Teen Dies During Breast Augmentation Surgery


plastic surgery death stephanie kulebaFlorida teen Stephanie Kuleba was a senior in high school, captain of her cheerleading squad and had her whole life ahead of her. Unfortunately she thought bigger boobs would make her life complete and underwent a breast augmentation surgery, which ultimately led to her death.

During the breast implant surgery, Stephanie went into malignant hyperthermia, which is a rare life-threatening condition that is triggered by exposure to certain drugs used for general anesthesia. The cosmetic surgery was performed by Stephen Schuster, who is a board certified plastic surgeon.

It just goes to show, no matter how good your plastic surgeon is or how much research you do, breast implants are a major surgical procedures and you could die. Are bigger boobs really worth the risk?

More on Stephanie Kuleba’s death here.

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  • avatar Why? says:

    That’s unfortunate. I hope her parents never forget that they would still have their daughter if they would have told her not to get a tit job.

  • avatar Natural Boobs R Best says:

    But wait, according to the article, the operation was “to correct asymmetrical breasts and an inverted areola”, not augmentation.

    Yeah, right. Rich kids whose parents will grant their every indulgence often lose those children, whether its boob jobs or tacit, unsupervised access to liquor and fast cars, like Nikki Catsouras and Nick Hogan. No, wait, Nick sentenced an innocent passenger and war veteran to a life sentence trapped in his body without the entire front part of his brain. Still, you get my point.

  • avatar No... says:

    I don’t get your point. You sound like a dick.
    She died, and it wasn’t because of the boob job. It was the anesthesia, which could have happened in any surgical procedure and was pretty much unpredictable, and is horrible.

    I’d like to see your “Rich kid/poor kid” comparison chart, because last time I checked no one had even cared to find the hard statistics on how many wealthy people lose their children to “tacit, unsupervised access to liquor and fast cars”. Sounds like bs to me. Not to mention how many rich parents have lost their kids to freak surgical anesthetic accidents…

    Stfu, douche.

  • avatar r u kidding? says:

    I think the “point” is lost here. ANY surgery can be life threatening-to anyone. Whether your foot or your face is being operated on-there is always a risk that for a variety of reasons-you may not come through. What a pretty girl-and what a senseless death. I can understand undergoing procedures for disfigurement or repairing serious flaws if you’re in print. But the need for perfection is vanity and should be addressed through therapy-not surgery.
    Her parents have to live with this-and I can’t even imagine what that must be like-
    I don’t get the point of the last post at all. What is the argument you propose to make? The post is two sided? And thanks for the suppurlatives-really drove it all home?!
    Yup-this child died because of a “boob job”. Beautiful girl-so many girls wish they looked like her. Un-necessary surgery lead to a tragic end. That is BS.

  • avatar I don't think you unerstand. says:

    I had very large D breasts from 11 until about 14 years old. I suffered from tissue deterioration that made them asymmetrical and droop so drastically it was like looking at a 80 year old chest on a 22 year old woman. The full lift anchor lift, and silicone implants were used to get my body back to normal.

    I felt 100X better now that I’m back to normal from the surgery. Sure I have scars, but so what! I’m Me Again. For some women, it’s not just “make me sexy,” instead it is “make me me again.” Nobody should judge either the parents or the girl.

    I currently have my Doctorate in Law and my post-doctorate in legal taxation. Smart woman can choose what they want. But nobody can use a crystal ball. Blame does nothing; send sympathy, empathy and kindness.

  • avatar sosad says:

    Can’t you people read. Her death had nothing to do with the type of surgery, rather the anesthesia. She could have been having a tonsillectomy and still died.

  • avatar Nurse's fault, not surgeon says:

    The surgeon doesn’t oversee the administration of anesthesia during surgery. That’s the job of the anesthesiologist (MD) or anesthetist (nurse). This surgery was using a nurse anesthetist to provide the general anesthesia, and she wasn’t well trained enough to pick up on and fix the problem in time. There’s a reason in most states nurses are not allowed to administer anesthesia without an anesthesiologist (MD) overseeing them…

  • avatar ummmmm no... says:

    this girls death has to do with the general anesthesiologist. one in 10000 people die when put under with general anesthetic, it probably would have killed her if she had needed surgery for something else in the future

  • avatar Joni says:

    Her death might be due to the general anesthesiologist, but it would not have come around had she not choose to underwent a procedure that she doesn’t even need in the first place.

