Heidi Montag is Insecure


Heidi Montag is only 21 years old, and she has already undergone her THIRD cosmetic procedure. First it was the nose, then came the boobs, now she’s sporting a new set of lips…

Heidi Montag before the nose job:

heidi montag before <a href=nose job“>

Heidi Montag after the nose job:

heidi montag after nose job

Heidi Montag before the boob job:

heidi montage before <a href=boob job“>

Heidi Montag after the boob job:

heidi montag boob job after

Heidi Montag before the lip injections:

heidi montag lip augmentation

Heidi Montag after the lip injections:

heidi montag lip injections

Heidi’s family must be so proud.

Shall we start the betting on when her sex tape will be “leaked”? Or perhaps when she will undergo her next cosmetic surgery? I wonder what will be next. Botox? Cheek implants? Chin work? Only time will tell, with this hot mess…

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  • avatar Linz says:

    Heidi Montag is the fakest thing ever. It appears that she’s had chin work done too. Poor insecure little rich girl…

  • avatar ashley says:

    she was cute and quirky and interesting and adorable before the surgery. now she looks fake and boring.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    What I notice is that her “before” nose actually fit her face better. With her nose smaller her face looks a lot bigger. That makes her less attractive. Plus the blonde hair as opposed to the white blonde hair looks more natural too. She obviously has a real problem accepting herself for who she is. If she thinks that by looking better it is going to make life better, she is in for a rude awakening. She is still the same person.

  • avatar Edith says:

    She has big fake teeth as well. It looks like she went to the same dentist as Hilary Duff and got the same horrible veneers

  • avatar elizabeth says:

    why accept the way you look if you can change it and be happy? technology rules!
    all you haters change the way you look with clothes, a hair brush, makeup and many many other things.
    you people need to stop judging others so much.

  • avatar julie elf says:

    i actually think she looks better with lip injections and smaller nose.

  • avatar Phoenix Star says:

    I think people that are hating on Heidi, but taking the time to actually go on this URL and to post a comment are absolutely more of an idiot than they can ever say Heidi is. Why are you looking at her if she is so bad? Hmmmm…. I sense a little jealousy. If she has money and wants to change her look, who cares. I know most people that go out of their way to claim plastic surgery is “not the way to happiness” are jealous. This is common Psychology here! Heidi is absolutely beautiful and LC is the dumb fake moron that actually lost a good friend because she can’t admit she is a crazy, ugly, jealous control freak that can’t retain a guy more than one evening.

  • avatar Vincent says:

    To many people she may look “hotter” aside from the boob job, it may be shallow/superficial, yes i know, but to be blunt, her lips and nose look horrible now, they made her look go from sexy girl next door, to porn star with bad plastic surgery. That’s the truth.

  • avatar Jen says:

    Haha! I like that you added about how much of a control freak LC is. I think it’s funny that you base your opinions off of some one that you don’t even know. What’s even better, is that you are basing your opinion off of the editing room at MTV networks. You do not see half of the footage, and/or, acting that goes along in that television show. I’m sure Lauren’s jealously and Heidi being crazy are a little bit of acting and editing, don’t you think?

  • avatar Sarah says:

    this goes out to elizabeth who said the technology rules and people should change how they look!!!

    you are so wrong … yes, technology is a great thing but not to use it for something which is not needed … heidi looked great before the surgery and now she looks so fake
    you shouldnt change the way god made you unless you have an accident and you medicly need it

  • avatar Dan says:

    Her lips look pretty in the after.

  • avatar Lena Monster says:

    I’ve got to say, a lot of people make really good points on here. I personally don’t know who the f Heidi is, but just stumbled upon this website. But after looking at the photos, I think she both looks better after the procedures and looks like she feels better. It’s one thing to turn yourself into a plastic monster – mj – but consider this: Every day you brush your hair, style it, dye it, whiten your teeth, put on makeup, go to the gym, etc. etc. you’re doing what she is ultimately doing, only on a smaller scale. What sucks is that you have to do that whole routine over and over again, whereas breast implants for example, is a one time thing (barring any complications). Some people feel good about themselves (whether you think they should or not) and some people just don’t. If you get cosmetic surgery for the right reasons – and let’s be honest here, you NEVER know why someone really got it – then it’s more like reshaping a continuous work of art that anything else.

  • avatar xcx says:

    Maybe it’s Spencer’s influence? Never was a surname more fitting…

  • avatar me says:

    She looked much better before. All of these women who transform themselves into Hollywood bots look better before they have any work done.

  • avatar Im really hot says:

    She looks 10000000000000000000 times better with the plastic done. It’s true if she’s got the dough and wants to improve – it’s not that different from people getting braces, doing their hair etc. I’d prob buy my flat stomach, round perky breasts, perfect hair and gorgeous face if I wasn’t born with it!! Hottness FA free. But don’t get me wrong – I eat fruits, veggies and don’t smoke to keep my hottness. ๐Ÿ™‚ haha.

  • avatar Ally says:

    i agree with pak31 above that her nose is way too small for her face. from a plastic surgery standpoint, all she needed on her face was the lip injections. that would’ve balanced everything out. the small nose just makes her long face look even longer. before, the width of her nose balanced the length of her face out so you didn’t notice it as much. i have a long face (not as long as heidi’s). my bf actually says i look like a black-haired heidi (don’t know if i should be insulted or flattered lol). anyway, i got a nose job several years ago. i told the surgeon not to go drastic (just wanted a hump removed), but she went nuts and gave me this small nose that did NOT match my face at all. i was mortified. i ended up getting a revision procedure with a world-class doc who fixed her mistake and now i have what i wanted in the first place. to make a long story short, i guess what i’m saying is that if you choose plastic surgery, you don’t have to choose a cookie cutter look and be drastic. subtle works best, and work with your existing features.

    on a side note, i don’t think plastic surgery is bad if done in moderation and with realistic expectations, esp if there is like one feature that’s really pulling someone’s self esteem down and they want to fix it. what bothers me is when people who get plastic surgery let their new looks go to their head. i think that’s def the case with heidi, and that’s why i don’t like her anymore. i look tons better with my new nose, but i remember how insecure i was beforehand, and that keeps me grounded.

    i also feel that spencer is affecting her decisions, esp with the procedures she’s done to her body (breast and butt implants) and that’s just not cool. spencer’s so controlling and wacky. kinda feel sorry for heidi.

