Megan Fox Has Had Plastic Surgery


Megan Fox is undoubtedly one of the sexiest young up-and-coming stars in Hollywood. But, those pouty lips and perfect nose are not God given. Not even close. While Megan has always been cute, it was a plastic surgeon that turned her from pretty girl next door to total sex pot.

The two most obvious cosmetic procedures that Megan Fox has undergone is: injectable lip fillers (collagen, Restylane, Hydrafill, Perlane, etc) and rhinoplasty. (More on Megan Fox’s rhinoplasty, here: Megan Fox nose job.)

Megan Fox before plastic surgery:

megan fox lips

Megan Fox after plastic surgery:

megan fox plastic lips

Honestly, I have to say that Megan Fox has visited a talented plastic surgeon. She looks great! Although, only time will tell what Megan will end up looking like in a few years. Unfortunately lip injections like Megan has received, fade out over time and patients tend to get more and more with each treatment. Like I’ve said before, lip injections are like crack and it’s easy to get hooked and go overboard (Brittany Murphy, we’re talking to you…).

It has also been rumored that Megan has breast implants. What do you think?

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  • avatar sharine says:

    absolutely agree with that

    • avatar Cindy says:

      She DEFINETLY has had a NOSE job! As far as the after pics go. She has fake eyelashes,something done to her cheeks. She already had full lips to begin with. You can tell she has had work done. Maybe not as much as others, but lets be honest girls. When most women look that beautiful there are alot of secrets behind it. She was naturally beautiful but she has enhanced her look by a few things & its not natural. Also alot of these pics are airbrushed as well. I feel extremely sorry for young ladies growing up in our world today. If you dont like- Just get it fixed! Awful!!!!

      • avatar Loni says:

        Great makeup has changed her looks. Her nose looks the same to me….. no narrower. She is older and the face slims so cheeks are more pronounced consequently. Her MU artsist creates a slightly overdrawn border on her upper lips to create more volume bridging her cupid bow at same time.. lighter nude colors always make lips appear fuller on top of that. She had very little if anything done to her lips. She has grown thicker her brows which makes her eyes eppear different and more dramatic..I don’t think this one has had much done ladies.
        From a Makeup artist

    • avatar Bee B says:

      While she is still attractive, she has that fake sort of beauty going on…I don’t find it very appealing at all. The overly arched eyebrows, eye lift, the fake plump lips. I find it sad and disheartening that this is what is considered the ideal beauty in this day and age. It is no wonder girls growing up today have so many body image and self esteem issues and feel looking a certain way is the key to success in life.

    • avatar Olivia says:

      She DEFINITELY had breast implants. If you look at pictures from a while back of her wearing outfits that show off her breasts, they were sort of small and sat really low on her chest and were not very perky, but if you look at them now they look about like D-cups, if not bigger, and they sit very high on her chest. Very obvious she has had breast implants. Anyone with eyes can tell she’s had a boob job. Her nose is also fake as you can tell by comparing the pictures above and she definitely has her lips injected because her top lip is the same size, if not bigger, than her bottom lip and that is not natural; your bottom lip is suppose to be bigger than your top not the other way around. And it also looks a little like she’s had work done on her chin because in one picture it looks more square and in another it looks more rounded out. Personally, I think she’s trying to look like Angelina Jolie a little too much. She is a really pretty girl, but it’s not natural beauty. It’s good to admire and want to look like a celebrity, but when you’re willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like that person it says a little something about yourself; that you have low self esteem and you care too much about what people think about your looks. Take what God gave you and work with it. There are plenty of natural, surgery-free ways to make yourself look how you want. Surgery should never be an option.

  • avatar felly says:

    I don’t see why she needs plastic surgery though i can’t deny that she looks better after surgery.She doesn’tlooks that bad before surgery.She must have hated herself before.

  • avatar maxo says:

    Picture before was much prettier. She looks “generic” now.

  • avatar Ummer says:

    From perfection to just another random bimbo who isn’t that beautiful

    Too bad, it’s really sad
    I don’t know what she was thinking

  • avatar Millie says:

    I really don’t think she’s had much plastic surgery- maybe a nose job but heaps of people have that done. These pictures have different lighting and shes wearing different make up that’s all. And why does she look generic? She looks unique and stunning.

