Dimple Fabrication? Seriously?


What will plastic surgeons come up with next?! This girl had “dimple fabrication” surgery because she thinks dimples are cute.

I can honestly say that this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of dimple fabrication. Interesting (in a really stupid way).

Ever wonder how to make a dimple surgically? Yeah, I know. Me neither, but here is a cosmetic surgeon explaining the dimple fabrication procedure anyways:

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  • avatar Tinsly says:

    Thats so midwest. Who the hell wants fake dimples?

  • avatar Lady O says:

    This is too weird! I can think of 1,000 other things to spend my money on. The girl [patient] looks a little off too.

  • avatar lola says:

    hahaha i used to HATE my dimples when i was little!

  • avatar Nat says:

    Wow. She could afford to get fake dimples. If I were her I’d have started on some soap to get rid of that awful makeup, and some shampoo for that greasy hair.

    Some surgeons need a slap for some of the stupid surgeries they’re willing to perform.

  • avatar fghjhjk says:

    don’t you see? this is a boy. i don’t see this person as woman and these dimples are to make his face thinner. sorry for bad english.

  • avatar Bink says:

    Nat’s comment is hilarious. I agree with Lady O. I watched this video on youtube.com… so sue me…yes, I would love to have fake dimples…anyway…back to Lady O’s comment…yes… this patient does seem a bit off normal mentally. I was shocked that the Dr. put this video up on youtube. Was he so desperate for a dimples spokesperson?

  • avatar Succubus says:

    LoL @ her… that looks so fake and pathetic
    but sad part is she looks/acts retarded
    wtf is wrong with her parents/doctors?
    she’s like so proud with the stupid hole in her cheek lol
    …still ugly as hell. uglier

  • avatar JJJ says:

    Come to think of it, Anne Morrow Lindbergh had a dimple surgically created in her baby’s chin, and the baby was born in 1930.
    This isn’t really a new thing.

  • avatar Miguel says:

    No different from Michael Jackson getting that stupid fake cleft in his chin…among other things he’s had done..

  • avatar Miguel says:

    Oh, I just watched her interview, and I would be more concerned with how that “cute” dimple will now draw more attention to her developing jowls. Not so cute anymore.

  • avatar gia says:

    WTF is wrong with her? She looks like a stroke victim or something…There is something seriously wrong with this chick.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    I’d like to see a picture of her now because that dimple does not look good in the video and I have my doubts that its going to look great later.

  • avatar melash says:

    why pay a plastic surgeon to create fake dimples, because if you REALLY do want dimples you could get matching ones from a (good)professional piercer for probably a fraction of the cost… under $200 for sure (for 2), you only have the leave the jewelry in for a few weeks and BAM, dimples, that look much much better than this “surgical“ job… not to mention you can get one on either side and have them look symmetrically perfect. this girl, just didn`t know! hahaha

  • avatar alliyah says:

    she looks like a crack head and shes so ugly it dosent even look good on her eww.. she shud get her whole face fixed

  • avatar emily says:

    either she’s so fidgety because she’s so young & wriggly, OR she’s mentally unstable… either way. not good to do surgery on.

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