cindy jackson before and afterCindy Jackson has been call the original “Extreme Makeover” and has become somewhat famous for completely changing her looks with plastic surgery.

In the late 80’s Cindy Jackson received an inheritance and decided to have plastic surgery. Since then, she has had 9 cosmetic surgeries (with many of those surgeries having more then one procedure done at a time) and has had the following cosmetic procedures: Nose jobs, eye lifts, cheek implants, lip augmentation, cosmetic dentistry, chin reduction, jaw reshaping, facelifts, breast implants, removal of breast implants, fat transfers, liposuction, soft tissue filler injections, laser treatments, dermabrasion, chemical peels and much more.

It sounds like Cindy Jackson has a text book case of plastic surgery addiction, but surprisingly, she doesn’t look too over done.

cindy jackson extreme plastic surgery picture

Here is Cindy Jackson at age 49 with Tara Reid:

cindy jackson tara reid plastic surgery

(Hopefully, Cindy gave Tara some tips on where to find a good plastic surgeon…)

For someone whom has had such extreme plastic surgery, I think her plastic surgeon did a wonderful job. Cindy Jackson’s plastic surgeon is Dr. E. Latimer-Sayer and he does consultations in London and Southampton. It looks like he currently works at Highgate Hospital.

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  • avatar LOLA says:

    She doesnt look bad at all. Damn good for being 50, but still looking fake-ish

  • avatar Why? says:

    She looks amazing for all the work she’s had done. Compliments to her surgeon.

  • avatar angie says:

    she won’t stop and she will end up getting that ugly cat faced look, you can see its starting all ready, look around her eyes it starting to look stretched!! she is addicted to plastic and will not stop, she will look like another joan rivers too!! ha! ha!

  • avatar clarissa says:

    damn, she looks like she’s 25

  • avatar jeanie says:

    cindy is 52 and models/copies herself on claudia schiffer. just have a look at her website and the loreal advert with Claudia.CJ sees her surgeon several times a year, he does her surgery for free in return for advertisment.
    I think she looks more like Joan Rivers really..

  • She’s amazing, her life was hard and she didn’t give up and she looks awesome.

  • avatar Jesse says:

    Cindy is more like a walking adverstisment for Cosmetic surgery. People for the most part are not going to have it all done. But maybe use her as a shopping guide, like I want those lips or that slender waist line stuff like that.

  • avatar Laura says:

    I’m using her in a beauty paper. Beauty as an obsession…perfect i must say shes had several hundred procedures

  • These pictures are now out of date. See what I now look like at 53 on

  • avatar Mark says:

    One of the very view lady’s where it’s not overdone [yet?]; she looks great!

  • avatar Analu says:

    She looks amazing !!!!
    Please, if you have the chance to turn the clock back and look like this at that age, you will be crazy not to…

  • avatar Brian says:

    Hm. She looks actually amazing. But she should stop and this point. It look likes she’s an obsessed freak somehow. But yeah.. one day nature will just not let her look like 20. And that’s okay like that.. she should except that.

  • avatar Grace says:

    Her surgeon sure is good,
    And she looks good for her age in photos, but without makeup and closeup, and just during daytime etc she would look freakish!

    and what a shit personality she would have, do u think shes happy ? no.
    What does she talk about? her face. You could never have a relationship or good friendship with a self obsessed monster like that- so selfish. Some people have REAL problems. She is just selfish and vain!!!!

  • avatar Jess says:

    n your just jealous that u dnt look lik that

  • avatar Helen says:

    She looks amazing. But fake.

    She should stop, seriously.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    I agree with Helen because if she has a bad surgery than two things can happen:

    She could die
    Look like Jocelyn Wildenstein or worst

  • avatar Steve Shea says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and I wish I had the money to transform my face too, I always wanted to know what it would be like for girls to give me a glance and be attracted to me

  • avatar Alex says:

    She looks fabulous!
    and to #14 youre just one sour envious bitch lolz, I bet shes more fun to hang out with than you.
    How can u call a monster someone u dont even know? your monster is envy ,and it lives right inside ya bitch.

  • avatar Jamie says:

    I cannot believe that some of you view her as a role model. That she is absolutely gorgeous and that you wish you had money to transform your face. It is sad. Society has put these ideals into our heads saying what is beautiful on a woman. She will never be satisfied because she cannot feel her own beauty from within.

    • avatar James Watts-Farmer says:

      You are quite wrong sir. Knowing Cindy, i can tell you that she can indeed feel her own beauty from within, and has, through her own intelligence and determination, turned that into an exterior visual language. This separates her from the average cosmetically enhanced woman who takes her cue from outside references. It is up to the individual if they wish to see her as a role model, and freedom of choice means that many will indeed want to transform their faces. Better they receive their guidance from Cindy Jackson who does have a sense of the inner aesthetic, (as well as classical art training, and MENSA level intelligence) than those who let others do the thinking for them . . . and the results mirror that.

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Wow, she looks younger than me and I’m in my 20’s!

  • avatar Big Pimpin' says:

    hmmm. it’s sad though she seems to really hate herself. that is a long a** list of procedures! she had amazing work done; it took her from being barely attractive to very pretty. and she looks so young. but with all those procedures you’d think she’d be more beautiful than liz taylor! lol. but yeah good work.

    • avatar Eduard Camargo says:

      It’s not so much the amount, but the quality of the work which is in question here. Cindy’s work has almost exclusively been carried out by an incredible surgeon that’s why – one Edward Latimer-Sayer. She would not look the way she does if she had not confided in such a gifted person. I myself have undergone procedures with Mr. Latimer-Sayer, albeit not to the extent that Cindy has, and what i can say about him is that he is a very amenable, sensitive chap, with a warm personality who listens to what one says and then applies his immense experience (thousand of operations over some 30 years) to the requirements of the job in hand. He has the rare ability to make his patients look more attractive rather than ‘operated on’. His work really is the best in the world. Oh, and by the way . . . she does look more beautiful than Liz Taylor!

  • avatar niella says:

    so sad,just let her get on with her life

  • avatar Doreen in Kenya says:

    Cindy looks adorable. She looks great. Cindy don’t listen to haters. They are jealous of you.Keep looking great.Rem to go to church on Sunday though. God will give you the satisfaction that beauty money and wealth can never give you

    • avatar Karri says:

      Agree, minus the religion part. You have to find happiness inside yourself for yourself. If you don’t have it or believe in your ability to attain it, even god can’t help you. Being receptable to his gifts is a huge part of religion, organized or not, after all. You go Cindy! As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters! Haters are gonna hate those who have and are what they desire to have or be regardless of reason! ^____________^

  • avatar Belinda says:

    You’re my inspiration Cindy. It’s great at nearly 50 to have everyone checking you out when you walk down the steet because you look so amazing. But I haven’t had quite as many procedures as you.

  • avatar ramona says:

    As much as she loses a lot of respect for the amount of work she’s had done, she looks fabulous for her age and actually SIGNIFICANTLY better than she did before surgery.

  • avatar Marla says:

    She looks very good for being nearly 50 years old with all those enhancements, though I do hope she’s satisfied with her looks and leaves well enough alone at this point. As attractive as she is now, if she has anything more done to herself, she could risk looking like a science experiment in time to come.

  • avatar Ann says:

    waw…do you know how old is she?

  • avatar Cerys Jones says:

    That surgeon Latimer-Sayer did NOT do all of Cindy Jackson’s work by any means. He retired ages ago. She has not seen him for many years and has been going to other surgeons for a very long time. See how she looks NOW on

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