    • avatar Sam says:

      you’re right Millie,and theres another factor these pictures were taken a few years apart so its normal to be a bitt different,no matter what she’s incredible!

      • avatar Susy says:

        Yeah, really, it’s just different lighting, makeup, facial expression.. I think she’s wearin too much makeup, but I don’t think she had plastic surgery.

  • avatar john44444444 says:

    The top photo on the right has obviously been altered, and very badly – you can see all the new pixels. And anyway, she’s hot whatever…

  • avatar Lola says:

    I knew she did something to her lips.
    When I saw the second Transformer’s movie her lips were wayy fuller than before.

  • avatar emily says:

    before she was cute and sexy… now she’s just sexy… so when that sexiness runs out in 10 years there won’t be anything left that’s relatable. cuteness lasts a lot longer than sexiness… also she’s focused on the male audience which will drop her when she gets old… unlike female fans would if they felt that they could relate to her.

  • avatar emily says:

    and she used to be naturally beautiful and the flaws just showed that beauty doesnt have to fit the mold. now she’s just so… generic… and typical hollywood.

  • avatar mimi says:

    i don’t think that megan had a lip job. it’s because lots of people have a spasm in their mouth and don’t hold it in a relaxed manner. her lips just look bigger because of lip plumper, make up tricks and a sexy relaxed pout. her nose job is obvious but isn’t a big deal because lots of normal people have it done. i think that megan was gorgeous before and still is, and looks different becasue she changed her style from cute to smoking hot.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    Does anyone remember her from Hope and Faith with Kelly Riper?
    I gotta say she looks lovely. x x

  • avatar Sherry says:

    i think shes really pretty id kill to look ilke her. but im pretty happy the way i am, ill never go under the knife i think natural beauty is importand and plastic surgery looks rediculous escpecially if you are aging.

  • avatar matt says:

    i really think she looks ugly before and worst after …. she is just trying so hard to be like angelina but she will never be, cause angelina’s beauty is real and she is just a plastic whore looking like a porn star , believe me girls, im a dude and im telling you: FAKE BEAUTY IS SHIT.

    • avatar i hate the media says:

      hahahha matt you rule it’s guys like you that give girls next door hope. But all pitty aside Megan had beautiful features before and with or without plastic surgery is still good looking now. It’s just annoying how young people look up to these stars who dont even like who they really are. how can we be confident in who we are if everyone is morphing to the media and pretentious beauty.

    • avatar Cindy says:

      I agree fake beauty is crap.- but I have to say buddy. Your sweet Angelina has
      had a nose job as well. Look up some old pics of her. I remember her when she first came out & I kept thinking she just gets prettier with age. I kept thinking what looks so diff. She is beautiful as well, but she has tweeked some things as well.

  • avatar Soniav says:

    I don’t believe that she has done a plastic surgery! However, I think she didn’t need it!!!

  • avatar soniav says:

    I don’t believe that she has done a plastic surgery!!! However, I think she didn’t need it because she was so beautiful!

  • avatar soniav says:

    I don’t believe that she has done a plastic surgery!!! However, I think she didn’t need it! She was so beautiful!!!

  • avatar Anna says:

    Why does everyone care so much about people in hollywood. If you want to stop drawing so much attention to bitches like her stop obsessing over worthless conversations like these, and base someone of their talents not about who can get more plastic surgery. There is no talent invlved in getting a doctor to fix your face. Im sick of hearing how beautiful all these girls in hollywood are when i can walk down the street and find you 20 girls that are natural who are 10 times sexier then all the fake bitches in hollywood.

    • avatar i hate the media says:

      Not to be annoying and post something for everyone i agree with, but this is a very true statement. Why even care about people who are intangible and not real. But i do have an arguement aside from it. I care because it’s women like Paris Hilton and Megan Fox who warp the minds of our younger generations. Eating disorders, and teen struggle come back to Jersey shore and all the stupid shit you see on tv. All the “beautiful” women posing as posters, and the ideal women. It’s sad.

  • avatar Devorah says:

    I like the freckles on her because, like said before, it makes her look more down to Earth. I don’t think she got a nose job though because it’s the same shape but bigger, and your nose never stops growing…

  • avatar Colton says:

    Course shes plastic, still good looking but its not natural. It’s a big turnoff. I just stopped likeing her now that I know about this plastic surgery crap.