  • avatar yuki says:

    Aw, I actually like her face in the “before nose job” picture on the right. Now she’s way too blonde and fake-looking, plus the nose job has drawn the personality right out of her face and now she looks… just fake. Poor girl ๐Ÿ™

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    All at the age of 21… oh I think we all know where this one is going.

  • avatar lola says:

    Though i think the boob job suits her. i think she should have stopped there. She was good looking just the way she was. The nose job though honestly i don’t see that much of a difference (i think it may have to do with some weight loss and/or the teeth cahnge as someone pointed out, maybe the eyebrows too) but i always think the lip injection thing is always too much on pretty much 99% of people. heidi should stop while she’s ahead. one or two moderate plastic jobs to enhance your look can be good but too much you end up looking just weird and fake and not natural. the thing is she may look hot (minus the lips) but i think she looked alot more prettier before. and the worst part is most of these people we’ld die to look like them BEFORE their plastic surgery, but i guess that just proves that no one’s perfect and no one is going to be 100% comfortable with who they are no matter who they are

  • avatar Cutie2 says:

    I dont see what the big deal is? If the girl has the $ to do what she wants with her body, she should go for it! She looks so much better with everything fixed

  • avatar Louise says:

    I think she shoud do whatever she wants, but i just wish there were more celebs who accept their bodies how they are. I think my boobs are smaller than her’s were before the boobjob haha. When you have confidence you will be proud of who you are. Besides, what the hell is wrong with small boobs anyway????? i like em. It’s cute and youthfull haha.

  • avatar Melanie says:

    I thought she was fine after her first surgeries…now she is unrecognizable. SHe looks like every other babe out there. Her looks were unique and her eyes were more beautiful before…she has destroyed the human qualities about herself and I think her career will tank

  • avatar Shouixzi says:

    yeah but her personality still stinks…she should get surgery to fix that instead…if only. If she had any originality she coulda worked with her natural look and be way hotter than the plastic manufactured thing that she and so many celebrities are now. I guess fame and money can only do so much…it can’t give you true style.

  • avatar JustAGirl says:

    Damn Heidi was so much better when she was normal she practicly just changed yes from the outside but in the inside too !!
    just look at the old episodes of the hills and right now the new ones damn se changed !!
    like from a cute girl too a fake unconfident Women !
    anyway i just think its stupid that like alot of celebs dont like the way they are man if i was a celeb i would probably never change anything about my body cause someone doesnt like it -.-
    ITS JUST STUPID PEOPLEE NO MATTER YOU HAVE MONEY OR NOT ! it can be very dangerous too !
    im just proud to b me ! and thats it

  • avatar joooo says:

    i dont understand these girls. they lose their character, personality, and unique qualities when they try to turn into everyone else. [email protected]
    im glad i never watched such a superficial show with mediocre superficial been-through-nothing people. give me old hollywood and i would be happier. these people are nothings… its amazing what people worship these days. your lives are more important people! dont give these people the time of day!

  • avatar li says:

    I dont see what the big deal is. Plastic surgery is a sign of the times, its become part of popular culture for those who can afford it.
    Everyone in LA has it done, not to mention all over europe. So what? All I can see on this page is she shouldnt do that, we shouldnt they shouldnt…blah blah blah. No-one has the right to judge someone else or tell them what to do with their lives.
    The bitching on here is really boring.
    Like a bag of cats whinning.
    Who gives a toss what she wants to do with her face, boobs whatever!
    She isnt the first and wont be the last, so why act like its front page news?
    Can I have some real news please?
    If you dont like plastic surgery, time to leave this site….as surprise surprise its called ‘Famous Plastic!’ lol

  • avatar Gaidzak says:

    In fact , at least to me she looks better after the procedures. She used to have an ordinary look, now she’s hot. Not that girlie look. and U can say she is a fake girl.. who isnt? we are always changin….are u the same person everytime? if u say yes..ur lyin…If u want a boob job.. enhance it.. one day people will decide.. i wanna be black.. i wanna be asian… who cares? its just the looks..i am tired of looking at myself and see the same face everyday.. im tired of lookin at the same stupid people that cant even look at themselves and start talkin about a girl who sinned by havin some plastic done? GET A LIFE! i would bang her

  • avatar Linds says:

    Heidi Montag is a sad fake human being literally and metaphorically.
    She used her friend (Lauren Conrad) to gain fame and success and then once she had what she wanted left her in the dust for a boy she thought would bring her all the joy and happieness in the world. MORON! Over the years Spencer manipulated her making her feel amazing and less of a human without him because he’d always compliment her and make her feel good until he realized that he was all she had then his true douchey ways came out. She DESERVES TO LOOK LIKE FRANKENSTEIN FOR ALL THE SHIT SHE HAS PUT HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY THROUGH! Jealousy? BAH! No..pity.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Yeah she looks better with the chin reduction that she has now. The surgeries she had that are an improvement are, 1st nose job (second one was unecessary & makes her nose too thin), & the chin reduction. Maybe the 1st boob job but now they are way too big! All the rest of the proceedures including lip injections were unecessary & make her look overdone.

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