Meg Ryan Screwed Up Her Lips


What in the hell was Meg Ryan thinking?! She currently has a bad case of odd looking duck lips caused by horrible lip implants.

Megan Ryan before lip augmentation:

meg ryan <a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

Megan Ryan after lip implants:

meg ryan lip implants plastic surgery

The lip implants give Meg Ryan an odd, joker-like mouth that really does not suit her face (does that look suit anyones face besides The Joker?). Meg Ryan had such a cute smile before, too. What a shame.

Meg Ryan has been toying with lip augmentation for many years now. She started with lip injections, which actually looked pretty good on her:

Megan Ryan after lip injections, but before she got lip implants:

meg ryan lip injetions plastic surgery

Unfortunately she went to extremes and opted for the full on lip implants, which look horrible. Meg probably got fed up with maintaining the lip injections (which fade out and need to be redone every 3 – 6 months).

Meg Ryan also has the classic overly Botoxed face to go along with her lip injections. Does anyone age gracefully in Hollywood anymore?

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  • avatar Fusion says:

    Poor Meg looks ridiculous.

  • avatar Nick says:

    What a shame, she was SO beautiful before the duck lips.

  • avatar carolyn allen says:

    I could not believe the bad job Meg Ryan had on her lips or whatever she had done. She was so pretty now she looks so bad. She needs to undo what she had done. Nature was so good to her and she messed it up.

    • avatar Bethany says:

      I agree she was perfect the way she was before. And now she looks worst with that Lip implants and her botox face. She was perfect the way she was before and not now. She really does need to undo what she did and fix it.

  • avatar angie says:

    what happened to her! i iused to love her movies, and she was very cute!

  • avatar Paul says:

    Watched her in “My mom’s new boyfriend” last night … could not believe why Meg Ryan would have had such a ghastly thing done to her once stunning face. She looks like the Joker.

  • avatar monkey says:

    it’s not just the joker lips and botox – she’s got really plasticky and hard-looking cheek implants too. seems like most women in hollywood are getting the cheek implants these days because big, plump cheeks are supposed to be signs of youth. but you can always tell a fake. tsk tsk.

  • avatar devil says:

    Meg Ryan has ruined her face with all the surgical procedures and now looks like a freak. She’s also ruined her career because no one notices her acting anymore. All we can see is the tragic result of having way, WAY too much bad work done.

  • avatar moisbois says:






    • avatar Michael says:

      My girlfriend has the most amazing full beautiful lips EVER!!!! And they are natural…..ahhhhh hahahahahaha…….

  • avatar disappointed fan says:

    No one has mentioned her nose! To me that is the worst part. Saw her on TV the other day and honestly did not recognize her. Her nose was long, pointed, with a protruding ball on the end of it. All I could think about was the old movie with Daryll Hannah and Steve Marting, the nose!!! Don’t remember its name.
    So sad. I hope she can fix it back. I would kill to have had a natural nose like she had.

  • avatar jean says:

    It’s sad when plastic surgery comes out all wrong. –I don’t think Meg realized just how much natural beauty she had!!!– Deciding to have surgery was probably a tough decision to make… because movie making is a tough business. Women who look “old” often can’t work. Unfortunately, when plastic surgery is is very hard to fix..and also can keep a woman from getting good roles. Meg seems to be working despite the bad surgery so good for her. Maybe she can reverse some of it down the line.

    Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis are two examples of actresses who have decided to age gracefully.

  • avatar casey says:

    Jamie Lee has had work done in the past. Meg is just a normal woman that started to feel insecure with age, but she has the money and pressure for plastic surgery. Lets leave her and her personal decision alone.

  • avatar Kathy says:

    She was so cute and I know would of aged a hundred times better than the average bear. The celebrities who have plastic surgery literally look scary to me. Have any of them been asked by Barbara Walters, or someone like her, what they think of their face now or is it just taken for granted by their peers that this is a improved look? Was she really becoming unmarketable because of her looks?? I do not pay too much attention to the “stars” except for what I may see in people magazine when I am at the doctor’s office, but have Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep and a few others who look ok to me also had face work done?? They seem to be working.

  • avatar Roxie says:

    I think her chin looks longer, too. Or is that my imagination? It’s also my opinion that the lips, cheeks and chin look older, rather than younger. Surgery does not make time stand still. It saddens me to see how much these poor celebrities dislike themselves.

  • avatar mark says:

    i think her lips could have been perfect but she ruined them.
    i think shes fit except her lips

  • avatar mark says:

    kathie your a sweet girl.
    are u married?


  • avatar richard says:

    She was so gorgeous, what a shame! And such a pity that we won´t see her age as she was, because i´m sure she would have been stunning even at 55, 65 or 75 !! I hope she can reverse it.
    Why women do this anyway? To work? Can´t be, she´s too famous. Maybe she´s trying to fix the outside because she feels she can´t fix the inside? Makes sense.