  • avatar lucia says:

    i think Anna is right the girl on top of my comment u people should stop obsessing over something you will probably never have you can get a more talented ,beautiful ,nice ,trustworthy,and a person who really loves you and who ever is reading this i read all othe above and ou probably did to if you got to my comment so dont think i’m stupid for writing on this because some people are more stupid for actually loving the people the people who dont do anything for anyone people should be more interested in what will change the world and will help the world please listen to me:]

  • avatar athena kabwelski says:

    people need help if thier obsessed over this air head that only thinks about how beautiful she is and they should meet her in person to see mean selfabsorbed conscede jerk MEGAN FOX really is i met her people she is hot but she doesnt deserve to be liked by other people and people should appreciate wat they have and wat gave them and love thmselves for who the are people get to the real world not to celebreties lives see what is happening celebreties are in probably in drugs setting bad examples for all of the people who look up to them they need help we need help lets stop obsessing over stars, famous people ,and start cosentrating on us our families the people aroud us dont get trapped in a little bubble dreaming of megan fox ,taylor lautner other famous …cmon and live in the real world before it forgets about you like i’ve forgoten it “/

  • avatar Jigsaw says:

    Seeing this make me sad. She was such a perfect natural beauty before she had some butcher turn her into yet another mannequin. Totally unnecessary.

  • avatar Marie says:

    Megan Fox IS hot, I admit ( even though I’m a girl ), but she just won’t stop changing herself to look like Angelina Jolie. Same tattoos, same lips ( her 1st lip injections a few years back), same dark hair, etc.

    Why don’t people understand that Angelina is a unique kind of woman, born with all the perfection God has given her ( well He obviously spent more time on her than on us xD )and half of Hollywood fills up their lips to resemble the sexy one’s of Angelina. While all those women end up having FISH LIPS indeed, they cannot ever look like Angie.

    End of rant πŸ™‚

    See this link for the RECENT Megan Fox lip injection:


    • avatar Cindy says:

      your silly. she has had work done as well. when u say stop obsessing over hollywood. you show obsession over angelina. Ha. funny

  • avatar Lisa says:

    so pretty before the surgery..natural looking too..definetly didn’t need surgery..either way she looks good but unnecessary.

  • avatar laura says:


  • avatar existence121cryptic says:

    k,all of ya ppl,seriously,get over the fkn jealousy!! r u tellin me that if u cud look like dat bye hvng 2 jobs done and possibely also not get caught u wudn’t do it?!! whom the fuck r u kidding?! she is fkn gorgeous and it’s none of yr business if she had work done,and stop this condescending crap”oo poor thing has 2 low a self-esteem 2 accept what jesus christ our lord and saviour gave her”seriously,shut the fuck up.y is it dat fuckin hard 4 u girls out there 2 accept that amazing-looking girls-far more good-looking that u-whether naturally or not-do exist?and whom the fuck do u think u r fooling with those hypocritical empty shells of pity,other than maybe other girls ,who r as bitter as u r,and trying 2 hide it by faking moral superiority?go see a shrink

    • avatar Cindy says:

      wow. sounds like u have alot of issues with plastic surgery. obviously u have it or want it. Plastic surgery shows major insecurity. which we all have and would be kidding ourselves if we love ourselves the way we are. As you get older and allow God to take over your heart you learn to accept those things that you hate. Existence how can you curse like that and talk about Jesus Christ at the same time.

  • avatar existence121cryptic says:

    and kk I know she’s probably superficial and shit,but dat’s nt the basic issue here.I seriously cannot believe dat ppl,especially women,who call her so and ask others 2 stop obssessing about her do so out of genuine concern with the world’s growing inclination towards shallower thinking and interests,but rather out of jealousy,and just use that as an excuse 4 their appeal.who the fuck knows with certainty if she really is dumb and/shallow?who knows if she’s ever done anything “good”or”beneficial” to others?y judge others like dat when we don’t and most probably also will never b able 2 know them deeply?and y exactly does being a brunette,having “somewhat”full lips,and some tattoos makes her an Angie-wannabe? just drop dat!!

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    She’s had another nose job after this one. This was 2007 about August / September. Her nose is much sharper now. She’s def had much more work done.

