Rapper Lil Kim has undergone quite a transformation thanks to her plastic surgeon. Well, I wouldn’t exactly thank her cosmetic surgeon, but I guess it’s her choice to look like this…

Lil Kim before plastic surgery:

lil kim before plastic surgery

Lil Kim after lots of plastic surgeries:

lil kim after plastic surgery

Little Kim has undergone some major changes, including breast implants, tummy tuck, nose job, cheek implants, collagen injections, botox injections, eye work and it appears that she recently had some sort of face lift as well. Her face is pulled so tight, she literally looks asian. Yikes!

Lil Kim after too much plastic surgery:

little kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim looking very much like she’s asian now:

lil kim bad plastic surgery

Can you believe people spend tens of thousands of dollars to look like this?! Little Kim is quickly crossing into Michael Jackson grade plastic surgery. WAY too much going on with this one.

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  • avatar Tinsly says:

    It doesmt look like shes had lip aug. I think Lil Kim just has poor taste in makeup.

  • avatar Michael says:

    What she did with herdelf?! Oh my god. 🙁

  • avatar Jersey Joe says:

    thank goodness she can still rhyme and curse like a sailor. Props to Lil Kim! Say hello to my little friend!

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Damn! Kim looks like one of Ice-T’s ladies of the night! Did Kim go to the same surgeon that worked on Coco’s breast and butt? One picture resembles a woman with chicken fat on her face instead of lotion or make-up. Kim needs to retire her mouth and thong, by the end of the week.

  • avatar angie says:

    yeah i don’t see lip aug. she has naturally full lips, you can see that from her before pics. But dam, she is scary looking now!

  • avatar jayde says:

    you can see the scaring and her top lip is biger than the other!!!!

  • avatar natasha says:

    iam so sorry for the girl,somebody could have stop her

  • avatar 27asianpersuaionz says:

    i miss old kim! i still luv her to tha fullest but damn!! shes gotten waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much fucking work done. and whats worst of all is dat the bitch aint even need tha shit, she used to be sooooooo pretty.

    ps shes also gotten her skin bleached. wannabe be white shit suckwe!!!

  • avatar Apollonia says:

    ooooohoooohohohohoooo that is really a rotten look . especially the pic where she has the blonde hair ! looks like piece of glazed ham with miss piggy wig . and she was sooo beautiful *sighs

  • avatar WHUCK!!! WHUCK!!!! says:

    Kim said It best. Um!!!!! Whuck!!!!! Whuck!!! she’s got it going on !!! WHUCK!!! WHUCK!!!!

  • avatar ko says:

    She can spit? Ugh no she cant.Kim is a wack rapper.I like foxy

  • avatar malin says:

    I liked the old natural kim. I feel so sorry for her because she cant undo whats already been done. I wish I could give her old face back to her. Im not trying to be funny because I really like kim. I think if biggie was alive, he would not have let her go that far, because friends dont let friends distruct themselves like that.

  • avatar Yesenia says:

    It’s a pity when you have extremely low self esteem and self hate. These are the horrific results.

  • avatar omg says:

    Now what, Kim?! Asian wanna be??

  • avatar 3Dgirl says:

    Wow, that pic of her in the gold top is so completely hot. She looks like a totally hot african american chick. Now she looks like a plastic surgery nightmare…It must be awful to hate yourself that much.

  • avatar queen says:

    this bitch have lost her fuckin mind. she look a mess.

  • avatar queen says:


  • avatar ew says:

    Hey, that’s an insult to Asians. Lil Kim is looking scary as shit.

  • avatar RERE says:


  • avatar rita says:

    Damn, what was she thinkin’, that girl looks a hot mess, Jesus help her.

  • avatar Babyblue says:

    Oh my goodness what the hell she look
    like a surgery gone bad a dam fool is
    what it is so high that she wanted to
    make her self look like a jack ass. It
    seems like celebrities are a little bit
    slow because there doing stupid shit. I
    need what ever you guys are taking because
    If I was in the business I don’t think I
    could money make some do stupid s***.

  • avatar akatrip says:

    How disappointing! Lil Kim used to be real-told black women to be proud of being black so why is she trying to look asia? She don’t look oud like the same proud women she used to be!

