Joan Van Ark’s Scary Mask-Like Face


Joan Van Ark is an actress that was famous for starring in 80’s soap operas “Dallas” and “Knots Landing”. More recently, she is famous for her scary surgically altered face:

Joan Van Ark before plastic surgery:

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Joan Van Ark after plastic surgery:

joan van ark celebrity plastic surgery

Joan Van Ark is 67 years old and looks to be suffering from a too tight face lift, not-quite-healed chemical peel and bad lip augmentation. It also appears that she’s had cheek implants, botox injections and god only knows what else.

Why are celebrities so afraid of wrinkles? Cosmetic surgery used to be used to make you look a few years younger and rested, now people are trying to look decades younger and plastic surgeons are using more aggressive technics to try and achieve the impossible. Scary.

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