Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York socialite with a serious addiction to plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein before plastic surgery:

jocelyn wildenstein before plastic surgery

It has been reported that Jocelyn has spent close to $4,000,000 to surgically transform herself into a monstrosity.

Jocelyn Wildenstein after plastic surgery:

jocelyn wildenstein plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein married a rich art dealer when she was young and caught him cheating on her. They divorced, she got millions and so began her self destructive plastic surgery addiction. She wanted her plastic surgeon to transform her looks so she would look more cat-like. Talk about someone with too much time and money on their hands!

Personally, I don’t think she looks cat-like at all. She looks like a cross between a transvestite burn victim and that kid from the movie “Mask”.

Rocky from “Mask” (left) and Jocelyn Wildenstein (right):

jocelyn wildenstein beast mask

Seriously though, Jocelyn has to suffer from some serious mental issues to completely disfigure herself in this way. How in the hell can Britney Spears be held against her will for acting a little crazy, yet no one has thrown Jocelyn Wildenstein in a padded room? If someone is caught cutting themselves, they would be immediately admitted to the psych ward, yet you can let someone else slice and dice you and it’s okay?

More Jocelyn Wildenstein pictures:

jocelyn wildenstein plastic surgery

Some of the plastic surgeries that Jocelyn Wildenstein has had: eye work (to make them more cat-like), face lift, lip implants, cheek implants, chin implant, breast implants, liposuction, brow lift, soft tissue fillers, etc. etc. etc…

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  • avatar Jess says:

    Thats horrible. I wouldnt ever get surgery on my face if there was even a slight chance that I would end up looking like this.

  • avatar luvvy says:

    Does she even realize how horrid she looks? There’s that disease ‘body dismorphia’ or something where people don’t see themselves as they really are. Is that it?

    Please post pictures WITH dates! I’d like to know what she looks like recently!?

  • avatar Famous Plastic says:

    Luvvy – The most recent picture is the far left picture of Jocelyn, here:

    That photo was taken March 2008 and she is currently 67 years old.

  • avatar LOLA says:

    Has this women given any interviews about her plastic surgeries? I’m dying to know what she thinks about her looks now.

  • avatar Chris says:

    freak show!

  • avatar matt says:


  • avatar Janet says:

    She looks like some thing between cat and I don’t know what else.

  • avatar Nelly says:

    She was such a cute girl before, all she needed to improved her looks…some sunscreen. She could have also experimented with different makeup looks and hair. Why do that to yourself? If you don’t like the makeup and hair, just wash and redo. But this..?

  • avatar julles says:


  • avatar Tom says:

    Does the woman still have sex ? How much does she have to pay for it ? I would never have sex with such a monster.

    • avatar annie says:

      i dont suppose she does, i mean if accedentaly to have a child – i cant quite imagine what she would think about her mum!

  • avatar veronika says:


  • avatar angie says:

    shes not human!

  • avatar sarah says:

    i really can’t believe what i see!!!

  • avatar Christine says:

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on any plastic surgeon who continues to perform surgies on these people. If they are board certified, it should be reconsidered. Are they performing these surgeries with a scalpel in one hand as they are running the credit card through the machine with the other?

  • avatar clarissa says:

    i almost puked.

  • avatar Cheeeeeee says:

    ChristJesusLord! Save me from that scary a$$ed ho!

  • avatar wetwings says:

    omg no way is megan fox close to this are you freaking kidding me?! sigh. grinding off a slight bump off the nose does not make you a cat monster woman like this. now *this* is extreme nightmare plastic surgery. it’s almost unbelievable. i’d like to know what she thinks of her looks as well. it is sad 🙁

  • avatar Bonnie says:

    This is not fair that ppl are being this harsh. At 21 yrs of age, i know i have body dysmorphic disorder that started while being in an abusive relationship…although i look nothing like this(fortunately, i don’t have the money to get myself in this much trouble), i have done things that have caused premature aging and ruined my looks. ironically, i was VERY attractive as i was, and i believe that many ppl who have this problem are. They focus on it because others do, it becomes unhealthy, and then they see problems where there are none. This is a human being who i am sure has suffered enough, and yes, does regret their choices, just as i do. others have no right to talk so badly.

  • avatar shaaawnaaa says:

    OMG! I’ve seen this woman on TV but not this close up. Can’t believe someone PAID to look like this. I wonder if she thinks she’s pretty.

