to copy her, but are failing miserably.

  • avatar lois patterson says:

    Her lips look terrible! We have to be happy with what God gave us. She looked so much better before the lips implant.

  • avatar SolarPurple says:

    OMG!! I never knew that Lisa was so pretty. I only have seen her with those icky lips. I thought she had always looked somewhat as she does now. That mouth of hers makes her fugly. Damn….she should have left well enough alone.

  • avatar Melissa says:

    I never paid any attention to her until her lips got my attention. I was like, “Whoa, what the h—!” I thought something stung her on the lips. It looks gross and nasty. Her lips look like they have sucked on the wrong thing. Why won’t her agent, family and friends tell her how gross she looks. IT IS UGLY!

    She looks better on her “before” pictures. This is what happens when you try to change what God has given you.

  • avatar kittle says:

    Aren’t you supposed to put patches over the deformed parts of your face?

  • avatar She looked so pretty ... says:

    UNTIL she got the GOLDFISH LIPS!!!!

  • avatar Tessa K.s Mom says:

    She was really pretty before she got the OctoMom lips. What a shame.

  • avatar Vera says:

    Her lips are so gross. She looked pretty before, she didn’t even have thin lips.

  • avatar pusja says:

    The reason of this disaster is the so called “collagen addiction”. Lip injections don’t last forever and must be periodically redone. When the lip filler get absorbed the skin becomes flabbish and wrinkled and needs bigger amounts of it. In that way your lips grow to abnormous proportions and, what’s worse, loose any form (look like an overcooked sausage). Sad but true 🙁

  • avatar Ashley says:

    This is a result from bad plastic sugery. It is not completely her fault and she did not want them this way. The doctor’s convinced her to put silicone into her lips and that she wouldn’t have to do anymore injections so thats what she did and now it is irreversible. Just think of how you would feel to have people continuously talking about you.

  • avatar Timoteo says:

    Lisa Rinna’s had more collagen infused into those lips than Barry Bonds has had steroids injected into his butt!

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Well if I did something really fucken stupid like that I’d expect people to continuously talking about me. She looked great before and if she can’t figure out that big pouty lips only look good on very few women then it is her own fault.

  • avatar Erik says:

    The more I look at them the more sexy they look, but then they also look weird. I’d like to kiss them and find out if they work.

  • avatar janee says:

    I thought she had a birth defect or something, because I did see a young lady having plastic surgery to correct a problem like that. She looks like you could lick her lips and stick her to the wall.

  • avatar Eric says:

    They are supposed to remind men of female genitalia, that’s what I have been told by several women who have had plastic surgery and other related treatments. What a shame. They are a bit vulgar…some things should be left to your imagination and/or anticipation for later.

  • avatar kalinda says:

    The white folk want to have everything and end up like Lisa. Big pump lips along with big back and boobs are for black only.

    • avatar Jessica says:

      Excuse you i dont know were the fuck you got that from”big boobs and bak are for black only”lol actually thats funny….latina woman also have curves….dont think you are the only ones who have curves

    • avatar Swttx says:

      Wow….really? Who says any one race has the market on curves and full lips? Obviously you haven’t left your neck of the woods in a minute….sad ass commentary from a moron.

  • avatar silvia says:

    I think lisa is beautiful no matter what, so give up the name calling, she said she had it done at 25 and she is in her 40’s now and they didnt have juvaderm then just collagen, so the collagen started to spread as she aged,and she didnt know what to do, she was affraid to go under the knife, but people were making fun of her all the time that she finally decided to have it done and have them reduced, if you need to make fun of someone make fun of presila presly she is now ugly as a hound dog her hubby elvis would be so pissed off at her, and she cant have her face fixed cuz the Dr that did her face is in jail.she went to a cheap guy and had cylacone put in her face and that i hear is hard to get rid off so she will never be beautiful again. at least lisa just has a lip problem and is now fixed.

  • avatar Jen says:

    Honestly can’t understand why ppl can’t figure out Lisa Rinna is LYING…Lisa Rinna had tissue grafted onto her lip area! NOT lip injections! Her upper lip was way too small for the increased amount of lip exposed. The procedure requires the skin grafted from the insides of her labia, the lips of her vagina. TRUE FACT not trying to gross you out, this is the procedure since that tissue is the only place that resembles the texture and color. Surgeon just went overboard and put too much graft then had to fill the space. Botched job obviously.

  • avatar Liam Knuj says:

    I like the blowfish look. It says tramp, whore, slut, everything a man wants to use for one night and THEN MOVE ON to someone normal looking. I would never want to be seen with her in public.

  • avatar luísa says:

    girl, youre not angelina jolie. get over it

  • avatar Jim says:

    The whites need to be proud that they don’t need to blow up their lips like an immigrant. They need to start being proud of their elegant WHITE looks!! NO fish-lips-okay?

  • avatar janet says:

    She was very pretty before all the plastic in her face. She needs to stop she is beginning to look like a total different person

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