Kelly LeBrock – Are Her Lips Real?


Kelly LeBrock was a supermodel in the 80’s and later became known for her acting roles in “The Women in Red” and “Weird Science”. As far as lips and looks go, Kelly LeBrock was the Angelina Jolie of the 80’s.

Kelly LeBrock’s lips have been widely discussed because they are so incredibly lush and pillowy. Has she had plastic surgery, or hasn’t she? In 2006 Kelly LeBrock addressed the rumors and claims to have never had any sort of plastic surgery.

Kelly LeBrock and her amazing lips:

kelly lebrock plastic surgery

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  • avatar Cooter says:

    this bitch has had DSL since 1985. was this really necessary?

  • avatar LOLA says:

    I can’t beleive that so many people think she has fake lips! Her lips havn’t changed, how could they be fake?

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    She’s had those lips since the early 80’s before doctor’s were actually performing lip augmentation.

  • avatar Greg says:

    Her lips look fake to me & her nose looks too small for her face too.

  • avatar Slick says:

    why not bring up pictures of her family? Big lips don’t suddenly mutate out of nowhere. Let’s see the genetics!

  • avatar Extreme says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her lips done. The natural collagen in lips shrinks over the years (which is why so many old people have little or no lip tissue). If Kelly was famous for her pillowy lips, and they started to become smaller, I’m sure she would attempt to reverse it with injections, while pretending they were still natural.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    That’s wrong what you said slick I’m a white woman 23 and was born with big lips even the picture of me when I had just been born in the hospital I had big lips even the nurses said “oh hasn’t she got beautiful lips” and no my Mum or my Dad haven’t got big lips and yes they are my biological parents even my brother hasn’t got big lips so it could of cum from further on in my ancestry but doesn’t mean I got them from my living family so wouldn’t matter if you pulled up her families pictures in all honesty, as a child I used to hate my lips because boys would often say rude things to me like you have bj lips and I’m sorry I’m just not like that so it made me not like them it was only really when I said Mum I hate my lips because the boys are being rude that’s when she said “Camille my darling supermodels pay lots of money to have lips like yours” which started to make me appreciate them more.
    RIP Mum love you always. x x

  • avatar Iwasher Surgeon says:

    Kelly LeBrock has had cheekbone implants since before she started modeling. That much is pretty obvious: not only from the unnatural face structure when steroids dissolved all her body muscle & left her with nothing but fat to run rampant, her face muscles would have also been catabolized! The reason she’s fat “with cheekbones” is because those are silicone implants.

    In addition she had a nose job (bridge narrowing & tip refinement) as well as jawline recontouring. I forget what else, lower cheek implants or chin, it’s been so long. All this was done when she was very young, way before she was famous & hit it big. If she’d never met Steven Segal she woudln’t be fat. He porked her out bad!

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