Gene Simmons Takes a Beating for Beauty


Gene Simmons, the lead singer of KISS, underwent several plastic surgeries while filming his reality show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. Gene had a face lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck performed, and his girlfriend Shannon Tweed had a face lift as well.

Gene Simmons after face lift surgery:

gene simmons plastic surgery

Here is the interview Gene Simmons gave regarding his choice to have plastic surgery:

How did you decide to get a facelift?
The face lift happened matter of factly. I decided to do it and when Leslie Greif, one of the executive producers on the show, asked if he could film it, I said, “Why not?”

Did anyone try and change your mind?
The kids weren’t that crazy about it, but went along with my decision. They trust my instincts. Shannon was fine with it. Matter of fact, she went with me. [In regards to] the rest of the world, I hardly ask or share info with anyone else.

Besides the facelift, were you considering getting anything else done? If so, what?
I also had tummy tuck and took some off of my man boob.

Ten years ago, would you have considered getting this surgery?
Ten years ago, I never thought about it. That doesn’t mean I had fast and rigid rules. I don’t. I never did. I always give myself the option to make up my mind when and where.

What anxieties/worries did you have before the surgery?
I had no anxieties or worries. Once I decide to do something, I do it.

Have you had any second thoughts about getting it done?
Have no second thoughts. I am more stunning now, than ever.

How did your family react to the results?
Sophie and Nick were a bit shocked. Soph cried when she first saw me, because she thought I was in pain. Once I explained to her I was feeling no pain, the rest was easy. As I said, they trust my instincts.”

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  • avatar monks says:

    For being a crazy rock star, Gene Simmons is a very very smart dude. He speaks articulately and seems to think 10 moves ahead…AND his house is almost as nice as mine.

  • avatar QueenKRS1 says:

    Gross!!! People pay thousands of dollars to have their bodies tortured like this?

  • avatar Terri says:

    The man is and has always been less than good looking.

  • avatar kissfan says:

    I laugh at the fact they don’t show the pictures of AFTER he recovered.
    None-the-less, i’ve seen it and it’s nothing special.

    He’s a rock legend, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t sleep with him and i’ve been a kiss fan since the beginning.

  • avatar Goofy says:

    I think I lost whatever respect I had for him.

  • avatar another "moMony" NYer says:

    Nice – FREE elective surgery for the too Rich & infamous … helps keep um’ rich.

    “Greed is good.” …

    “NY strikes again – 1929, 2000.”

    “Gentiles are only good for fixing our cars … & doing what we don’t want to … (& buying our stuff) – so we can get the riches only we deserve.”

    “If a sheep needs shearing – shear it.”

    “We’re the chosen ones – made in his image – we’re the gods of this earth.” “Serve us cheaply & gladly, or we’ll export the rest of your stinkin,’ overvalued, peasant jobs” …

    moMony …

    • avatar dangram says:

      you mean that god lookS like golda mier,barbara streisand,bette midler ,sarah jessica parker or joan goldstein { pamela anderson]

  • avatar dpprrii says:

    ah, dude! that looks soo painful! :/

  • avatar francina says:

    Gene has never been cute. Shannon has held up well though.

  • avatar Alex says:

    I never liked him. Sharon maybe……………………………


  • avatar timmy shown says:

    Gene Simmons is one of the coolest people I know. He is one of my favorite musicians. But he is ugly!

  • avatar jiggles says:

    he’s not ugly, he’s jewish

  • avatar Plasto-Strango says:

    You know you are an Insecure Man when you get a face lift to try and improve on what God Gave You.

    I’m sure gene has has his share of “Groupie” Girls backstage.

    But I can guarantee he has never done the caliber of fine Ladies I have had in my life. I only go for women I would take home to mom, or ones that I would want to be seen in Public with. When I had my Penthouse in Paris in the Marais., I had some of the best models in the World stay with me. Can you say, smells like teen Spirit? I had the deepest bath tub on the roof deck, it was about 32″ inch deep and 7 feet long. I had to buy a special water heater just to heat the water for the tub. If that tub could talk, there was some fine and I mean fine ladies in this tub. I am not going to Name-Drop, but I would love to post some pics if I knew where to put them here. Gene would be the kinda guy that would get my leftovers, leftovers friends.

    I have seen some of the nasty, fat tramps Gene has had over the years.

    Finally he hooked up with Shannon and woke-up, because that is about the best he will ever get.

  • avatar Michelle says:

    Aw…I think he looks great!
    I think it was a brave thing for a man to do, especially one who lives in the spotlight. He looks younger and fresher. I think some of the negative comments stem from men’s insecurity of paying attention to their appearance, because typically that is a common stereotypical female preoccupation.
    People who live as a public figure need to pay far more attention to their appearance than those who don’t, because it is part of their livelihood; in essence, performers sell themselves and should be presentable.
    At any rate, Good going Gene! You look awesome!

  • avatar Al says:

    This show reveals a really loving family. I love it, and can’t wait to see each episode.

    • avatar Genefan says:

      I agree, we think that these celebrities are so different from regular people (a little eccentric of course) but they’re loving parents and their children are secure and surrounded by family and extended family that love them. It comes across very clearly that family is a priority to them, despite Gene’s (funny) persona of money money money. I too love this show. Really great to watch…

  • avatar Bo Bo Chops says:

    Even he dont have enough money to fix that train wreck

  • avatar coolbreeze says:

    Gene is a intellegent,witty, one of a kind. He’s a self made man, he makes Trump look like he’s permenatly stuck in a midlife crisis and dosn’t even know it. He sold out his wife and children!!!! Simmons is a moral, family first,number one class act all the way. What a loyal decent man.I have so much respect for him I envy his family,especially his immediate family. What a dream to have a problem and a dad that cared. Wow If I had just a quater of that man and hadn’t had so many years of abuse,from tuff guys who know only how to kick a pregnant woman across a room,then threaten the child If I tell. I miss you all on TV I love to listen to your wisdom {the whole family}I wish I at least could know you but I’m cool just hearing what you have going on in your brilliant mind. I,m diabled so come back to my TV soon it’s the highlight of my life.
    DENISE your lost friend

  • avatar coolbreeze says:

    From above don’t know if Notify box got checked or not if you can check it for yes Thanx

  • avatar Cindy says:

    Why not look as good as you can! You only live once and he did have jowls!

  • avatar Annie says:

    Hey, how many of us would do the same if we had the cash?

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