  • avatar Bryce says:

    Poor people don’t have unsupervised access to alcohol and fast cars? Last time I checked, having two parents who have to work full time tends to give kids more time unsupervised. Most sedans readily go over 100 mph, except less pricey cars can’t handle the speeds as well and are more dangerous to the occupants in accidents.

    It could have been from an appendectomy, tonsil removal, wisdom tooth removal, whatever. Do we know whether or not *she* was the one who pushed and begged her parents for it? 100% elective surgery can be as dangerous as necessary surgery and one can only hope that they were all very well informed of the risks.

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    Why do people think that people have surgery to be vain some people get that low in thereself that they feel they need it as they have totally lost there confidence and want to get it back I’ve heard of people not going through the front door because of there boobs or nose etc, it took me a year and a half to take my top off when my fiance and I went to sleep because I had small boobs as I am slim and I’ve still got small boobs but when I was 18 they we’re bigger and I’m only 23years old now (I dropped weight though), so I think people are missin the point whether she wanted the op to be vain or not (and I think not) a beautiful young womans life has been lost.
    I find it discustin people will blame her parents as all they probably wanted was to keep there daughter happy and confident.
    My love and best wishes are with Stephanies family and friends you truely had a beautiful young daughter and I bet her heart was just as beautiful.
    Love Camille. x x

  • avatar miamia says:

    I feel for the parents. Why undergo any surgery if you don’t need to take what God gave you and be thankful. More money more stupidity. Look at MJ is was beautiful in the 70/80’s why. If he wanted to give away money I would have taken it.

  • avatar Kyla says:

    Why try to condone P.S. for those with low “confidence”? What they really need is therapy. Who cares about confidence when you’re dead? The point is the surgery wasn’t neccessary and she could have had a long life providing she didn’t need an operation that involved anesthesia.

  • avatar huh? says:

    Someone mentioned wisdom teeth in regards to general anesthesia. I am not exactly sure of the terms, correct me if I’m wrong but I had three wisdom teeth removed and they just froze the section which I believe is local anesthesia. Do some people really get general anesthesia when they get a tooth pulled?

  • avatar ReginaPhalange says:

    Implants? Did you even read the article you linked to?
    From the first paragraph of that very article:
    “A teenager from South Florida, USA, died last Saturday during an operation to correct asymmetrical breasts and an inverted areola.”

    Sounds like this poor girl just wanted to look/feel “normal” like other girls her age. Asymmetry and inverted areola. Imagine what she saw when she looked in the mirror. BTW, guys have also had surgery to correct asymmetrical pecs, so…

  • avatar Del says:

    We have really ruined ourselves

  • avatar Clyde says:

    “We have really ruined ourselves”

    Honestly, we were always ruined. Physical appearance has always been a major part of human society. The only difference now is that people no longer have to look a certain way because they can change it at will. Whether it’s for better or worse is up to the person though. As long as they’re “happy.”

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    The most significant surgery involved in improving a person’s appearance requires no scalpel, no anaesthetic, and takes place between the ears.

  • avatar sundancer says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the boobs she had before. I just don’t get it.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Was she allergic to the drugs in the anestesia? I have a friend who cannot even have novacain when she goes to the dentist because she is allergic to it & if someone were to slip her cocain at a party or something, she would die.

  • avatar Chris says:

    The question for us to answer here is, would she have died if the avoidable surgery was not undertaken?

  • avatar Dr Ben says:

    People this has nothing to do with rich or poor or smart or stupid. Asymmetrical breast are awful for any woman to live with. Her breast were probably being reduced as well. Overly large breast and inverted nipples are extremely painful. Big breast cause serious back problems, not to mention the psychological trauma. In fact this surgery was probably being covered by insurance. The young lady died from being allergic to the anestheisia, which can happen to anyone even just getting a root canal. The parents were doing the right thing, unfortunately things went wrong.

  • avatar mark says:

    Some jerk probably made fun of her boobs and all her so called ‘friends’ probably chimed in.

    I saw this alot in college, some pretty girl pisses some jerk off. He gets his animal friends to harass that girl daily about some supposed flaw. The girl gets a complex. The girl either commits suicide or tries to fix the problem with surgery. When the girl dies the frat boy and all his demonic friends high five eachother and throw a party. Kinda like what happend to that Pheobe Prince girl. No one should take a risk like this unless the alternative is death. To let satanic jerks drive you to do this kind of thing is sad.

  • avatar JFW says:

    I hope that the doctor finished the procedure and gave her the implants so that she could at least have had them for the viewing at the funeral.

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