Heather Locklear Has Overdone Her Face


Heather Locklear has dabbled with plastic surgery since the late 80’s, but I think she has finally overdone it.

Heather Locklear before and after breast implants:

Heather Locklear at 20 years old (before plastic surgery):

Heather Locklear at 46 years old (after plastic surgery):

Heather had a nose job and breast implants towards the beginning of her career and has most recently started with the lip injections, botox, injectable fillers and what appears to be a facelift. Her face is starting to look oddly frozen and like it’s awkward to smile.

Perhaps Heather was looking for a pick me up after her painful divorce, but I think she has gone too far with the plastic surgery and ruined her once beautiful face.

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  • avatar LOLA says:

    She definately looks odd now. Too bad, she used to be so pretty. When are people going to realize that a few wrinkles look way better then an awkward, frozen face?

  • avatar Pak31 says:

    I agree. Her younger pictures always looked a bit different than she does now, so I figured it must be her nose. But I think the nose job is a great one, it looks like it was minor and subtle. But lately seeing her I have noticed that she doesn’t look like the same old Heather. I just saw her on an epidose of Hannah Montana and she really looked “frozen” and it made her look older. I wish people wouldn’t mess with their faces or at least too much, there is a point you need to stop.

  • avatar nola says:

    i agree about the fact that she souldn’t have done surgery on her face (boob and nose jobs were enough). Comparing her when she was 20 and now that she’s 46 obviously shows that she’s aged, but i think that they sould have put some pictures of her when she was 40 (before the botox etc.), she was older but still gorgeous. She still is amazing but i think that her lips and whole face have changed in a bad way 🙁
    I’m sad because i love her and i think she should have let nature do its work (even if i can imagine that when you’re so gorgeous you do anything to stay that way as long as possible)…

  • avatar jimmy says:

    Its a shame she was so pretty. It looks like she had cheek inplants. I understand the botox and nose job, thats hollywood but when she smiles she looks alitle like fergie, but in a strange way.

  • avatar Shalami says:

    Sad way to look. When you have money one will spend it selfishly on oneself. She was so pretty but wasn’t satisfied. Now she looks so old. Sad, Sad

  • avatar Kim says:

    She should have just left her face alone. she would’ve aged gracefully and looked even more amazing had she let nature run it’s natural course.

  • avatar Lisa says:

    Where do you get your information that she has had work? She looks great and natural as always.

  • avatar Jen says:

    She’s almost 50 years old. She looks wonderful, and probably way better than she would have looked if she aged ‘naturally’. I’m not opposed to no plastic surgery, but if that’s the worst photos you could find of her with plastic surgery, then I’m definitely down with looking like Heather at age 50.

  • avatar jane lynn says:

    I too was shocked to see her pictures of when she was twenty; I remember that television show in the eighties, forget the name, but she was so naturally beautiful, that she was breathtaking.

  • avatar freedom says:

    she has teh unique ness about her .she should never got her boobs and lips done ,she destroyed her face and persona. wit hthe new lips, something loks off,and her face loks wider

  • avatar laur says:

    We are the exact same age and I always thought she was so pretty on Dynasty and TJ Hooker…much younger and prettier than myself, someone I could aspire to look like…but then I just saw her on Flirting with 40 and she scared me! I thought ‘Oh no what happen? I know she had some run ins with divorce and arrest but she looked good a year ago!’…now her face looks just scary tight wired like Priscilla Priestly and Paula Abdoul(and need we say Michael Jackson)…unfortunately they all need to join the ‘Face lifts Gone Bad’ club and be a lesson to those who are ‘thinking about it’…or at least not to use their same surgeons…do it for society.

  • avatar Chelsey says:

    She was just so pretty, she should never have messed with her face. What a crying shame……. BTW she is closer to 50 than 40

  • avatar Anecia Ross of Red Water Texas says:

    I wish I looked like that!


