Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs


Lindsay Lohan recently did a nude photo shoot for New York magazine. She was asked to do the shoot by famed photographer so and so….blahblahblah…Marilyn Monroe…yaddayaddayadda…Any how, here are the pictures of Lindsay’s boobs…

Behold…Lindsay Lohan’s boobs!

(Click picture for uncensored version)

Lindsay Lohan’s intentional nip slip:

(Click picture for uncensored version)

I would like to use these nude photos of Lindsay Lohan to make an actual point. Lindsay Lohan does NOT have breast implants. Ever since Lindsay grew boobs, there have been constant rumors that she got/has breast implants. Even when Lindsay lost a bunch of weight and her breasts shrank along with the rest of her body, some morons even went so far as to say that she just had her implants removed.

Lindsay Lohan just happens to be blessed with naturally large breasts and the realness of her boobs is very apparent in these nude photos. You can see the natural teardrop sag that natural boobie possess. Also, you can see that there is no obvious roundness when she is laying on her back (in the 2nd photo).

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    I just voted that she’s never had implants, but it isn’t showing up… anyway… yeah I used to think maybe she did, until she went all anorexic and lo & behold, her boobs were smaller! She used to be pretty curvaceous, so it would make sense for her breasts to be on the large side! (Mean Girls…)

  • avatar DeedeeS says:

    I always thought lindasy had fake bbooobs too but your right you can tell she doesnt in these pictures.

  • avatar ted says:

    Lindsay Lohan got silicone implants before her 18th Birthday, had them removed a year or so later and went for a cup smaller saline implants. She has implants, given she went from stupendously large breasts to no breast after her implants were removed to medium size saline implants. Her silicone implants were quite obvious, the Tara Reid/Victoria Beckham like gap between the implants.

  • avatar Me says:

    Why do bologna lip girls get lip injections??? Please stop! Their lips look duckish or glad I dont have to go through that mine are perfect but damn with all your fame and money you are THAT desperate..?????? Yuck and that crackhead has-been Lindsay is a splotched mess! Cant we move on from her already???

  • avatar tawna says:

    rofl!! wow serves her righ XD

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