Brooke Hogan Gets Breast Implants


Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s daughter and wannabe pop singer, has been keeping the company of a couple of new friends lately (and by “friends” I mean “breast implants”)…

Brooke Hogan before breast implants:

Brooke Hogan after breast implants:

Brooke Hogan has tried just about everything to get her taste of fame: The famous father (Hulk Hogan), over-produced pop song (“About Us” featuring Paul Wall), reality show (Hulk Knows Best), family problems (brothers car accident, parents divorce), trashy fashion choices and now PLASTIC SURGERY. Unfortunately, Brooke is as bland as ever, even with fake boobies. I wonder when her sex tape will be released leaked? Isn’t that the next step to fame?!

Brooke Hogan and her new boobs take flight!

Brooke was pretty much destined to get a boob job, since her mom, Linda, has breast implants (as well as other cosmetic procedures). I would love to see some sort of statistic showing the percentage of women whose mothers had a breast augmentation, that also end up opting for the breast aug surgery…

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  • avatar Miamimomma says:

    Brook Hogan will never be a star. She’s such stereotypical white trash.

  • avatar Cindy says:

    On the reality show Hogan Knows Best, Hulk Hogan was this over-protective dad, not letting Brooke do anything questionable. But now that the shows over he lets her skank around in super slutty clothing and get big fake tits? Interesting.

  • avatar luvvy says:

    I think they look great! At least they’re not like most celebrity’s whose look like someone stuck 2 grapefruits onto her chest.

    She has a glorious naturally-beautiful feminine & curvy figure & the new boobs are just right IMO. Look at her Moms garGANtuan watermelons! A least Brooke used a little restraint in her size choice.

    And didn’t we all want to be models, singers, etc. when we were young? She gets the opportunity to try out her dreams & desires. So what if she’s not the greatest–she’s not that bad. I applaude her for going for it–she’s a spoiled celebrity brat & at least she’s trying SOMETHING to make her own money.

  • avatar kelsey says:

    I think Brooke is the most nicest and loving pop star i have ever meet.

  • avatar Tania says:

    She is never going to get the fame she is looking for. Nothing about her is interesting, and she isn’t even semi pretty.

  • avatar angie says:

    she looks like a man with implants!

  • avatar skyla says:

    i think brooke hogan is a great influence to many people and i know that she lives a hard life having her parents divorced and her brother in prison for something that i personaly dont think was really his fault. i think that brooke is a beautiful lady and she looks great no matter what!

  • avatar GG says:


  • avatar megs says:

    The boobs look fine, it’s the super fake platinum hair that she needs to tone down. She looks like she’s getting ready for a night at work at Hooters, I do like Brooke she just needs to tone down the hair.

  • avatar Plasto-Strango says:

    Poor brooke,

    It’s almost like Hulk’s in love with her, in a strange way…

    Not everyone can sing or be a pop-star. So Brooke should do what she does best,

    But I’m a gent in my prime and Brooke does not do anything for me.

    Even if it was 3AM in the Nightclub Parking Lot, I would not.__…

    Well, maybe I would take a Hummer to go home with.

    But I would not “Tap” that keg,

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