Priscilla Presley’s Face – What Happened?!


Priscilla Presley has looked pretty scary for the past few years, but now we have to look at her plastic surgery mask face on “Dancing With The Stars”, which has brought to the surface, how bad her plastic surgeon really is.

Priscilla Presley before plastic surgery:

priscilla presley before <a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

Priscilla Presley after plastic surgery, at age 62:

priscilla presley after celebrity plastic surgery

Something has certainly been done to augment Pricilla’s lips, but I can’t put my finger on what procedure she has had done. Her lips don’t look overly stuffed with a lip filler, they just look odd…Like lip implants put in by a retarded handicapped monkey.

Pricilla Presley has also has several other cosmetic procedures including a face and or brow lift, eye surgery, botox, etc. Apparently she has also let some con-man from Argentina inject industrial, low-grade silicone in to her face because he claimed it was better then Botox:

TMZ has learned Priscilla Presley is the victim of a botched cosmetic procedure. What’s worse — it was at the hands of a gigolo who was sent to prison for perpetrating an injectable scam on Hollywood’s elite.

Priscilla, whose face looks … strange on “Dancing with the Stars,” went to Dr. Daniel Serrano around 2003. Serrano was a good-looking doc from Argentina who hooked into Hollywood’s social A-list and started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox.

In fact, Serrano was injecting industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts in Argentina into the faces of these women. Several women, including Shawn King, Larry’s wife, and Diane Richie, Lionel’s wife at the time, held injection parties in their homes, with Serrano needling them with the non-FDA approved drug that he had smuggled in to the U.S. Shawn King has said the injections created a lump in her lip that made it difficult to speak and drink liquids. Serrano charged between $300 and $500 a pop.

But wait, it gets worse. Serrano wasn’t even a licensed doc in the U.S. The injections caused lumps, paralysis and holes in the faces of some of the women (and some men) he injected.

Serrano, who was nicknamed Dr. Jiffy Lube, was indicted by the Feds for smuggling drugs, and the conspiracy and use of unapproved drugs. He was convicted, and last week he was released and is currently being investigated by federal immigration officials and could be deported.

BTW, Diane Richie was also indicted as an accomplice. She pled out and was placed on probation.

As for Priscilla — who had no idea she was being injected with silicone — we’re told she’s undergoing corrective work.” Source:

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  • avatar Marney says:

    She looks like a Stepford Wife/Zombie. I kind of feel bad for her because no one deserved to have silicon injected into their face, but on the other hand, who lets some unlicensed quack inject silicon into their face?!!

  • avatar Pak31 says:

    It’s sad because she was always a pretty woman. Why would you mess with that??? I could see if you are ugly but why mess with a good thing??

  • avatar Sherrel Hendrix says:

    I think she looked great for a woman 62. I am the same age and if I had the money I would do the same thing

  • avatar Kay Huether says:

    When multi-millionaire women choose to use the cheap crowd for their face lifts, what can they expect ?? Got problems?? Tell it to a judge! No simpathy here!

  • avatar Sally says:

    Priscilla was not a pretty woman; she was a gorgeous doll like woman that was once Elvis Presley’s trophy wife. How she got involved in cheap plastic surgery – I will never understand?

  • avatar Harley says:

    So sad. Priscilla was such a natural beauty. Now she just looks unatural. She would have been beautiful with wrinkles rather than this strange, injected look she now has.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Priscilla has great personality.

  • avatar Honey says:

    Sherrel, you don’t have to have much money, just go down to your local auto center and buy some silicone.

  • avatar J says:

    Hmm, from an immediate look I actually think she looks slightly prettier after surgery. Her mouth looks messed up, it’s like twitching to the right, but it doesn’t look like it’s been done, just skewed from age. You can tell she had a browlift of some king, but I thin kin her case, it’s the only one that looks better than the before picture. She looked sort of average before.

  • avatar Linda says:

    Priscilla is gorgeous but like Michael Jackson when you have all the money in the world you just want the best of things ..there are so many people out there to get what people have..I guess it takes things like this before people realize it..

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    No offense to Priscilla but she had BOTOX injected in her forehead, but the doctor promised to inject something “beter than BOTOX” What The Fucking Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s such a DUMMASS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    Her skin coloring is starting to look like Michael Jackson’s. That is a very scary thing!

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