  • avatar Rose says:

    She didn’t have lip fillers. It’s so obvious. In the before picture she’s wearing lip liner on her proper lip line. On the bottom picture she has lip liner outside her natural lip line (age-old trick, as well as red lipstick enlarging the look of lips). It’s clear as day. As for her nose, it looks the same to me. The bridge is probably just fixed with makeup. And if not, so the hell what? She was gorgeous before and even more so after. (Although, personally, I liked her freckles that she seems to cover up now.)
    People (*cough* women *cough*) seem to dislike her because of her beauty and her frat boy humor. Her bad publicity is just a scapegoat for their jealousy. That’s why people go searching for “proof” that she’s had surgery or constantly quote things she’s said in interviews. They want to find some fault in her that they can use as a scapegoat for their weird hate/dislike. Which is funny since some comments here say /she/ has bad self-esteem.

  • avatar blue says:

    Personally, I think her plastic surgeries have made her look a bit older and harsher. She looks like a typical random starlet now. Hot, but generic.

  • avatar RON says:

    Megan Fox fans are some of THE most delusional ppl on the planet to them Megan Fox is their sun,their God,their moon,their everything which is absolutely crazy.I’m a guy & you can call me gay or whatever you want because I don’t like Megan Fox and no I’m not jealous of her plastic,hideous,man face.In one of the pics on top she looks like a man.Now I’m not a shallow person and I’m not always about looks & try to find good in everyone yes even megan fox.Problem is there’s nothing good about her.Her personality,her face,everything is so fake.She’s a self-absorbed person & gets undeserved attention.She says the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard she’s an attention *****

  • avatar Erik says:

    She just has makeup on thats why she looks so different. Other then that she dosent look that different.

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    Erik, look at my links, she’s had a lot of surgery. There is no denying it. She did it slowly over the past 3 years so people like you would be tricked into thinking she is naturally that beautiful.

  • avatar Matthew says:

    Megan fox looks ok in the first movie. But in the second movie she is super sexi i mean she is way hoter in the second movie then the first. I mean have you ever seen her in the second movie.

  • avatar Matthew says:

    Megan fox is so sexi in the second movie in the first movie she looks ok i mean have you ever seen her in the second movie.

  • avatar Matthew says:

    Megan looks so hot in trensformers 2 in transformers 1 like i said befor she looks ok in the first movie the whole movie of transformers 2 i am sitting there thinking of sam as me i really wish i am shia labuf

  • avatar Newport says:

    I have to say, she was gorgeous before she got the work done. Now she just kind of looks like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong she is still gorgeous, but just in a different light.

  • avatar Newport says:

    I have to say, she was gorgeous before she got the work done. Now she just kind of looks like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong she is still gorgeous, but just in a different light now.

  • avatar Newport says:

    Hmm… It looks like someone didn’t disable html within their comments. I wont if color or size work.

  • avatar memoi says:

    This is a pic with make up and even then she look not so good!

  • avatar Aimee says:

    comes to say she is not a natural beauty! πŸ™‚

  • avatar liz says:

    Tiffany,your comment screams jealousy!!hating her wont make you pretty!!
    & Dan-i bet your some ugly duckling who sits behind his computer screen all day downing cola & doughnuts & slagging beautiful women off cause you know you wouldnt have a hope in hell with them!!

  • avatar DC says:

    wow she still looks good with plastic so why???

  • avatar fucker says:

    she was hot before now she looks like a fucking bitch

  • avatar Mike says:

