Do you regret getting breast implants? Well, if so, you are not alone. Here is a list of celebrities that had breast augmentation and then later had their breast implants removed:

– Loni Anderson
– Pamela Anderson (She had 2nd thoughts and later replaced them.)
– Kate Beckinsale
– Linda Blair
– Nicole Eggert
– Jane Fonda
– Mariel Hemingway
– Jenna Jameson (Jenna claims to have removed her implants, but it appears that she just downsized.)
– Jenny Jones
– Sally Kirkland
– Courtney Love
– Jenny McCarthy (She later replaced her implants.)
– Demi Moore
– Stevie Nicks
– Britney Spears
– Kimberly Stewart
– Kari Wuhrer
– Mariel Hemingway

The unfortunate thing about getting breast implants and not liking them, is that it is not only a waste of thousands of dollars, but breast implants can stretch out and damage your breasts. Most people that have implants permanently removed will have to undergo a breast lift or additional surgeries to correct the damage done by implants.

There are many reasons why people opt to remove their breast implants. Here is a 29-year old women that is suffering from capsular contracture. This happens when the scar tissue tightens around and squeezes the implant.

Capsular contracture of breast implant:

CENSORED – Click for photo

This women decided to have her implants removed and not replace them. Here is the same 29-year old women after having her implants removed.

After breast implant removal:

CENSORED – Click for photo

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  • avatar kimberly says:

    weew! It’s really important to be 101% sure of your decision before doing it!…:-)

  • avatar susan craney says:

    worst nitemare and still going on. mo silicone implants both ruptured and left there for six years. my chest is now badly deformed and i am so ill.

  • avatar Jamie James says:

    That is so scary. I bet if people were more educated about plastic surgery, they wouldn’t be doing this to themselves.

  • avatar Janine says:

    That is so ugly and terrible. I don’t understand how she would feel comfortable getting naked in front of anyone. At this point, she should have gotten smaller implants put in or something because her breasts are just ruined, the skin is all stretched. I bet you she had small, normal breast before all of this happened!

  • avatar wetwings says:

    her breasts are mangled now. she probably had perfectly good, small breasts before. probably perky too. πŸ™ breasts implants is one form of plastic surgery i don’t fully understand unless your boobs are deformed to begin with, because bigger boobs do not add much to the aesthetic of a person as they don’t change the figure itself. and small-ish boobs are nice too. i mean what’s wrong with smaller boobs? nothing, and a lot of people find them attractive.

    • avatar Aleysha says:

      I agree absolutely. Large boobs don’t make you look more elegant, slimmer, richer or whatever. I think they can look aging, too. When you have nothing on your chest but a bit of empty skin, then I understand – but breast implants are often put on figures that could rather use a bit of weight los, or waist whittling. The result can be sea cow-like.

    • avatar christina says:

      I highly doubt her breasts were perfect before. You an tell the right side was a different shape and size from the left. The nipples are different sizes too. This is probably why she was seeking breast augmentation. Unfortunately her body formed capsular contracture and left her breasts in a terrible state.

      • avatar Justine says:

        The before picture is of the Capsular Contracture. That is why the left is different from the right, and they are so round.

  • avatar Miguel says:

    Wow, talk about a serious flat. She needs at least 32 psi’s inflated in those girls.

  • avatar Tara says:

    I had implants for nearly 20 years and had them removed. You HAVE to get a breast lift afterwards. I’m sure this women (photo) had the surgery eventually. I do miss having big boobs but the reality is they just weren’t believable on my small frame and I was always trying to downplay them so no one knew. plus they just don’t move like real ones. Tons of wasted energy. I now have small, pert, (tiny) boobs but they feel wonderful inside and out! I am finally free of having foreign objects in me and not worrying if the silicon was leaking or the outer coating (older implant type) was shedding. I did have complications – painful lymph nodes full of implant material that prompted me to remove everything. ended up having 3 breast and 3 armpit lymph nodes removed. all turned out to be a blessing. Good riddance to all that stuff. I’m enjoying feeling authentic and having nothing to hide – except my padded bra – tee hee. Don’t get implants unless you don’t care if people know. Even a great boob job is always obvious unless you are heavy. It only gets more obvious as you get older and they continue to defy gravity – or start taking on a wierd shape (boob slopes off implant as you age). stay natural and stand out in the crazy plastic world!!!

