Lindsay Lohan Has Fake Lips


While Lindsay Lohan may not have fake boobs, she certainly has plumped her lips.

Lindsay Lohan before lip injections:

lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan after lip injections:

lindsay lohan lip injections plastic surgery

This isn’t the 1st time Lindsay has had lip injections, but she (or more specifically, her plastic surgeon) certainly went a bit overboard this time. Lindsay’s top lip has been so overflated, that she has that odd “mustache shadow” just like Brittany Murphy, which looks even worse with LiLo’s orangey spray on tan.

Injectable lip fillers are supposed to make your lips look slightly fuller, not like you took a 2×4 to the face. Lindsay, are you taking notes here?

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    Yeah it looks like she is intentionally pursing her lips… all the time. Not hot.

  • avatar Why? says:

    Why do people think this is “sexy”. Her lipline is uneven and she looks ridiculous.

  • avatar lil jonna says:

    Definately jab-stung lips.

    Her top lip has that giveaway fake shape with the whole top lip apart from the cupid’s bow swollen, like Brittany Murphy and like Jessica Simpson used to.

    The fake tan tash and shiny lip liner don’t help.

  • avatar angie says:

    forget the lips, what is up with her orange mustache!!

  • avatar fghjhjk says:

    it seems the nose is changed

  • avatar wetwings says:

    I think she’s gotten the bridge of her nose refined. She’s super gorgeous as a curvy redhead tho. She was so pretty in Mean Girls.

  • avatar gottosaysomethin' says:

    Still looks like plain Jane to me…. blah blah blah boring, untalented…. ho hum… please take her far far away…

  • avatar Demonoid says:

    typical ompaa-loompa:
    supreme tanned and negro injected over-sexed comical lips. now what for Lindsay – nappy hair?
    i dont know if theres are procedures that can make ur european straight hair – nasty, nappy and greasy.

  • avatar dan says:

    Dude. Full lips are hot! Thin lips are ugly. Lindsey looks so good on the bottom right.

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    It looks like if she was punched in the face by me!

  • avatar Tom says:

    I think she has a daffy duck-like upper lip. Almost as bad as Meg Ryan. Why do people think fat lips are sexy? I don’t. They call them “full” – I call them ducklips. Who’s that other actress… LIsa Rinna – She looks repulsive. At least, LL still looks good – but not better than before.

    Also, as long as we’re critiquing her… she’s got weird triangular-shaped nostrils and rather large bulbous odd-shaped ears. But somehow, overall, she still looks hot. Albeit, a hot messed up chick! Perhaps they’ll transfer for to my house for the last days of her jail sentence!

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