    Megan you were perfectly HEAVENLY before you had the surgery. Please, PLEASE let it end NOW! This one surgery may have some minor advantages in a few aspects BUT further attempts WILL FAIL at trying to improve the perfection that you are. Megan you will plead for the day that you had natural beauty but it will never come again. You will look in the mirror and see some lifeless, twisted, emotionless, grotesque, plastic doll whose face never changes! Gone will be those priceless, subtle nuances in facial expression that spell LIFE, MEANING, and BEAUTY! Oh that you will remain the goddess that you are NOW, and not become PLASTIC and LIFELESS. You are my IDOL. I am AN ARTIST and an avid observer. Megan, I know what I am talking about here. Even Michael Jackson’s money was paid to the so called ‘best’, but my darling it was all so in vain. None of the plastic journeys turn out good or pretty. They all end in HORROR. Angel, please listen to Mike. I love you like a bird loves a favorable breeze. Healing comes from within! You are so incredible. I don’t see many at all, I can number them on one hand that can step up on your level at present. But my angel, we all get older and we are here for only a few fleeting moments. I hope to God that you hear me. You are the treasure of my heart. I love your soul and I don’t want to see the material world and its realities bring you down. Our lives are like a day. Our sun rises beautifully and gets ever more brilliant. Then it all reverses until it fades away and is is no more. Yet there comes another day, Love. There is a reason and a beauty in everything, even the withering. But how can I expect you to ever understand this with the intoxicating influence of Hollywood and its glitz. To me, you are Megan, The Beautiful, and all of the fame and fortune is just a skin that you shed. You are Truly Beautiful just as you are. The rest is chaff.

    All My Love

  • avatar Sam says:

    So what if she got work done on her face she is still the prettiest girl on earth. So all you guys who hate on megan you must be gay and all you girls who hate your just mad cuz you aren’t that beautiful. So stop hating on megan!!!!!!!

  • avatar Ashman1990 says:

    megan is hella sexy!

    as long as she doesnt go any further and actually fuck her face up then its all good…

  • avatar Kesa says:

    If I got plastic surgury I’d be prettier than her…but I’m fine with my natural features and she should have been too or maybe I wouldn’t hate her so much…getting work done would make you the prettiest girl on earth, but it makes you FAKE…and yes the plastic surgury is real, there are photos of her as a baby and as a child where her eyes are dark… everything about this girl is fake and before you know it she’ll be as pretty as a pile of shit.

    Not to mention I’ve read her personality really sucks.

    Figures…fake body, terrible acting, terrible soul.

  • avatar JuLIA says:

    Wow that was really a stupid choice,Meagan you are the most beautiful girl in the world ,be you,not Angelina Jolie.You were perfect before that lip job but now,not so much

  • avatar meow says:

    i’m a lesbian and i don’t think she’s all that cute now.
    i liked her better before.

    for those of you who were wondering,
    she got her tits, nose, and lips done. i’m sure she plumped up her cheeks, and lost like twenty pounds so her jawline and cheeks look even more defined. oh, and she also had her freckles removed.

  • avatar rhi says:

    It doesn’t matter who you are every one is insecure about something. I think people are just jealous of her cos she is sucessful and made something for her self. Who cares if she had surgery she looks great before and after. As long as she is haPpy with who she is then fuck every looser out there that hate on people more sucessful and more beautiful than them know that’s what I call pathetic

  • avatar ally cat says:

    I think that most people should go without plastic surgery and keep their face the way it is. It has a good chance of going wrong.If anything Megan was pretty before her plastic surgery anyway. Most people liked her the way that she was. Why would she need to change it?

  • avatar Tiffany says:

    Heard her surgeon is the same one who did holly montag. Can’t remember his name.

  • avatar kahlea humber says:

    you guys are just a bunch of haters. The first picture was taken years ago. She looks about 15 in it. As we age we lose babyfat in our faces…and we get better at applying our makeup. Those are the only changes that can see between the pictures. Leave her alone and focus on your own fucked up boring lives.

  • avatar esra says:


    • avatar MsL says:

      SHes competiting with angelina jolie and we all know it. Those are not her lips. watch the first transformer movie and you will see.

  • avatar Ray1997 says:

    The before second picture was like a week before the after pictures.

  • avatar Ray1997 says:

    The before second picture was like a month or less before the after pictures.

  • avatar Kim says:

    Did you see her in the eminem clip? I almost didn’t recognize her! She looks like Taylor in “the Bold and the Beautiful”!!!

    • avatar MsL says:

      A lot of lip surgery. So unfortunate.. Taylor has gone overboard too. Its funny because she really had big lips before her surgery.

  • avatar al says:

    Wow doesnt this just make u appreciate the actuall natural stunners?? like angelina! This makes me love angie more than ever before, that girl deservs a medal for being such a natural beauty! I mean theese plain girls like megan fox, with the small eyes and plain faces, want to be beautiful like models and angelina jolie, but they just need to accept that they arent in that natural league! Angelina u truelly are a lucky woman, i bet megan hates u for it lol. What does megan fox’s mother think about all this surgery?