  • avatar richard says:

    I´m sure she did it because she didn´t feel good inside and so now she will have to learn to feel good inside, because now inside is all you have left dear Meg!! So it´s all good in the end i guess… i hope she can reverse it, she he was maybe the most gorgeous woman i had ever seen, and so expressive, so alive…now she looks so fake, i hope she can take it all back, it´s very brave to admit mistakes isn´t it?

  • avatar richard says:

    As for her body, it´s yet stunning, i saw in the cut and her breasts are gorgeous still. I hope she can fix the rest or learn to live with it happily. From her last movie with Banderas, it´s very clear to see that she´s not a happy person right now, she´s acting out too much, and her acting, which was always so strong, has also gotten worse as well. It´s ironic that on her last movie she plays a woman that changed her looks for the better while she´s done the opposite.

  • avatar richard says:

    I think she was and STILL IS one of the most gorgeous women ever, but ppl who do this kind of surgery are ppl who don´t really like their looks, so Meg, please contact me and i will cherish every inch of your body and face so passionately and intensively that you will have no choice but to fall in love with yourself all over again!! lol
    Jokes aside, that´s a real offer and a promise.
    I´m white, 36, single, no kids, 5´11, 170lbs, brown hair, green eyes…and i´m a pilot, a nice man, and one of ur biggest fans, so will ya think about it? he.
    ps: i´m honestly not intimidated by celebs or important ppl, they´re just ppl, like the guy or the girl at the grocery store. So i hope to hear from ya Meg…delicious effervescent Meg…let´s be honest tho, if you only read this words i´d consider myself happy lol

  • avatar Sue says:

    What the hell are you mucking around with Gods miracle in making you a beautiful women. I think your listening to the wrong persons.

  • avatar James Lenaghan says:

    My theory is that plastic surgery somehow allows actresses stay relevant, or so they think. I would never have thought she would have touched her naturally beautiful face and get such horrible work done. I guess they are basically obliged to have work done to bag roles.

  • avatar PLASTIC FACE BABY JANE says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSHE LOOKS LIKE THE F-ING CRYPT KEEPER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM PISSED IM NOT GOING TO EAT OR DRINK A DAMN THING UNTIL WOMAN STOP DOING HIS!

  • avatar Nic says:

    I’ve always loved Meg Ryan. She’s a super talented actress (loved her in When a Man Loves a Woman). But I can’t believe she bought into this society’s ego-driven obsession with youth. People, we are all going to get old at some point! Don’t believe the hype. These marketing companies/advertisers are making millions by telling WOMEN that they are not good enough. STOP TRIPPIN’! It is not cool to look like a 22 year old girl forever. It is a GREAT thing to be, and to look like a grown ass WOMAN. She was physically stunning, and I’m sure she’s still beautiful on the inside. It just goes to show that insecurities can sneek up and talk anyone into making a bad decision or two.

  • avatar Mark says:

    Why does a gorgeous woman want to have ridicilous lips?

    • avatar Sandra says:

      The lips are done to take out the wrinkles in the upper lip. All horrible and sad. So many beautiful actors are ruining their looks. I don’t watch any of the newer movies…too much like a freak show! 🙁

  • avatar Brenda says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think she looks all that bad. Yes, her mouth is wider but you really have to compare before and after photos to notice. People are afraid of growing old and being comfortable with themselves. SAD, VERY SAD.
    All the money in the world doesn’t make someone happy as we can see.

  • avatar Bing Lu says:

    She looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. “Wait’ll they get a load of me”

  • avatar Tricia says:

    I agree with everything you’re all saying–rediculous. Her personality has changed too; think some of what was injected in her lips has ruined her brain. She acts like a retard !!!

  • avatar Corey Taylor Clegg says:

    People do not choose to look freaky, they just want to look refreshed. Dr. Sydney Coleman pushes a procedure that is not predictable in it’s application and experiments on his patients. She probably went to him. Blame the media for pushing him, not the truth. I am one of his victims.

    To view our before and after pictures, Google…”Complaints Board….Dr. Sydney Coleman…Pathetic Little Man….Tries To Place Blame On Other Surgeons, ” and…”Dr. Sydney Coleman…Buyer Beware.” I would advise that you read every posting using his name on the Internet. Here is a starter for you.

    With a total disregard, for those families and lives destroyed by his greed, Dr. Sydney Coleman, just as Bernie Madoff…who bilked millions from very intelligent and trusting people with his scheming…is doing everything in his power to cover the fact…that he is responsible for mutilating patients and experimenting on them.

    He has worked on a multitude of patients, in areas without consent, removed fat from women’s Labia’s, disfigured and maimed so severely, that people have considered, or…attempted suicide. The extent of trauma, that he has caused, each and every individual?…a lifetime sentencing in prison for him, would pale in comparison…to the suffering this “sick, poor excuse of a human being, “.. has caused.

    His latest tactic, now that we have begun to find one another and speak out, is to state that we are either anonymous, have a vendetta against him (poor syd) or…I will quote Renee in his office…”she is a total psycho!” Meaning me, because I specifically asked about “Corey Taylor Clegg’s pictures here, the ones in color…on this exact Complaints Board…listed under..Dr. Sydney Coleman…Surgical Rape, ” so no confusing. The ones you are now looking at…enquiring and/or curious people.

