Posh Spice Removes Breast Implants?


It has been rumored that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham has had her breast implants removed in order to avoid a possible wardrobe malfunction during the Spice Girls reunion tour. I thought that the implant removal rumor was pretty far fetched since all of the costumes are custom fit and there are plenty of precautions to take to make sure your boobs dont fall out in public, BUT after I saw the following photos…Well, what do you think?

 Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham before breast implant removal?

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham after breast implant removal?

 It appears that Victoria Beckham has quite a bit of fleshy overhang hanging out of the side of her corset in the 2nd photo. A bit of fat hanging out of a too-tight corset is not too uncommon, but Posh has no fat. When breast implants are removed, it’s common to have saggy skin, tissue atrophy and chest wall deformity, unless you opt to have corrective surgery (such as a breast lift, or new implants).

Do you think that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) had her breast implants removed?
Yes, Posh removed her implants.
67% (4 Votes)
No, Posh still has her implants installed.
33% (2 Votes)
No, Posh never had implants! She’s totally natural!
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  • avatar Carly says:

    Nahhhhh Homegirl needs to stop dieting anf start workin out

  • avatar Linz says:

    Poor thing. Thats such a horrible picture of her. Damn you digital photography! Ha.

  • avatar lil jonna says:

    She has always had the over-hanging fat around her armpits. She also has this loose skin around the tops of her arms aka bingo wings.

    I remember the first pics of this skin literally 5 years ago, it has noting to do with her most recent implants.

    She has had three boobs jobs, the most recent one about 2 1/2 years ago.

    She did not have them removed for the tour.

  • avatar angelica says:

    she looks bad
    i’m not impressed by her snooty looks even before this latest picture shes going down ha

  • avatar kitty says:

    gross. ive always hated her stupid corsets.

  • avatar kevin says:


  • avatar fcuk says:

    She’s an ugly piece of bitch with no good nothing.

    What the fuck is Beckham doing with her?

  • avatar Terri says:

    I don’t think she’s the least bit attractive, either before or after surgery. She rarely smiles and seems to have an over-inflated ego.

  • avatar Seanette says:

    Wouldn’t you think that removing parts from a robot could be done more tidily?

    Seriously, does she EVER have any expression other than “I’m POed at the world” on her alleged face?

  • avatar Mark says:

    She looks ridicilous, she’s a joke.

  • avatar Rose Pryor says:

    I also think she has had a nose job. Check out
    her photos when she was a Spice Girl…her nose was very wide and now it’s very thin.

  • avatar sarah says:

    she is an idiot, the way she sucks in her cheeks and bitest them to make her face look skinny
    she is fukn ugly
    no wonder her man cheats on her, who wants to cuddle a bag of bones at night.

  • avatar kelli says:

    what?? i don’t know if you know what natural breasts look like, but they do not look round and hard. clearly those hard oranges are still there! shit i have fake boobs, and my cleavage is normal looking! where did she get those awful things?? was there a 2 for 1 sale?

  • avatar Amy says:

    Between the two photos she has had 3 kids? Her breasts look the same in the front… It looks like maybe she breastfed her kids (your breasts may grow up to 2 cup sizes and then become droopy when you stop breastfeeding). Whether she had implants or not, she has not had them removed… if she had, her breasts would look the same from the front

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    I thought that she was going to be a mean bitch but, she isn’t.
    She laughfs alot.(She just dosen’t smile for any papartso)

  • avatar Me says:

    Well the woman has gone on to admit after having(hello..) three kids she like many women had loose skin. You can tell by her body structure(no defined muscle) tone that she does not work out. No matter what..when you just drop a lot of weight you can also lose muscle and thus creating flab! Yes skinny people have cellulite and some do have diabetes..dont rely on just starvation or even metabolism.

  • avatar Martin Ritchie says:

    I don’t know great set of plastic tits, I woulnd’t mind fucking the shit out of her but then again I’m just a horny Jew looking for pooner. Here natural everything is rubbish, she should spend ALL Davids money on surgery—–and then proceed to suck my nut sack every day before breakfast

  • avatar qwerty says:


  • avatar Alex says:

    shes kinda cool…
    but I hate her piggy nose and her implanst look like oranges…
    corsets sck btw…esp if flaps of skin hang over it…

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Ewww—looks like cookie dough hanging from her pits!

  • avatar Gail says:

    EEEEE-UUUUU. Nasty! Wonder if her face would crack if she’d ever smile. This women is intolerable and self-centered.

  • avatar MadPen says:

    Cool I didn`t know they still made Silly Puddy

  • avatar samantha says:

    shes not a young woman thats wherew that bulge of wrinkley skin comes from, and as you can see you dont need to look to hard to see the complete shape of the round implants she has. you ppl can be so clueless truely.

  • avatar Asia says:

    Why is everyone ganging up on this woman? No one really knows what she really is like in person, so why judge her based on the fact that she doesn’t smile in photographs and always looks perfectly made-up and fashionable whilst going out. I don’t smile in my pictures, that doesn’t mean I’m a bitch. If you were photographed every second of your life, when you’re doing every day things and not feeling your best, would you be smiling all the time? I doubt it. Is that what everyone’s jealous of? Her gorgeous husband, perfect family, large estate fortune, and impeccable style? So what if she has flappy skin! She’s fuckin human for god’s sake, obviously her body isn’t perfect, but whose is? Everyone who commented on her body negatively better look down at their fat selves and focus on their own body issues, cause I doubt everyone here has is perfect looking, without cellulite or love handles of their own.

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