Katie Price “Jordan” Wants a 5th Boob Job


Katie Price, aka Jordan, recently had her 32G breast implants reduced to a 32F.

Katie Price before and after breast reduction surgery:

katie price breast reduction

Unfortunately Katie still feels that her breasts are too big and has already scheduled a visit to America to have her 5th breast augmentation surgery.

Did she really think that reducing her breast implants to a F-cup would really make a noticeable difference?!

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  • avatar LOLA says:

    Jordan looks like shes had work done on her stomache too. Probably lipo or a mini tummy tuck after having three kids.

  • avatar Vera says:

    Based on these pictures I actually think it looks a lot better aesthetically.

  • avatar niji says:

    You know, the funniest thing about breast sizes is that a 32F is same amount of boob as, say, 38D.
    Size is defined as the numerical difference between the bust and the underbust.
    If a UK F-cup denotes a 7″ difference (a US F-cup is 6″); Katie’s overall (new) bust measurement would be around 39″ – big, but still an improvement over her (two sizes larger) previous 41″ jugs.
    It should also be pointed out that small-band cup sizes are smaller than you’d think – especially if natural.
    I’m a (US) 28G, which sounds outrageous (and is outrageously hard to shop for), but looks rather tame.

  • avatar scarlett rose says:

    At the end of the day, if shes got the money that SHE earned,why not make your boobs a bit bigger! Atleast she admits to her surgory it may be obvious,but still she aint a liyer.xxxx

  • avatar Alex says:

    she should worry more about that fugly belly button that popped out than her boobs…

    why british women have no waist-hip curves, they have boxy bodies.

  • avatar helen says:

    This is her before all (Well atleast I think) of the surgery

  • avatar skinny says:

    I def think she might as well go for it and get them reduced again if she wants.
    It seems from the peculiar height of her navel, they have to cut away the extra skin from her over-inflated boob jobs. It looks like she had a navel lift.

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