14-Year Old Ali Lohan Gets Her Lips Done


Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year old sister, Ali Lohan, has had some work done on her lips. Just like Lindsay, it appears that Ali has had lip injections to plump her top lip.

Ali Lohan before lip injections:

ali lindsay lohan <a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

Ali Lohan after lip injections:

ali lindsay lohan lip injections

Ali Lohan is only 14 years old! Why in the world would her mother (Dina Lohan) let her get plastic surgery so young? And, how could a plastic surgeon think it was okay to plump a little girls lips?! I guess money talks (and morals walk)…Gotta love Hollywood. *Barf*

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  • avatar Marney says:

    That just sick.

  • avatar Why? says:

    Natural beauty will be extinct soon.

  • avatar Pak31 says:

    You have to consider the source, her mother isn’t much of a role model as far as parenting is concerned. Parents who instill so much vanity into their children should be ashamed of themselves.

  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    She looks 40, has no discernible talent and wants to be just like her skanky sister.
    Both those girls will be pimping it on Sunset Blvd before they’re 30 (Ali before she’s 20).

  • avatar Magenta says:

    She’s still ugly.. it’s going to take a lot more plastic surgery to make her pretty.

  • avatar maria says:

    I think it might just be lipstick and linner

  • avatar angie says:

    she needs to whiten her teeth! lol

  • avatar fcuk says:

    I think it’s just the lipstick… I don’t see any difference.

    But thats just me. Oh well.

  • avatar aJ says:

    I just think she’s holding her mouth that way. Her lips still look thin. She’s probably just imitating what she sees(the stars either have injections, implants or pucker there lips out thinking it looks sexy).

  • avatar freedom says:

    um ali either had tht done OR there is the possibility,she could use lip plumpers or certain lip enhancing lipstick. cause i pretty sure its illegal for her to have sugery, and make it so obvious.

  • avatar wetwings says:

    if she did get collegen injections it won’t be long til she gets a nose job to refine the bridge. i think lindsay did. but it was nicely done.

  • avatar john says:

    it would seem that she has had her nose done as well

  • avatar Silla says:

    the girls only 14 and she already had wrinkles under her eyes.

  • avatar subzero says:

    why does she look 70?

  • avatar jinn says:

    ALl you people are cruel Mother ffr’s
    first off she does NOT lock 40, 60,or 70
    and the wrinkles you say she has Every one has when You Smile!!
    she’s not at all ugly Fn hatterss i bet your alot older wrinkler and uglyer than her

    For GOD sake give her a brake let her do with her self what she wants if you really need it its your own personal choice what you do with your body and know one has the right to judge her in any way or point your finger at her!!

    Yes in some ways its not good for her young fans. but what she does whith her body is know one’s concern.
    Theres alot of ignorant people here that instead of supporting her into the right path you critisize..

    Your still bangan ali know matter what they say.. squash’em live your own life and keep on doing your thang 🙂

  • avatar Vera says:

    Who in their right mind let’s their 14-year-old get lip injections?

  • avatar The Gooseman says:

    Maybe she was instructed to pucker up her lips all the time so it looks like she has them. Ali Lohan has one of the flattest mouths I’ve ever seen. When she smiles or holds a blank expression it’s as if she didn’t have any lips. If she did have her lips done, this is yet another case of, plastic puberty, where young actors don’t like what they transformed into after biological puberty so they turn to plastic surgery for “corrections.” I hope it’s not true but if it is, Ali is one step closer to becoming Lindsay, and that’s not a good thing.

  • avatar Autumn says:

    Her lips look slightly bigger, but there are some really good lip pumpers out there that can do the job. i remember watching this drama series where the main actress can go from one scene with thin lips to pumped/sexy lips. I think Ali might’ve just bought some really good lip pumper.

  • avatar Raawr. says:

    I dunno, but she still looks boy – ish to me.

  • avatar someone says:

    she looks older after the surgery

  • avatar JinnsPimp says:

    Yo Jinn, You are obviously young, dumb, and blind. That is NOT a lifestyle to be envied so pull back and get someone else to idolize. That should be no one, however, make your OWN life. I think the lips are being pursed and are made up extra (nice teaching, mom) but that nose is OBVIOUSLY thinner.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Ali is sooooo fake that she got cologen at 14!

    • avatar WOW says:

      You are an idiot, the difference in the size of my tits from age 14 to age 15 was three cup sizes. she doesnt have fake ones
      Idiot, the pics with “implants” arent even big. And they are so perky and hard looking because of her age they havent even fully developed. You people need a life. Honestly who cares if she gets injections in her lips, they’re HER lips not yours.

  • avatar carllock says:

    both size part 2:


    (btw i am waiting the ninja monkeys)


  • avatar Rose says:

    It’s all the guys fault for putting pressure on girls(even at the tender age of 14) to be sexy and have huge lips, or else they won’t get a date.

  • avatar dpprrii says:

    who really cares about this girl! she is a nobodyyyy!!!! 😮

  • avatar hayley says:

    sometimes i wish plastic surgery was never invented

  • avatar millicent says:

    Because she had


  • avatar jiggles says:

    haha white people and their lip implants

  • avatar Plasto-Strango says:

    Lil girls pressured into looking perfect, so the boys can abuse them,
    I can already hear the commands, “Go Downtown, now!”.

    At 14 years old my girlfriends were just learning how to “do-it”.

    I bet this girl can handle the little snake and wrangle him up for a hoedown.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    At this rate she’ll look like a freak by the time she’s 20!

  • avatar Fionna says:

    She’s 17 retards, not 14. I don’t see why any of u give a fuck. I just wanted to see the pictures and move on and i see 32 comments where a bunch of assholes are vomiting words left and right. I’m wondering if any of you can even put your pants on by yourself..

  • avatar Rachel says:

    To Fionna. If you had eyes you would see that this is from 2008! When she WAS 14!!

  • avatar Lg says:

    Lip inkections under age of 16 have to be approved by two FDA ommissioners. They are normaly very strict and would never allow that. If she got lip enhacement then not in the US. Maybe in Mexico.

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