Daisy from VH1’s “Rock of Love 2”


daisy rock of loveDaisy De La Hoya is currently a contestant on VH1’s reality show “Rock of Love 2”, where she is competing with several other women for Bret Michael’s affection. Since the show features the girls running around in next to nothing most of the time, it is fairly obvious that Daisy has some plastic parts (breast implants).

Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s not the only contestant that has had a boob job, but, I think that Daisy De La Hoya has had additional, slightly less obvious, plastic surgery done as well. In addition to the Pamela Anderson sized breast implants, Daisy also appears to have an augmented nose and professionally plumped lips. What do you think?

Personally, I think when people start getting package deals on multiple plastic surgeries, that’s just too much. Does anyone else think it would be weird having children that look nothing like you because you’ve surgically altered your appearance so much? Maybe it’s just me…

Daisy De La Hoya of “Rock of Love 2” fame:

daisy delahoya rock of love

Luckly for Daisy, she looks way hotter in lingerie then her uncle, Oscar De La Hoya, even before the plastic surgery…

Oscar De La Hoya dressed to impress:

oscar delahoya womens clothing

Before Daisy’s 15 minutes of fame expire, perhaps she can collaborate with Oscar and release a unisex lingerie line. Now THAT would be hot!

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  • avatar piper says:

    this girl’s look is so 90’s and overdone. She should of saved herself a few thousand dollars and got an education

  • avatar Jashana says:

    I am an AVID Rock of Love watcher (lame, I know) and Daisy is one of my faves. I hate that you can tell she would be beautiful without all of that additional surgery (and make up!). I just wish more girls would embrace the goods they’ve got! Because I doubt very seriously that there was anything majorly wrong with her appearance before.

  • avatar RANDOM says:

    I also enjoy me some trashy reality tv! I had no idea that Daisy from Rock of Love was related to Oscar Delahoya. That’s super random. lol

  • avatar luvvy says:

    PLEASE find some yearbook or childhood pics of Daisy & post ’em!

    She looks so unreal (albeit lovely), that I’m dying to know how much remodeling’s been done on her!

  • avatar Emmi jayson says:


  • avatar t says:

    her real name is vanessa mausman or something, I saw on the ROL2 extras on the VH1 site

  • avatar lilfox says:

    They have the pictures in the wrong spots for Megan and Jessica.

  • avatar yousuck says:

    you got jessica and megan mixed up idiot

  • avatar Jenn says:

    It is obvious she’s had her nose done, and has lip implants. Lip implants you can tell because the implants make people have duck lips. The nose you can tell because it’s obvious with the bone structure. My Grandma who is Jewish can point out others who had there snozz done. I didn’t get my Grandma’s nose because she married a hapa male, and my mom married a hapa man… but if I had the Jewish nose who knows… I most likely would keep it afraid to see what the surgeon would give me… but a part would be willing to try it. I would never do lip implants, because they’re too obvious. Boobs I’ve had done. I have no problem with Daisy getting those surgeries, it’s her business!

  • avatar Sally says:

    Daisy is a little Chicano girl who decided to conform to the Pamela Anderson stereotype and had everything done under the sun. I think she is very personable and handled that Denver morining interview very well. She makes good tv – her histrionics and Douchebag Bret and his collections of head rags and wigs made the show fun.

  • avatar sabrina says:

    daisy is a grosse women

    obviously she must be desprate to
    find love if she has her own show bout it. and shes so fake
    she must have been pretty ugly to get tht surgery cause she is ugly as anything. she should hav gotten a conceler to talk to if she wanted to find her inner beauty in herself. to daisy its not whats on the outside it all about your insides. b/c if a man cant love you for who u r then hes not worth loving. find someone who can. and dont make as show about finding love. if you havnt found love then let it come to u. dont search for it.

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