    • avatar maria says:

      Thank you for your words. I will be undergoing removal in a coupe of days and looking forward to feel natural again.

  • avatar Xanthe says:

    she looks like one of the guys off that tv show biggest loser, no offense, this is terrible. breast implants should be banned.

  • avatar chris says:

    We women can be our own worst enemies. Why do women go to such extremes to do what we think men want? I heard a comdian who said, “I don’t understand women getting implants. Women say ‘men like big boobs’. Well, that’s not your responsibility! Men like beer does that mean you have to put a tap on your head?”

  • avatar IRISHGIRL68 says:

    #9 you have some insightful advice. I think many people end up having second thoughts about plastic surgery after they have it done. Hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes. I vow to not have anything done. Aging with grace and dignity is my moto.

  • avatar Samantha Grace says:

    In my twenties I felt pressured by my then boyfriend to get bigger boobs. I watched this show called The Operation that showed the removal of breast implants. That was enough to turn me off and I found a man who loved me & my small boobs.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:


  • avatar Emily says:

    I think these views on breast implants are unfair if u are anything cup size b or above u have no right to say. Being a woman with the figure of a boy (with an a cup) leads u to the idea of surgery. If i had any boobs at all id make the most of it but i dont. so what choce do i have

    • avatar Leila says:

      I’m almost 30, and my breasts are still “growing.” I used to be a 34 A, now I’m a 36 A/B. The longer your body is awash in estrogen, the more feminine your form will naturally become. Eat a well balanced diet, drink plenty of water, avoid chemicals that mimic hormones (no teflon/heated plastics and eat organic & natural). Dance and other exercise classes really help too. If you decide to have kids, they will grow even more. I look forward to the day I get pregnant! For now, my boyfriend and I are perfectly happy with my body. I could even say I am thrilled. There is nothing more attractive than health.

      • avatar allie says:

        Yes and many women lose more volume from their breasts after having children. It is a personal choice and I know quite a few women who have had their implants for years and love them.

      • avatar Diana says:

        Not everyone has boobs that “grow” as you get older. I have 3 kids and I am still an A. Everyone tells me to just gain weight and they will grow. Guess again. I never gain weight in my breasts and it is one of the first places I lose weight! If I were a B cup I would be ecstatic! I have tiny deflated A cups…yes that is possible. I have the waist and hips but no boobs. I feel like a boy. I agree that if you aren’t a flat chested A cup you have no right to judge. It is hard to feel sexy and find lingerie that doesn’t look ridiculous without a chest.

  • Well in this case it looks like she probably needed a breast lift and just went with implants. She likely also went to the local shop shop and not a qualified surgeon.

  • avatar Martin Ritchie says:

    Keep them in otherwise the men won’t be interested. No more giant cocks pumping inside you anymore

  • avatar ashley says:

    #17… your view on implants is horrible. Do you really feel that a girl must have Big fake boobs for a guy to be interested?? i am proud to say i have a natural C cup chest and i am in a fully commited realtionship with a great man. People have reasons to get implants, Other then having a “Giant Cock Pumping inside”. Its people like you that make females insecure with themselves and their bodies. If a girl wants to get implant i honestly hope its for more then the simple interest of a man!

  • avatar Alex says:

    she should get new smaller implants …
    her boobs look deflated and nasty.

  • avatar Jas says:

    I don’t find a problem with implants, it’s when women get these extra large implants that are way to big for their frame,they then have problems. I have an A cup that really has no breast tissue and I want implants to go to a small B. I dont want big breast, just normal ones and so what is wrong with that?

    • avatar ST says:

      It’s your choice, some people would prefer to not go through surgery and have a foreign object in their bodies…some people are small and like themselves the way they are.

