Britney Spears Removes Breast Implants?


britney spears breast implantsRolling Stone magazine is reporting that Britney Spears did indeed get breast implants as a teen (with her mothers consent), but had them later removed.

According to Rolling Stone’s source, Britney “regretted the implants, particularly because her chest was still growing, and when her natural breasts became larger, she had the implants removed.”

There have always been rumors that Britney Spears has had breast implants, but I don’t really buy it. I havn’t seen any pictures of Britney with obviously fake looking breasts, but it is possible that she had them done when she was young and had them removed shortly after. If Britney Spears had a boob job, she had a very talented plastic surgeon because Britney’s boobs have always looked natural.

If it’s true that Britney Spears removed her breast implants, then she has joined a long list of celebrities with breast implant regret

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  • avatar Miamimomma says:

    That would explain why brits boobs look so wierd now

  • avatar mel says:

    here are pictures from when she got breast implants. they are so obvious.

    • avatar Sally says:

      Oh yes, I remember those pics. She definitely had implants then. She took pics right after she got them, so they were still swollen and looked huge! Take a look at her at the nickelodeon kids choice awards in 98-99

  • avatar Andi says:

    Brit’s breast look like a boob job gong wrong!

  • avatar Alex says:

    a mere reminder of the late 90s and early 00s…
    shes gone…to never return.

  • avatar Jeniffer says:

    I remember when she got them,,, it was when she said she first had knee surgery…. and her first performance she was barely dancing and clearly had huge fake boobs. They blamed her not dancing so much on her knee.

  • avatar Maryann says:

    What sick parents would allow their TEEN, young TEEN at that to get implants??? That whole family is fucked up.

  • avatar Hayden says:

    She DID have knee surgery. She didn’t sustain injuries from dancing. She was ‘showing off in front of the dancers’, as she put it, and was performing one of her gymnast high kicks which she regulary incooperated into her early performances. She couldn’t move her legs around at her 1st disneyland concert (but bounced back with an impressive 2nd disney concert 3months later after fully healed). To this day, she still wears the scar on her left kneecap (even though she had corrective surgery, it’s still visible). I must say, in 1999, after *that* rolling stone cover, I was cynical of her growth-spurt defence also. True, her early promo pictures were taken when she first signed in 1997, but her breasts are still considerably more modest in the ‘hit me baby’ vid which was only 4 months before they ‘grew’. My faith was restored in mid-2000 when the media went to her hotel room to interview her only hours before her massive free hawaii concert she was performing later that evening. Her chest was modest-sized in comparison to when she arrived on stage and posed for pictures after -to say the least. I have witnessed this countless times since. Especially evident when they show footage from dance rehearsals -and then you see the big difference in the music videos or on stage. So yes, sometimes Brit’s tits ARE fake, only a product of padded push-up bras / clever use of lingerie and NOT surgery. The 99 nikelodeon awards cannot be explained so simply, but have you seen Rose McGowan’s death scene in Scream? At the back you can clearly see she’s wearing a bra even though on the front it ‘appears’ to be tight and all you see is some serious raisin smuggling. Regardless, Britney -at least not then- wasn’t the kind of girl who would have surgery whether by choice or manipulation, love her or hate her. I’m not biased as I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of her music or the hollywood-machine controlling her, I’m just an observer. My great-aunt is second cousins with jamie spears (Britney’s dad) -not that it means anything as they’re distant family who I’ve never met- but it makes it impossible for me to forget everything I hear of the Spears’ life in the spotlight. Despite her visible lack of education and unintelligent choices, Britney seems sincerely sweet, good-natured and strong-willed to have risen above the paparazzi, tabloid-rumors, criticism and 24-7 big brother-like surveilance on her the past 13 years.

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