  • avatar SolarPurple says:

    Until today, I never seen what this woman looked like before her transformation. She was actually a pretty young woman. What the hell happened and why the hell didn’t somebody stop her?!?! Namely, her surgeon. She scares the hell out of me!!!

  • avatar Cathy says:

    What in the heck was she thinking!!!!! Oh!!!! she wasn’t!!!!!

  • avatar 546456 says:


  • avatar 101meme says:

    I think she looks really scary, she could have been a role model but now she is plane ugly. I have nightmares about her. She thinks she is pretty but she is not. If she looked in the mirror it would crack!!

  • avatar jyp says:

    HOLY $h!T, What the FU(K.

    Wow, this is bad. wander what goes through her mind day in and day out

  • avatar Tessa K.s Mom says:

    What reputable surgeon would keep doing surgery on her? If i saw her coming down the street toward me I’d be scared.

  • avatar Vera says:

    She just looks FREAKISH, I’ve seen her plenty of times before but I never saw what she looked like before the surgery- and she was beautiful. It’s really, really sad, obviously she has profound problems.

  • avatar disha says:

    NOW Thats SCARY!!!!

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    She can actually play in a horror movie and not wear makeup she has to be the ugliest women in the world I dont care how much money she has

  • avatar julie says:

    wow,that is ugly.

  • avatar dana says:

    if i looked like hat i would be going to the hardware store and buy enough rope to litterly hang myself!

  • avatar Brina says:

    After seeing this woman on TV, I thought that there had to be some type of reasoning for her to do something so drastic to her image. I decided to do some research. I found out that she actually likes the way that she looks and she desired to resemble a cat. She did the surgery in an attempt to save her marriage. Since her husband loved felines, she made herself look feline-like. It is sad that she did this to herself when she was so beautiful before. This is an example of what plastic surgery can do to a person

  • avatar Hayato says:

    oh no, that is so scary… i feel so sorry for her even though I know she did it to herself..

  • avatar V says:

    Her problem was she had a ton of money & didn’t know what to do with it. She was probably trying to enhance her looks to snare the next millionaire. It’s amazing how normal & grounded people are when they actually have to work for a living.V

  • avatar Samantha Grace says:

    Those who convince others to have plastic surgery are vampires who prey upon insecure people to get surgery to make themselves ugly. I feel sorry for Tori that her mother said she would be pretty once she got her nose fixed. Candy’s little nose looks ridiculous. Only women could do this to eachother.

  • avatar pragmatic says:

    She use to be cute as a button. It’s sad to see her spend millions and end up looking like this. I saw her photo at age 50 after several surgeries [an odd looking thing already] and she looked absolutely beautiful compared to now and that’s saying a lot. In that photo I admired her flawless skin, not a wrinkle or age spot and now it’s full of pock marks from all those procedures done. The only improved thing about her is her hair. Long, luxurious, flowing, blonde locks. Apparently she found a great hair stylist who was able to ‘tame’ her mane…

    She has a designer boyfriend named Lloyd something. I genuinely hope they’re happy and truly in love but the cynical part of me thinks he’s just using her for her money to fund his fashion house and enjoy an affluent lifestyle… If he’s good to her he would stop her from getting any more surgery–I mean, she’s a senior and who knows what serious health complications can result [and god forbid, death!]…….

  • avatar holly says:

    this is SICK. This woman obviously has some serious psychological issues and needs help.

  • avatar Helen says:

    she was gorgeous..
    she looks scary.. i cant eat when i look at her.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    I do believe this is prof that what is needed is to have anyone seeking plastic surgery must first see a shrink and get an ok from them before a plastic surgeon is alowed to do anything.

  • avatar daaang says:

    wow… shocking. i mean, girls get self conscious and will do practically anything to get a guy to like them… i guess this is a great example of someone trying a little too hard. sad really. she was so pretty when she was natural…

  • avatar cedlin says:

    scary. No cat that I have ever owned has had monstrously huge lips like that.

  • avatar Bryce says:

    FYI, people that cut themselves cannot legally be forcibly admitted to psych wards in most Western countries (including the US and the UK) so long as it’s not related to a suicide attempt.