  • avatar Sue says:

    I have a natural large chest and at 45, am still amazed at all the attention my large breasts receive from most men. I can see how women with very small breasts can be made to feel insecure and opt to go the surgical route. Personally, I can tell you that large natural breasts are very heavy, rather jello-like, and hurt your back. Small breasts are what I wish I were born with–cute and perky…even when you get older. I can also say that most GOOD decent guys don’t care a heck of a lot what your boobs look like ..they will love YOU..the whole person. We are all much more than set of boobs walking around and the kind of guy, or gal, that I want to be with, lets me know that. The story above is so sad and really unnecessary.

  • avatar Lilly says:

    Well said, Sue πŸ˜‰

  • avatar None says:

    #20 I agree! i jus want mine like a little bigger just to maybe fill my outfits out more.. No biggie

  • avatar Kat says:

    Wow. A lot of these comments are so rude. I just got implants 5 days ago and I have had lots of boyfriends, a couple loves. I was a AAA before my surgery (no breast tissue, just nipples). Of course breast size isn’t be all end all for men. I did this for myself, as do most women. People need to quit being so judgmental.

  • avatar elle says:

    #17 is a d-bag first off. I’m guessing he has a small problem himself. Seems like he has to put down others to feel better about himself. Sucks to be you dude. Anyways, I was scheduled for surgery and cancelded 5 days before it. If anyone has any other stories on why I shouldn’t get breast implants in the future, please share. I’m trying to make myself believe I made the right choice by canceling. Thanks.

    • avatar Brit says:

      Hi Elle,

      I have had my implants for 10 years and will be having them removed in a few weeks. I would strongly urge you not to ever get them. I have never had any of the typical problems (contracture, rupture, etc.) and in fact, mine are very nice looking. It’s the problems you are aren’t warned about. For me, it’s the psychological effects. Although I am an otherwise healthy person mentally, I simply cannot stand the feeling of having foreign objects in me. They are not painful, just unsettling. And if you at all athletic, they will be more of an annoyance. You did the right thing by canceling your surgery!

      I am looking forward to just being “me” again.

      • avatar Karen says:

        Hi Brit,
        I am in the same situation as you are. I’ve had mine for 6.5 years, and have had no problems. They look great, I went from a b cup to a d cup.
        However, I spend a lot of time worrying about plastic decomposing in my body. I am sure they don’t look natural compared to my breastfeedig mom friends. I just want to feel more authentic. I am worried about how my natural breasts will look once they are out. I would love to hear how you’re doing post-op.
        Thanks for your support!

        • avatar sergar says:

          Brit and Karen, your situations are so similar to mine. I’m just over 4 years with these implants, and only did them because I was pressured by my fiancee. I was in my 40’s and feeling insecure about losing my first marriage proposal. I hoped he was right that the implants would give my tall, athletic figure and broad shoulders a better proportion. I miss my B cups and feel fat, bulky, clumsy, and buxom with these D cups. I did also put on about 17 pounds for a variety of reasons, many because I just felt less athletic. My implants actually look great and I’m not sick from them. However, like you guys said, they’re not me or my identity as a former athlete and natural person. I’m 95% sure I’m getting them removed next month if I can find a cost-efficient way to get this done. I really appreciate reading your stories because it helps me identify with someone. My husband is the only person in 4 years that knows I did this. I”m looking forward to being the old me and losing 18 pounds, also.

          • avatar Karen says:

            Good Luck to you! Please let me know how you are doing afterwards. Are you getting a lift? I don’t think I would for fear of becoming an A cup. Not sure what to expect though, nervous about how they will look. I’ve seen some before and after- explant on the internet and they don’t look too bad. They look a lot like they used to.
            I’m sure you’ll be happy with your results!
            Please let me know, and take care!

