Courtney Love Loves/Hates Plastic Surgery


Courtney Love has undergone her fair share of plastic surgeries, but now that she is (supposedly) sober, she has expressed regret that she had work done on her lips. Courtney has gone so far as to vow to reverse the damage done to her lips. Since she has to undergo additional surgery to correct her lip augmentation, I would say that Courtney Love had lip implants as opposed to lip injections. Injectable fillers will eventually fade on their own, unlike lip implants.

Courtney Love before lip implants:

courtney love before plastic surgery

Courtney Love after lip implants:

courtney love after plastic surgery

Courtney Love has also admitted to having a nose job done. Quite honestly, I would have never guessed, so kudos to her rhinoplasty surgeon!

Courtney Love has not admitted to having breast implants, but it’s obvious that she has indeed undergone breast augmentation very early in her career. When she was 1st starting with her band “Hole”, she was clearly a very flat chested A cup.

Courtney Love before boob job:

courtney love before breast implants

Courtney Love after boob job (note the scars):

courtney love boob job scars

Courtney Love’s frankenboobie implants:

courtney love <a href=boob job picture”>

Courtney Love had relatively small sized implants put in, so it really is difficult to tell that she had a breast augmentation (until you see her naked). I do believe that she has since had her implants removed, but it’s hard to tell with her fluctuating weight loss/gain. And since she’s had her implants for over 10 years, they start to sag like normal breasts which make them look more realistic.

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    How could she not admit to having implants? Those scars are pretty damn obvious! Also obvious is the scary ripples in the flashing picture. Does she think everyone is stupid?

    I’m glad she’s apparently coming to her senses, though!

  • avatar fishwifetwice says:

    Courtney Love is so trashy. At least she has admitted that shes had work done. That’s more then most celebs with do.

  • avatar Annie Bananie says:

    Wow, those lip implant pictures are scary ugly.

  • avatar Megan says:

    Yes, Courtney love is fixing what she thought was messed up- Fire the man who fucked her boob job up and her lip job, she looks horrible.

    Kinda sucks for me because I look like her.)

  • avatar Annie says:

    Please do not saw A cup is flat chested. It isn’t

  • avatar Crystal says:

    She’s just scary looking no matter what.

  • avatar violet says:

    By the first photo, Courtney was already having regular collagen injections (remember, this was before Juvederm) in her lips, and had already had a major nose job. Her natural lips are quite thin and her original nose was large and mannish with a very wide bridge. By the second photo (with the dark lips and long earrings), she had had her second or third of many nose jobs, wayyy more work on her face, eyes, breasts, body, and was still getting collagen in her lips.

    I think her first few rounds of surgery made her prettier, but the later surgeries (do lip implants look good on anyone?) were… not good.

  • avatar lisa says:

    wow. you guys are really stupid. When your pregnant you get bigger breasts and she had Frances. You guys are fucking retarded

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