    However, there are ethical guidelines that *doctors* subscribe to that *should* prevent them from doing this sort of thing to someone. The only type of plastic surgery she needs is reconstructive…

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Why did she get a pet dog?Instead of a cat or lion? Did you know that Jocelyn got a dog and called it Simba (In Africa simba means lion or cat).Also she’s dating Lloyd Kline(And they kiss).Did you she loves pasta and her favorite color is red?(She also kisses Simba in the mouth)

  • avatar Ganni says:

    If you want to see all of her surgery pictures than go to and type Jocelyn Wildenstein from beginning to “now”.Then they show all of her plastic surgeries.

  • avatar Senor Rey Lobo says:

    This brings up two points of order:
    1-Another extreme example of good money right after bad (&)
    2-Money is either the greatest tool (or) the worst addiction depending on who’s handling the money!!!!

  • avatar kathy says:

    You can’t be serious comparing this to a cat. Cats are exquisite, this is just excruciating…..

  • avatar cece says:

    this is a very sad case. She was so pretty before. I think her problems are truly psychological, we’ve all been hurt and you get over it, but to continue hurting yourself, its a cry for help.. And with all that money, she should be doing good for someone else, their is no bigger reward than that. Sad, very Sad!!

  • avatar altg says:

    i agree with the writer…she looks like a cross between a horrible trannie and a monster. I think I would have a heart attack if that thing showed up on my doorstep.

  • avatar Kat Hammond says:

    The doctor doing this should lose his practice! Which goes by what I have always believed: Everyone has his price! What sort of human being would do that to another??? The doctor should be in prision!
    She does not look like a beautiful feline. She looks like a deformed being. Poor thing…
    And all that wasted money!!!!

  • avatar randy says:

    i ran into her in NYC recently, i had an injured dog, it was raining and i ducked i guess under an awning -which must be her home . she came out and was very kind and worried about my rescue dog…i won’t lie, she scared me to death and i tried not to stare. i felt sorry for her. had no idea who she was…now i do lol. the lips look bigger in real life.

  • avatar mary says:

    I think there’s something wrong mentally with this kind of people but hey how would you react if you caught your hubby having sex with a 19 year old girl? I think it’s something she does to cope up with the “trauma”…sad story though…

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    She also got her hairline pulled and highered.I’m the only one that saw that.Even Dr.90210 didn’t see that!

  • avatar ancientgirl says:

    What a shame. She was actually pretty before she destroyed her face.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Does anyone like her hair?

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Wow… Imagine how she looks like during the surgery!EEEECCccc!

  • avatar part-timeshrink says:

    this is an example of a personality disorder called body dysmorphic disorder. the person who suffered from BDD always find the urge to change his/her look. at first i felt pity of her, because Jocelyn went under the knife to pleased her former husband, she’s affraid that her husband will leave her. if only she had a great self esteem and other qualities in herself other than her looks (which makes her husband married her in the first place when her face is still in a normah shape)she didn’t need to spent 4 Million Dollars only to make her looked like a cat (apparently she did told her doctor to change her face like that becaused her former hubby, Alec. W loves animal, specially cat) .

  • avatar part-timeshrink says:

    i agree with u ancientgirl, she looked much prettier before surgery. the loneliest and unhappy people in this world are usually the rich one.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    I think that Michaela Romanini had a forehead lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, cheek implants, nose job, facial fillers, lip injections or implants, chin implant, botox, face lift, cheek lift, neck lift, breast implants, liposuction, lifts of all sort, etc;

    I think Sumanee Guna-Kasem (A Thai Socialite) had a face lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, cheek implants, nose job, botox, lip injections or implants, chin implant, neck lift, ear reduction, breast implants, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction lifts of all sort, etc;

    I think Jocelyn Wildenstein had a brow lift, eye lid lift, cheek implants, nose job, lip injections or implants, chin implant, face lift, botox, facial fillers, neck lift, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, and all sort of lifts, etc;

  • no, this is horrible. i think she just has too much money and goes crazy. she should donate her millions to charity instead of making herslef ugly!!!

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    Wow, what a horror. Hot body, but what a horror.

  • avatar Anna says:

    It’s so sad that she’s allowed this to happen to herself. But I blame the surgeons as well. There should come a point where these surgeons KNOW this is not beautiful. Do they have Body Dysmorphia as well? Because how could any of them make a human being look this way. They simply must not care; and are very much monsters “for money” themselves.

