Introducing Brittany “Ducklips” Murphy


Brittany Murphy showed up at Fashion Week in New York with a very unfashionable new top lip. Brittany’s plastic surgeon really went for it with this latest round of lip injections and her top lip looks like it’s going to burst. Yet another young star trying too hard to look younger as they age (Brittany Murphy is 30)…

Brittany Murphy before lip injections:

Brittany Murphy after lip injections:

The sad thing is that her augmented lip makes her look like a middle aged house wife from Orange County. Luckly for Brittany, injectable fillers are eventually absorbed by the body, so she won’t be stuck with the duck lips forever.

Now let us review what we’ve learned…

Sexy lips:

Scary lips:

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  • avatar Andrew Sarski says:

    I think Kiera Knightley’s Lips look great after her injections. The pictures show her carrying herself so well. The pictures here of Brittny Murphy’s lip injections are terrible. She looks like she just had a late night partying and has big bags under her eyes…and it looks like she has the weird facial grimace…like she can’t smile normally or something.

  • avatar DeedeeS says:

    Brittany looks SO much liek Kristin Cavallera in that picture. crazy.

  • avatar Jess says:

    She looks like she had the injections in the car on the way to where it is that she was photographed. I’m sure they look good now that the swellinh had gone down

  • avatar shelly k says:

    Why on earth would Brittany touch her face,she was perfect!I am so upset!She was to young to do anything,anyway.

  • avatar lulu says:

    there aren’t any pics on this page.


  • avatar Bali says:

    Where are the pics????

  • avatar dpprrii says:

    the pictures all have x’s on them? hm

  • avatar julie says:

    keira’s lips are REAL!! can’t anyone tell the difference anymore between real and fake? and work and non “work”??? i can in a hot second. breasts, lips, all of it. well a nose job u can’t always tell unless u saw the before nose. plastic surgery has taken over everything. doesn’t anyone believe in NATURAL beauty anymore? everyone has to be a barbie doll and an unrealistic ideal of beauty? it’s disgusting!

  • avatar julz says:

    i think they removed them because she’s dead. but yeah they were huge! keira does NOT have fake lips, she’s always had those lips, she pretty much keeps them in a perpetual pout though.

  • avatar wtfster says:

    What happens to duck lip implants when people die? Do the duck lip implants stay around for like 1000 years before they bio degrade?

  • avatar julie says:

    wtfster, yeah i’m sure they stick around for ages and ages. they are a man made material so yep, they wouldn’t be going anywhere soon, just like breast implants etc. BUT when you’re alive those things only last 6 months or so, but that’s in LIVING tissue, so who’s to say in this case? they could remain for all of perpetuity.

  • avatar julie says:

    ps. AGAIN let me state that keira’s lips are real. always have been the same exact lips. she just pouts them out a lot and they are naturally full and pouty. you can tell the fake and duck lip deal a MILE away

  • avatar Alyssa says:

    R.I.P. Brittany <3

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