  • avatar Darin says:

    The top right pic in the gold top looks good. She should have stopped there.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    I agree with U Darin!!!! personally I thought she was a pretty girl. The picture of her in the gold
    if she was going 2 do some plastic surjery(looks good) But I think she was so in love with Biggie
    that she was trying 2 make her self look like the womens he married and had affairs with. Like Faith
    and Charle Balitermore, they looked like 1/2white womens. Straight hair , light skin etc. she tried 2 go there and she messed up. In short if U don’t love Ur self this is what can happen 2 U. U can’t let ur self be defined on what a man may think or feel. U have 2 love Ur self more than any one
    can ever love U. I personally really feel sorry 4 Kim b/c she has messed up herself(her looks) and the pity and the shame of it is she can’t go back 2 what she 1st looked like. I’m sure she looks in the mirror and say 2 herself. Daynm I messed myself up!!!!! and that she did!!!!! Sigh!!!!!!!!

  • avatar kennedy says:

    why???????????????? she was way beautiful before all the surgery. this is called the michael jackson effect/affect!

  • avatar MST says:

    She was just average looking before, wanted to look “whiter,” now she just looks like a HOT MESS.

  • avatar metro says:

    I like that term Kennedy- Michael Jackson effect/affect. But I wonder, how much self rejection it must take to completely erase traces of the real person on the outside? What must she be feeling on the inside to get to that point.

  • avatar savannah says:

    it deffinetly looks like she’s been bleaching her skin also..what a shame

  • avatar shizz says:

    micheal jackson didnt bleach nuthin dummy do ur homework.

  • avatar Christina says:

    her face was pretty before all that, but the boob job is ok ,maybe a little too much but ok

  • avatar shea says:

    u know what? she needs to fire her makeup artist friends and family. its too much shes gone wayyy too far. i feel bad for her becuz theres no way she wakes up feeling good about herself with all that plastic on her face

  • avatar Jamie says:

    Now, i hope people seeing this…love yourself the way you are..look at how beautiful she…. was now….sigh

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She has a nice mug shot. (1st picture before plastic surgery is her mug shot)

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She only needed Lasic Mole Removal.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Don’t you mean tons of thousands of dollars

  • avatar sama394 says:

    wtf is the author’s problem with asians? she doesn’t look asian at all, and the only way she would look that way is because her hair is black in one after picture. “OMG, SHE LOOKS LIKE TOTALLY ASIAN!!! Can you believe people spend tens of thousands of dollars to look like this?!!!” stupidass.

    • Looking Asian isn’t a problem…as long as you’re actually of Asian decent. But looking like a different race because you’ve had too much plastic surgery? That’s just sad…

  • avatar Jackie says:

    AWWW SHE USED 2 BE CUTE.BUt now shes just a PLASTIC FREAK!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar dd says:

    She looked great to me pre surgery! I cannot fcking believe she is 35!! Alot of these people who’ve had these surgeries end up looking much older I’ve noticed. Same with Heidi Montag.

  • avatar Breezie says:

    she was gorgeous before. now she’s disgusting.

  • avatar Kenny says:

    It dosen’t matter becausae Kim is K.I.M!!!One of the Best in hip hop that has made a name for themselves.And is still relevent 15 years later(2011).K-I-M has copied no one.Every lyrical bicth past the late 90s has tooken something from QB.So……………….biGupS TOO the QueenBEE.Do U

  • avatar Nicole says:

    Lil Kim was very pretty prior to the surgery. But, she is in an industry that doesn’t always allow you to be beautiful as you are.

  • avatar Jean says:

    If I had any plastic surgery done, I’d want to look better, not worse. I woulda payed a lot of cash to look like LiL Kim before the jumped the shark. Some people just don’t appreciate what they gave. Why can’t celebrities stop putting knives to their faces and putting implants in when it’s obvious they’re just looking worse.

  • avatar Vallerie says:

    Lil Kim doe all that plastic surgery is not called for!!be black and stay black….:)

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    Think of all the pain (from the surgerys) she must of went through 2 look like

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