    I mean have u seen that movie ”gia” the one where angelina plays a super model, omg she is soooo beautiful in that movie, far better than megan fox and she doesnt even look fake. Ive always thought megan was just an ordinary/pretty girl whos had an obsession with being beautiful (angelina) and obviously had surgery to try and achieve it, but sadly due to her not being naturally beautifull, the result was…fish pout and un relaxed face, her skin is fake too, defo chemical peels/

    People just need to stop being deluded and accept that she aint a natural beauty and angelina jolie should get more attention for being so naturall gorgeous. Makes u appreciate women like angelina, sophia loren, britt ekland, bcos their naturally lovely.

  • avatar Steve Denton says:

    I am actually put off by this, if Fox knocked on my door as the world is coming to an end – wanting me to be her last love I would refuse.


    Sorry Megan if you are sad by this.

  • avatar MsL says:

    Well first we all know megan is competiting with angie. I must say …when angie was younger she was beautiful..she still is shes just getting older..but she looks nice for her age and all those kids.

  • avatar Ptai says:

    i don’t think people understand that this is MAKEUP and possibly lip fillers (maybe botox). look at her face structure and her features. everything looks the same to me, she just loaded on the foundation and penciled her brows in. and she doesn’t look like angelina fucking jolie so stop trying to convince yourselves that she does

  • avatar trevor says:

    ok i think everyone is jealouse because there not her.there jealouse so they try to get back at her and if shes seeing this just wanna let u know i love you!!!but seriously thare just mad because they look crapy compared to her shes a good actress and i love evreything about her and i love what she done it makes her more out thare and i think shes the prettiest person on earth and people im not tryin to be a suck up im tellin facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar trevor says:

    OMG i know all u women arent sporting those wrinckles and saggy boobs its because u cant aford to fix ur flaws u filthy skanks and crack showin whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • avatar adam says:

      ??? Until you learn to put together coherent sentences, you may want to keep your weak insults to a minimum. Wrinkles and saggy skin aren’t restricted to women, buddy, so you better be saving up for your own inevitable need for surgery if we’re going by your logic.

  • avatar John says:

    You’ve gotta be blind not to see how much surgery and botox this chick has had. My gf’s a make-up artist and make-up cannot change her face that dramatically. She has had work done, get with the program.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Aww thats toobad. She was way prettier before. Some people look better with plastic surgery, she just looks like an tranny who is trying to be the Angelina Jolie.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Aww, that’s toobad. She was way prettier before. Some people look better with plastic surgery, she just looks like a tranny who is trying to be the next Angelina Jolie (who has also had lots of plastic surgery).

  • avatar Suzan says:

    I hope u guys realize that megan is a transsexual πŸ˜‰

    • avatar me says:

      Don’t be stupid. Obviously she’s not. Stop trying to start that retarded rumour again please. She just Looks like one because of the amount of plastic surgery she’s had. And these photos are old. Like the afters are from 2007. They need to please update the pics to recent ones. Then you will definitely see the difference!

  • avatar xtina says:

    I don’t think she’s had a nose job. Her lips now look horrible but she’s such a hotty she gets away with it. xoxo

  • avatar Hannah says:

    I think she looked way prettier before. The freckles were adorable, and I do think she’s had a nose job. I would KILL for freckles like that, so it pisses me off that she covers them up. Also, I’d KILL just to look like her. It’s a shame she got all this plastic surgery. If I were her, I’d stay natural. Oh, Hollywood.

  • avatar tanto says:

    Oooooooooh Megan you sexy fox! Me and all of my boys love you!!!! The finest ever!

    P.s. if you did get plastic surgery could you share your doctor’s name with my girlfriend so she can look like you. I’ll pay!!!

  • avatar aileen says:

    i agree with mille and sam she’s gorgeous either way soo

  • avatar jay says:

    Ok, alot of you guys are right and alot of you guys are totally off. Megan fox definitely looks better now then before. She was a child in all of the before shots posted here..thin over tweezed brows, thin lips,and some baby fat. You guys need to know the facts: she looks different because firstly,she grew her eyebrows back out, which is why they are thicker. Anybody can grow their eyebrows out. She just happens to have a naturally beautiful arch to hers. Second, she did have a nose job, but it was only to remove the bump on her bridge and slim the nose. Again, anybody can do this. I know because I am one of those people and I love my nose now. Lastly, she most certainly had lip injections done. There is no doubt about it. Lip liner can’t give you that kind of volume. So in the end,sure she had some minor changes. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. Self improvement is a right in this world and if she wants to improve then fucking let her be. You people are all just jelious. Get a life.