    • avatar ST says:

      One thing that no one ever discusses is that breast implants are not made to last forever. Most women need to get them replaced every 10 years. Kind of like what Brit said, I think it would be really weird to have a foreign objest in your body like that. I don’t know your individual case, but I am very small and believe me, a good guy will date you based on who you are on the inside. Although I should mention that guys have told me that they prefer smaller perkier breasts, but that they have dated women of all different sizes. Personally I think you made a good decision.

  • avatar kerri says:

    #17 is in serious need of a BRAIN transplant! stat!

  • avatar Megan says:

    I don’t understand why people make it such a big deal of implants. Most of the girls that get them, do it because it makes them feel better, and not for men or anyone else. Of course they feel more confident to get naked in front of their men too, but I don’t believe that’s the main reason they do it. The story above is sad, but she can still do something to fix the problem. Some girls get those saggy boobs even after breasfeeding. From my experience I’ve seen girls doing it either after they have kids/breastfeed, one boob bigger than the other, or because they have boyish chest. Not too many girls do it because they wanna look perfect, but rather fix a problem that might give insecurity. I see nothing wrong with it having implant.

  • avatar Rod Iron says:

    Kate B say it ain’t so!! Many those post implant tits look like a couple of prunes. EWWWWW!

  • avatar grammar queen says:

    Okay I love your site, but can’t stand it anymore! The singular of “women” is “womAn.” You keep using the plural when talking about one person. Please correct going forward!

    Your Friendly Grammar Queen

  • avatar RN says:

    I hear ya Sue, I have big boobs as well and have had the same problems as you, although I can understand breast reconstruction and making a flat chested woman a smaller cup or something that suits them, there is no need for it. My sister has breast implants as she was small chested and she looks fantastic and she researched for her surgeon. It cost her $10,000AUS

  • avatar Rolf Dergham says:

    There’s nothing attractive about a women who makes herself suffer so that more guys look at her.

  • avatar Olivia says:

    I am 19 years old and for years I planned on getting work done on my breasts. I am a 34a and never felt comfortable with it. I always felt like to be sexually desirable you have to have cleavage. About a year ago I had a completly new outlook on things and realized that confidence is the sexiest trait you can possess.If you feel so uncomfortable with your small chest and really want to get something done do it! But if you can find the beauty of a small chest thats great too And to the dipshit saying you have to have large breasts to be desirable, thats STUPID . My boyfriend hates bringing me around his friends because they hit on me. I have been asked out and pursued plenty of times while rocking my small chest. I dont even like wearing push up bras. seriously girls confidance is sexy <3

  • avatar Kat says:

    There is nothing wrong with getting breast implants if you do it for the right reasons, and think about it before doing so. There are plenty of gorgeous women who rock the flat-chested look. Gwen Stefani is one example. There are gorgeous women with all sizes of breasts. However, big breasts will not solve all of your problems; in fact, it can create new ones. As for you, Martin Ritchie — do you simply visit every online board just to say something negative to someone else? Pathetic loser who probably never gets laid with a size 2 penis.

  • avatar Louisa says:

    Martin Ritchie… Your brains are probably the size of your penis…pea size brains!!!

  • avatar jilren says:

    I had tiny, uneven wonky little boobs, not even an A cup, but they still managed to be sad looking, and not “pert”. I wore chicken fillets for years, and felt (strangely) like an amputee when I had to take them out. Finally my partner (now husband) said…”I am so tired of you hiding yourself! Just get it done!” So, I looked into doctors that do mastectomy breast replacement, as I didn’t want anything “obvious”. I had them done in Belgium 6 years ago, and they are perfect, they fit my frame, (I am a UK 10, so I got a small c) I had gel silicone so there is no chance of leakage, and they have a “fuzzy” coating, that makes them much less likely to capsulize.( I also went under the muscle)I feel great about it, and never deny it, if someone asks they are always coming from a place of “I just thought they were real and I was jealous!” and they are not in your face, just natural looking.

    My point is, if this is something you look into, and really want, it can be a good thing,just do your research, find a good doctor, and do it for yourself. Personally, they make me feel womanly, and I have not looked back.

