Droopy Butt Implants


Here is a video about a women who paid $5500 for butt implants, only to have them end up droopy and painful:

People that are unhappy with the results of their cosmetic surgeries are more common then most people realize. Plastic surgery disappointment is not very publicized because most people are too embarrassed by the outcome, or they don’t want people to know that they had plastic surgery in the first place.

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  • avatar V. R. says:

    That was really insensitive of the news reporters to laugh at her – sure her butt looks weird now, but to laugh at her when you know she’s probably going to watch this, that’s just rude.

  • avatar CC says:

    I agree with V.R., that was really unprofessional of those news reporters, i wonder if they still have their jobs?
    And about the implants, well, they look like they are too small for her butt skin..

  • avatar Micki says:

    I’d love to kick the reports in the ass for their insensitivity. How would they like having a sore ass.

  • avatar kay says:

    IF you googled this piece the news man wasnt laughing at the lady. A fellow news reported farted and he was over come and started laughing. Plus its implants just take them out. She coulda easily got injections. She could have avoided that by simply getting more information, checking her doctors credentials and seeing if he was board certified. Something alot of people fail to do.

  • avatar Kane says:

    Did she have a negative ass in the beginning?

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Who in the right mind wants a bigger, fatter a$$? Only black men care about that!

  • avatar tomasie says:

    FIRE those reporters.

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