  • avatar Vesna says:

    I saw “Flirting with 40′ tonite and could not believe her frozen, ultra shiney face! Way over done! She has had cheek implants or injections as she looked almost fat in her face. Too bad, you would think they would learn with the cameras so close that we can see nothing in their faces moves normally. And her hair looked horrible, it was dull, dry, split looking and very thin on the ends. Frankly with all the money spent on making them look good before the cameras, they need to re-think whoever did her hair and she needs to cut it short–too old, too much bleach has just fried her hair.

    • avatar Joanns says:

      I agree, I am now watching flirting with forty. She cannot even smile, bothched lips, but they all have the money to do it, so it is just a s way of life for them,Cher, MJ two of the worst.

  • avatar Tina says:

    Okay…we get it…the plastic is overdone!! Not that I don’t agree, but think about what this poor woman must feel right now knowing that her gorgeous looks just aren’t the same (still beautiful, though). I hope she sued!
    Anyway, Flirting with Forty did make me want to look up exactly what she had done to herself. Bless her heart!!

  • avatar George Restivo says:

    I think she has so many hang ups losing boyfriends to her friends ,she will do anything to stay young you have to pity her

  • avatar Laura says:

    I adore Heather… always have. You can’t compare a photo of someone when they are 20. But I did notice in the last made-for-tv movie how awful that she looks. I am so disapointed that she did not choose to age gracefully! A nose job and botox.. big deal. But this plastic looking crap looks horrible… sorry Heather… 🙂 You should have learned your lesson from Meg Ryan!

  • avatar Doreen says:

    Having been told I look like Heather very often I like to think she still looks HOT (lol).Objectively, I can see she probably had botox done, but I honestly still think she’s beautiful

  • avatar Jimimac says:

    With or without she is one of the most beautiful women alive.

  • avatar maryann says:

    Heather was very beautiful in her younger years. Just up until recently she was still stunning. I am 41 and remember her on Dynasty, TJ Hooker and my very favorite Melrose Place. I just saw the movie Flrting With Fourty, and I could not believe how different she looked. And I do not mean a good different. What did she do to that beautiful face of hers? She still has the body of a teenager, but the face is wrong. I agree with all the coments here on how her face looks so tight and like Pricilla Presley’s etc. She should have left her face alone and let nature take it’s course and maybe do just some minor work. She looks fake now and old. Heather you were gorgeous, what did you do???

  • avatar Natalie says:

    Well Girls – we all got to get old sometime. You can’t stop the clock – no matter how much surgery you get. Let’s face it, we all are going to get old. Can’t hold that against anyone if they start looking old – it will happen to you too!

    • avatar Toy says:

      I totally agree with Natalie – we all got to get old sometime. It is not easy I am 51 years old and I see some changes but isn’t this a good thing? As long as I am still here, healthy, happy, enjoying life this is what counts! I understand there must be so much pressure on actors/ actresses. It is a shame they feel like they cannot age – it is only natural.

  • avatar Christina says:

    I think she looks beautiful and not overdone at all. I think any work she had done looks very natural and I think people are just jealous and as the saying goes…if you can’t say anything nice..don’t say anything at all.

  • avatar Dennis Draper says:

    Everybody stop !.. please it’s not just me is it? I’ve allway’s thought of Heather as a hollywood goddess maybe it’s because I’m 56 year’s old ,She’s is my favorite female actress . She’s beautiful now as was when she was younger, The surgery she’s had does’nt make her worse…..it’s her way of dealing of growing older and of the course the divorce from sambora , any man who would’nt want to be her husband , does not see the real “Heather” for who she is …and certainly does’nt derserve to be with her , in my mind and eye’s she’s still the perfect woman and allway’s will be !

    • avatar Donna says:

      how can you assume why they got divorced? Maybe she’s a horrible person – we don’t know these people – only what the media tells us. There’s no such thing as a perfect person, and you can’t know who the real “Heather” is.