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    i think she is beautiful and crazy and freakish all in the same measure,,,sure would like to talk to her over dinner and see what makes her meow.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Butter face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Di S Gracefully says:

    Correction.The plastic surgery started BEFORE the divorce. She has been in the news more than 20 years for this! The poor deluded soul wanted to keep her husband, wandering eye and all. She thought if she looked like a cat he would like her more. He had a thing for exotic wildcats (of the non-human variety). Unfortunately it did not work. Finding him in bed with a young Russian model was just the last straw for the marriage. Goodness knows why the cosmetic surgery continued, but then he died only less than two years ago so maybe she thought she could get him back. Haven´t heard of her having any more procedures lately. Girls, that man is just not worth it. Earlier this year a woman in China wanted to look like Jessica Alba because her ex-boyfriend was a fan of the starlet. Who was not impressed to hear about it.

  • avatar Jen of California says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Jocelyn Wildenstein had her plastic surgeries done by dr. richard alan weiss of newport beach, ca. It looks like she likes the monster looking faces and Dr. richard alan weiss of newport beach, ca can be the most likely plastic surgeon wannabe that gave her that usual face. He is a pro in aging people and mutilatiion is his nickname.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She looks happy with her apearance.

  • avatar Sean says:

    Understand… Dear Jocelyn Doesn’t believe she is ugly, nor’ does she regret having over 4 million dollars worth of surgery… I will defend her right to change her appearance to whatever she wishes, and how can you bash on this woman when you have real freaks like.. oh… Amanda Hamm, that are still out there terrorizing the public. (I am aware she is imprissoned, I was speaking figuratively)

    • avatar Jackie says:

      Well look at those plastic surgery pics an call her beautiful huh?! Does she look anywhere like she used 2?NO! An that iz because of her stupid addiction 2 plastic surgerys

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    When she was 25 she looked like Paris Hilton’s twin sister. Look you can see yourself in this video (there her best pictures)!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Mark says:

    Brilliant! You have to laugh at those pics. Don’t think I’ll be getting any plastic surgery anytime soon!

  • avatar Jackie says:


  • avatar Jenny says:

    This is unbelieve. Why would someone already have pretty face go for plastic surgeries to make herself so damn ugly???????????????????? Is she crazy and just have way too much money and don’t know what to use it for??????????

  • avatar Annie J. says:

    Give me a break. She thinks she was ugly back in the day, look a bit harder. She has turned herself into a total freak show. If I was her I would go through some serious depression!
    I hope people look at her and realise that plastic surgery is not the answer.

    OMG she must go through so much!

  • avatar baldladie says:

    i have seen pics of other woman who were so obsessed with horror they had operations to become real creatures from the neck up and i am really thinking about having it done to show my dark satanic personality i would love to be permanently masked for life!

  • avatar Dana says:

    Money is not everything she look more scary than rocky Dennis I’m not surprised that she god divorce poor husband got to a point that he was afraid to remove the blanket from his head in the morning before waking up haaaaa scream!

  • avatar Dana says:

    I hate Bret brat let’s call him michaels wannabe what’s up with him getting all this instant new fame for zero talent please give me a break he can’t sing he can’t write one normal song he is just a ho!

  • avatar Jocelyn Kay says:

    She is the ugliest girl named jocelyn i hav ever seen!

  • avatar dana says:

    to be honest i think she is beautiful and if i could i would have the operation done to be like her she is a work of art!!!

    • avatar catlynb says:

      EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW are you serious??? you must have the same image issues she has. this woman was VERY beautiful BEFORE she started all the she just looks freakishly weird, nothing about her features “fit” in any category of human anatomy…

  • avatar dana says:

    okay people before this gets out of hand i was only being sarcastic i do not find this at all to be a work of art at all this is totality disgusting in every way i would not want to even be seen dead like this it looks as if her face has been through a meat grinder plastic surgery has only two values one is to correct birth defects and to take care of injury’s that may cause deformity’s and that’s it. not too waste money on looking like a freak!!!

  • avatar ang says:

    the saddest part about how terrible she looks is that she was beautiful before she had work done. leave alone what your parents gave you…..please poor thing, i wonder if she regrets what shes done to herself

  • avatar Francis says:

    Before she did her plastic surgery, she was pretty. Y she wanted to become a “CAT WOMAN”? lol.

  • avatar Cat says:

    She kind of looked like Rhianna before surgery. Amazing how an unfaithful husband can destroy your self-esteem like that.

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