Plastic Surgery Sisters?


It appears that all of their plastic surgeries are starting to morph Heidi Montag and Jenna Jameson into the same person…

heidi montag jenna jameson

Heidi and Jenna have both had breast implants and lip injections, and Heidi also has undergone rhinoplasty. I think it’s odd when plastic surgery addicts start to all look alike…

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  • avatar Amber says:

    Have you noticed that people that get lip injections no longer smile? They try to be all sexy and pouty all the time. It’s so stupid looking.

  • avatar Sussy says:

    Wow that could totally be the same girl

  • avatar Jim says:

    I think they look absolutely nothing alike, at all. Jenna is gorgeous (even though she ruined her face with plastic surgery and was way more beautiful without any, but still, she’s a very beautiful woman) while Heidi Montag is ugly as sin, she’s a horse face if you ask me. Ugly girl trying really hard to be pretty but miserably failing. Jenna is a complete beauty though. And they look NOTHING alike, that’s insulting to Jenna Jameson.

  • avatar GiaRex says:

    Never! I think Heidi is still so-so (sometimes even ugly) looking with the surgeries, and Jenna has always been beautiful! I agree, Jim, saying they look alke is rude to Ms. Jameson.

  • avatar dma says:

    i cant beleive what im reading…..who ever set up this page needs to get a fucking life,its hidie body not yours she can do whatever the fuck she wants wi it her money her life, same with all the other girls!!!! aww i feel sorry for you, u a hater!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    They both were pretty blondes who now look like rubber lipped trannies.

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