  • avatar mls says:

    Without seeming to bash this woman, my guess is that she never massaged her breasts after the implants. This is done to prevent capsular contraction. Perhaps her surgeon never told her? Maybe not a plastic surgeon? Some drs are getting into it realizing that this is where the money is but aren’t board certified. Anyway, patients should be instructed to massage the breasts starting a few weeks after surgery. Up down, side to side. Four times daily. it’s a little uncomfortable but must be done!

  • avatar Frankenstuff says:

    Linda Blair?

  • avatar tootelle says:

    what is a size 2 penis?

    i almost got a boob job, but pictures like the ones shown here helped steer me away from that decision.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Every single one of them looked better with their implants. Flat women look awful.

  • avatar Lisa says:

    I am looking at getting abreast implant bt cos of al I’m reading I’m finding it frightening and fear that I will hate them or will end up with no breasts and just left with ugly scars could some one help,also what happens to breast implants after 10 yrs of havin em cos I was looking at havin the natrell implants that r meant to be safe frm rupture and very low rate of capsular constructure

    • avatar Bill says:


      All I can say is do your research first. There are horror stories with everything you do in life – even something as simple as buying a house. Millions of women have implants with absolutely no problems and love them. This is the last place you should be seeking advice from. The petty jealousy here is unbelievable, just look at how these idiots criticize everybody in other threads for everything. I’m here just trying to even things out with the dopes that populate and write this horseshit.

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Thanks bill,yeah I guess there r a lot of ppl out there that can b jellouse,but I am a reall worrier and I don’t want to make any mistakes if I can help it and yeah I think I have read so much now that my brain is so confused but I still have my consultation on Sunday and my procedure date is the 24th aug so I’m really nervouse

    • avatar Lola says:

      I will tell you about my experience.

      I had two breast implants since the age of 21 (Im 27 now) and only changed because I wanted the tear shaped implants and wanted them “under muscle” to make them look more natural.

      Some doctors only provide one method of putting them in – under the breast which does leave scars. I had to go around until I found a doctor I was comfortable with, and a doctor that would place them through the arm pit. Taking them out almost always leaves a faint scar, you can ask your doctor for creams that would reduce the scarring.

      My first implants were saline round implants – those were no good. Especially for my body type. I felt awkward wearing cleavage baring tops and some women would look at me like I was a slut of some sort. I found myself wearing sweaters to cover the ultra round tops, which defeated the purpose of getting them.

      When I turned 23, I decided to just take them out and get the undermuscle, tear shaped silicone implants. Even with the swelling, I could tell they were better. They felt nicer, they looked a 110 times more natural and I got my confidence back.

      So basically, if you are going to get implants – keep in mind what shape you are looking for – the naturally large breasts, or the breasts with the push up bra look.

      Undermuscle was more painful to recover from, but I find the results worth it. I have been told to change every 10 years, but almost every one I know who had the procedure changes it much earlier because they do turn harder and feel more uncomfortable at around 7-8 years.

      Dont judge the implants within the first few months – let the swelling subside. It took me about 4 months to get the final look. Take your medications on time !! trust me on this

      Also you will feel pain for about 5 days after the surgery – very tolerable but uncomfortable pain.

      I liked realself when I was looking for plastic surgery options – maybe give them a visit and talk about your concerns πŸ™‚

      Good luck !

    • avatar Bill says:

      If you’ve checked your doctor out the odds are overwhelming that you’ll love them and be just fine health wise afterwards. It’s human nature to be nervous before any surgery – anything can go wrong but it almost never does. Good luck to you and I’m sure you’re going to look great afterwards.

  • avatar ElvisAnne says:

    I had implants in 1974, to please a boyfriend, and had them for 19 years. The silicone in the right one finally leaked. I then had an explantation and foolishly had saline implants put in. After 10 years of agony I had them removed for good. It was a very easy procedure and my breasts look wonderful and finally feel natural.

    I wish women would not have this surgery. The implants will never look or feel natural, will obscure breast tissue during a mammogram, and should be replaced every 10 years. Don’t do it.

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