  • avatar Jennie says:

    Don’t producers/directors say anything to these people who overdo the plastic? If I was an executive, I wouldn’t be casting frozen faces, but then again…I am a woman who can’t stand to be distracted when I’m watching a movie. I think Heather would’ve aged very gracefully. It’s a shame that she did this to herself.

  • avatar Laurie says:

    She is an unusually beautiful woman who is missing the forest for the trees a little with her last bout of procedures. She hasn’t gone to a crazy extreme, and it looks like everything she’s done that’s a little too much is reversible stuff, like temporary fillers and Botox. She should back up on the cheek fillers a bit, and if she got them because of loose skin, just get a lower face lift instead. And a little less Botox next time. But she is gorgeous and once she dials it back a little, most women of any age would be thrilled to look like her!

  • avatar Pete says:

    Heather Locklear looks great. It’s interesting to read these posts where people are commenting how old she looks, and how much work she’s had done, and follow it up with “why can’t people live with a few wrinkles”? Why?? Because many of you will accuse her of “looking old” and “going to hell”. She’s in an image-based industry, and has managed to carve out a successful career with relatively few scandals. She’s nearing 50, and while her most famous roles have always been ferocious “hottie” bitches, I hope she finds a wonderful niche as a middle-aged actress. She looks beautiful. And natural.

  • avatar simme says:

    I would much sooner accept Heather having some wrinkles and looking a bit older. But when I see her return to MP with puffy, plastic shiny botox cheeks, I simply can’t; she looks terrible, and who is she kidding? We know how old she is and that she obviously messed with her face. Her hair is also terrible–it is time to put away the bleach, and maybe just focus on a few highlights in her natural hair?

  • avatar Steve says:

    Who are these ugly broad doggin Heather Locklear? I think it is hilarious when women who resemble cows sit behind a computer screen critize obviously gorgeous women. Maybe you flabby dogs want to think about getting your lumpy butts on the treadmill so maybe one day you will be able to get out of your stretch pants! You all wish you were one tenth as hot as Heather. LOL! Losers!

    • avatar Laurie says:

      Uhhhhh, yeah, learn some basic English. Then get back to those of us who are intelligent enough to write legible replies. THANX!

  • avatar Lori says:

    Heather looks great with or without surgery – and it’s nobody’s business but her own. What she does is entirely her decision. If you don’t like the way she looks, then don’t watch any of her films.

  • avatar Gerard says:

    I am a 59 year old from the Netherlands. Too bad what she’s done with her face. She’s always been my nr 1 (still is ) Yet, too bad what happened to her beautiful, beautiful smile.
    However, keep on going Heather, and though you never needed it, you’re still a dream!

  • avatar Denise says:

    To Steve
    OMG that is soooo funny I couldn’t stop LAUGHING. And Doreen, I think I know who you are and you DON”T resemble Heather. In your head your little voices are telling you lies. LOL. But now you most likely look better thank Heather. Too Bad. Heather should have not done a thing. She looked perfect before. whatta shame.

  • avatar Frank says:

    Actually, it’s her cheek implants that really get to me. It’s hard to have those work out well.

  • avatar Kelly says:

    I was just shocked when I saw her look on Melrose V2.0. Not only the cheek implants but the pursed lips. It just wasn’t Amanda anymore. Sad!

  • avatar NPHS says:

    Such a shame. Heather was so beautiful in high school. She still has a beautiful heart and spirit, but it’s too bad that she messed with her face. What happened to the “Got Milk?” girl?

  • avatar Sam says:

    The worst part is her eye work. Her eyes look crazy now. The chipmunk face is also really odd. I always thought of her as cute but not a great beauty. Best thing is to wait until you look like you need something done, then do minor stuff. In Hollywood, the cult requires you to botch up your face. Every A-lister has had tons of work done. Hilarious how they all deny what we can plainy see mile away.

  • avatar In Your Face says:

    You all are a bunch of haters!

    I Still <3 ya Heather!

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