Ashley Tisdale’s Unfortunate Nose Job


Looks like another young Hollywood star (Ashley Tisdale) has fallen pray to the vanity of Hollywood and royally fucked up her face by getting a horrible nose job.

Ashley Tisdale before her nose job:

ashley tisdale nose job pictures

Ashley Tisdale after her nose job:

ashley tisdale nose job pictures

Ashley’s nose looks SO much better before she had the nose job performed. It was in no way a bad looking nose. It was actually pretty cute! After the rhinoplasty, her nose looks too thin, pointy and long. I would not be surprised to see her nose collapse and fall of her face, a la Michael Jackson, within the next 10 – 20 years. Unfortunately, a bad nose job like Ashley Tisdale’s is impossible to fix, because the plastic surgeon has already taken too much off. Poor girl.

Ashley Tisdale has admitted to having a nose job, but claims it was to correct a deviated septum. Fixing some sort of breathing problem is a popular excuse for celebs to get nose jobs without admitting that that are really doing it for vanity. But, fixing a deviated septum does not change the external look of your nose, so Ashley is not being honest.

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  • avatar angie says:

    what a dumb a**!

  • avatar mark says:

    i think shes fit all i need is her to go out with me and my life will be complete..


  • avatar JM says:

    her before pic looks like she had already had a nose job

  • avatar The Gooseman says:

    Her new nose looks like it starts from her forehead, like a wierd Star Trek alien or something.

  • avatar Sony says:

    Actually, if you look at her from her profile you will notice how the nose job has done wonders for her.

  • avatar Olivia says:

    adriana lima has had a boob job and she’s a model. but i agree.. it’s very rare for any supermodel to go out and get a boob job. clothes these days aren’t really made for the larger bust. plus smaller looks better i say.

  • avatar None says:

    It looks exactly the same in both pictures this site is absolutely retarded.. who cares wat they do with themselves.. I’m just trying to look at before and afters cuz i wanna get sum stuff done myself.. And u losers come on here trying to talk crap about them.. like they care or even look on here..

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