Ashley Tisdale – Breast Implants


There have been reports that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale is getting fake boobs to go with her fake nose. Star Magazine report:

Ashley wants curves. She wants to be sexy and not to look like a stick-thin model. She wants to look like a model…She’s already trying on padded bras to pick her new size!

But don’t expect to see Ash’s new bust anytime soon, the actress has decided to wait until she wraps up shooting on High School Musical 3: Senior Year before undergoing the surgery.

The part about getting a boob job in order to look like a model, is such a cop out. The only “models” that get breast implants are wannabes, pornstars and trashy lingerie models. Name one working supermodel that has breast implants! I bet you can’t because real models don’t have fake tits.

Of course, Ashley Tisdale’s rep has denied that she is getting breast implants, but that is standard procedure. She also supposedly got the nose job in order to fix a deviated septum. Riiiiiight…I’m so sure that Ashley will get a boob job that I’m willing to post the before and after pictures right now:

Ashley Tisdale before breast implants:

ashley tisdale before boob job

Ashley Tisdale after breast implants?:

(click for uncensored picture of Ashley’s breast implants)

What do you think, will Ashley Tisdale boost her bust with breast implants? I bet she will since she’s young and obviously insecure. The 1st person that guesses correctly wins a cute new bikini from!

Vote above and also leave a comment with your guess, so we have your email address in order to contact you if you are the winner.

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