Lil Kims’ Nose is Falling Off


Lil Kim’s bad nose job is progressively getting worse. Her plastic surgeon pulled a “Michael Jackson” and took way too much off the top. As we age, our bodies change and unfortunately Lil Kim does not have enough cartilage left in her nose to hold it up, so her bridge has sunken into her skull. She looks like someone threw a little bit of putty at her face and called it a nose. Pretty!

Lil Kim before (right) and after (left) rhinoplasty

lil kim bad nose job

It appears that Lil Kim is laying off the lip injections, but unfortunately her lips are already scarred from the previous work she’s had done, so she’ll never be able to regain her natural (and formerly gorgeous) smile. It also looks like she got some bad Botox, judging from that wonky eyebrow…

Lil Kim has had several bad plastic surgeries including lumpy lipo, bad breast implants, cheek implants, nose job, lip aug, etc. I think it’s safe to say that she is addicted to plastic surgery and has royally screwed up her face and body in her quest for plastic perfection.

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  • avatar Erica says:

    This is a disgrace, how she tore her face up. Lil Kim was at her best when she did the song The Jump-Off with Mr. Cheeks. She was good right there if she had anything done at that time. She looks just like Joan Rivers, except she’s black. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lil Kim, I just don’t like what she did to her face.

  • avatar martini alazay says:

    i mean people always show this picture and say her nose fucked up but it obviously is a make up malfunction not her nose ya’ll stupid

    • avatar Vicki says:

      I really like little Kim, however if you consider this a makeup malfunction you’ve got to be kidding me. The plastic surgeon must have been smoking meth. Whoever did this did Kim an injustice.

  • avatar SolarPurple says:

    Lil Kim used to be so adorable. What is so wrong with looking like nature intended us. I can see if you have a real deformity that needs correcting, but c’mon, when a physically beautiful person messes around surgically, it almost always turns out bad. I believe it is God’s way of saying “Shame on YOU!!”

  • avatar Garrison says:

    Everybody’s talking about the disaster that is lil kim’s face. I wish these women would stop trying to improve on what nature gave them to begin with. A touch here and there but not this massive destruction they call “beautifying.”

  • avatar chaz1979 says:

    Black women should stay away from cosmetic surgery period, its just not for us. Once you start having someone surgically cut into your face or start injecting foreign nerve paralyzing chemicals….that’s the beginning of the end, and to me it just accelerates the aging process. Then you have to keep going back for more procedures or more injections. Black women have an advantage because of the high concentration of melanin in their skin, they don’t need anything but shea butter, vitamin e, plenty of water and healthy, clean diet and they will age really well.

  • avatar teflondon80 says:

    First off yes LIL KIM have work done that she did not need but lets not stared adding thing on the pics are side by side the cheeks are same nose,top lip titts lipo yes fall back whats done is done but she still remain who she is the QUEEN BEE, LIL KIM, HONEY GIRL, FRANK WIFE,BIG MOMMA,MS.G.O.A.T,THAT BI!TCH so at the end of the day show love pay respect she the QUEEN of rap and we love her

  • avatar laurie says:

    i swear i will never have plastic surgery. i never want to mess up my face like this

  • avatar Mrs.Whitner says:

    Lil kim was pretty. Her nose fit her face. Plastic surgery has made her ugly.

  • avatar CensoredRed says:

    I think she’s channeling Micheal Jackson. She’s gone over the edge and now she looks like Lil Scary.

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