  • avatar jay says:

    Oh, and Megan is DEFINITELY not a man. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. She stated once in an interview that she was a. “Tranny” but it was definitely a joke. She was obviously referring to her tomboy-like personality.

  • avatar Lily says:

    I dont see any difference. People looks CAN change as we grow older.

  • avatar michelle says:

    seriously she doesnt look any dif just older and more make up!

  • avatar -Crona- says:


  • avatar Quinn says:

    I think its cruel to make fun of someones features, its no ones buisness whether or not she got plastic surgery and its not our place to judge….we don’t know the stress she goes under, its different for a celeb. I don’t care what she looks like or what shes had done, I loved her in transformers her character was a badass πŸ™‚

    don’t be a hater, be a lover its how you’ll learn to accept yourself

  • avatar Sabbie says:

    Megan is beautiful. Still, she’s had quite a lot of plastic surgery. Implants for cheeks and chin, her nose refined, and lip augmentation. It also looks like she’s had laser resurfacing. Her face looks smoother in all her post surgery shots. I’d absolutely have the same work done if I had the money for it. Go Megan.

  • avatar m says:

    Better or worse? That’s not the issue: She looks -different-. If she hated every role she was being offered, & thought a different look would bring her different roles, fine: She placed her bet. But common sense is that she already had great audience recognition, & -that- would be the main incentive for casting directors to place her in films. Now, she might as well be a new girl on the scene. And that new girl is a different type: Her surgically-refined nose may be attractive, but in a sophisticated way..not a cute way. That’s right; Megan’s still beautiful, but no longer cute. Are directors for looking for the new Megan? Perhaps as a type, but not necessarily specifically her. She would’ve aged naturally, & gotten those roles soon enough. Why get surgery to look older? The only answer I can imagine is that her “original” look was probably the result of surgery done before we ever saw her, and she’s just that kinda girl..

  • avatar Nessa says:

    That’s why Megan Fox started looking so ethereal. Obviously because her features have been altered and are not a natural combination. She transformed herself into a living Barbie.

  • avatar No Onee ;) says:

    Honestly… I have to admit it… Guys liking her gets on my nerves alot ! cuz yes shes gorgeous ! annd she was without the sugery too ! but just the fact everyone obssesses over a fake woman … its like useless.. cuz like your putting other woman down.. your basically telling them ” your not megan fox so your not fucking worth it” … people be serious… Megan Fox is known as a lying bitch. We all know it. Her Mother even said it look it up. So Idc why she made this plastic surgery shit happen … but idc.. she can be raped for all I care.. shes a fucking celebrity , celebrities have millions of dollars to make them happy …. and feel better. And By the way , just the fact men like woman who have had plastic surgery is kinda sad.. because it just proves how insecure this girl really is. I know shes overally confident and thats good now that shes had whatever in Gods name done to her. But really does she have to be such a bitch about it? She gets the biggest titles and still isnt unhappy ? like wtf Megan wake the fuck up… Almost everyone loves your fakeness… So Yes shes gorgeous…. Although I know people who can match up to her looks but can be a whole lot nicer… But Shes also the fakest person I know. And I pity her and congragulate her as well… pitty her because its sad to see a woman hating herself to much to be driven to get plastic surgery, but i congragulate her for her sucess.

  • avatar Loni says:

    I can modify womens features tremendously with makeup-and I do everyday! For print, film and agencies. Some of the features you are commentinf about are mere makeup changes… boobs (perhaps not) but as you can see freckles in her before images and none in her after..she has more makeup/makeup contouring, overdrawn lips and very different eyeshadow applications between the two looks.
    I don’t agree that she has had as much work done as some here assume.

  • avatar Josh says:

    her plastic surguries might be big reason for her success..!

  • avatar hande says:

    Where is money, There is beauty…..Everybody is beautiful, if your wallet is full…..

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