    Well, “YOU BET THAT I AM!” Look at my pictures of before and after. “YES! I DO HAVE MOMENTS, OF FEELING COLEMAN INDUCED TOTAL PSYCHO!” As every other victim of Coleman does, when looking into the mirror, and thinking about, just how much of our lives have been lost, and how much suffering he has caused our loved ones.

    And by the fact, that he is still getting away with this, while those in the medical community, who are very well aware, and try to repair…choose to remain silent, other than the private discussions of disbelief, or snickering behind his back. This is the big hidden secret, amongst a growing number of plastic surgeons. Hiding it from you! Allowing you to be harmed, for the code of silence.

    To those who do not speak out, remember, that we all have to answer to God/Karma/What goes Around Comes Around…whatever it is that you wish to call it, but you are partly guilty, for protecting a murderer. For every disfigured person, that is added to the growing list, you have a hand in this. Something which you do not stop, you partake in. Try looking at our faces, while knowing that you could have helped to prevent this!!! Imagine this to be your wife, mother, sister, lover, brother. HHMMM? I wonder???? Cowards!

    Anyone considering Coleman, for business, whether it be buying product, such as Cannulas, any teaching materials, securing him for lectures, or God forbid, to be operated on by him!!! you have the right, as a human being, to be properly, and honestly informed!

  • avatar James Ryan says:

    Meg was my dream girl. She was absolutely perfect. The plastic surgery did not turn her into a monster, but on a scale of one to ten she went from a “ten” to a “four”. Her surgery was “plan stupid”.

  • avatar Sandra Hailey says:

    Meg Ryan is a brilliant actress. She is best known for her romantic/comedies but she is talented enough to handle dramatic roles. Okay, she made a mistake and tried to look younger due to the pressures of Hollywood; however, she is still better than a 4. Sorry to bust your bubble but even Diane Keaton has had some work done in the past and so has Meryl Streep. Get real people. As for Angelina even her fish lips have not given her the happiness she wants. How many times has she stated she was going to retire and stay home with all the kids???? And her acting ability is what I would rate a 4. She had some work done on her nose!!! She has a great body and a beautiful face but those lips (all the guys I know do not like them). For dark haired beauties they prefer Penelope Cruz.

    Another talented actress is Jennifer Aniston but people find fault with her looks because of her chin. Everyone wants her to have plastic surgery done on her face. Jen just turned 40 and Meg is 49. Both of them are beautiful inside and out. They were not perfect when they were young and they’re still not perfect. You don’t know what Meg was going through when she decided to have plastic surgery. If you are truly her fans, then you will respect her decision and be loyal instead of gossiping about her.

  • avatar L says:

    Her lips looks awful….nasty fish mouth gross!!!

  • avatar D says:

    It’s the top lip. She should have it reversed.

  • avatar Corey Taylor Clegg says:

    Having it reversed, can be very diffiult, costly and time consuming, with repeated treatments…no gaurantee. Depending on what the filler is, and I do know that fat injections, some can die off and not take in different areas, or easly cause scar tissue.

    They may have been great initially, which I highly doubt, but if so…it depends on how the body heals,, how the fat takes. It is unpredictable in it’s application.

    I have posted already above, but I did have my lips done before being mutilated by Coleman, who I had only gone to, because I thought him to be the best, from his own self-promotion.

    And at that time, my lips looked great. fuller yet with my own natural shape…but when it went down about six months later, I had one area, top center, that remained with fat, so if you were to put a small chunk there, that is what I was left with.

    Coleman was to correct this, and instead, the psychopath did my entire face, and intentionally destrotyed it.

  • avatar sharon sheared says:

    Shit you look terrible. You used to be a stunning looking woman. I will never forget how beautiful you looked in “Kate and Leopold” You have ruined you stunning face!!!!

  • avatar damien says:

    She also seems to have plastic surgery on her face around her eyes. Just watched her latest movie and I couldn’t believe it’s her.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Someone please..please in the name of god tell these people big lips don’t suit all face types!! And please stop with the insane cheek and chin inplants.

  • avatar Doe says:

    God she looks awful. I used to love her films and now I just can’t watch her because she just has this enormous cringe factor implanted in her face. At least they’re not horrible and wrinkly like Angelina’s but damn they still look bad.

  • avatar Kallisti says:

    I just saw her in Kate and Leopold last night. I just couldn’t get into the movie ’cause everytime I saw her face I was jolted, and sad to say revolted, by her lips. They really stood out as unnatural to me, probably because I’ve seen her before-lips. Very difficult to be an actor/actress if the audience is preoccupied with thinking “whats wrong with her face” or “those lips just don’t match her face”.

  • avatar Martha says:

    OMG!!! grotesque…. I see not dignity at all in looking like a wax doll.
    These women are doing a poor favour to all those who fought to freed women. We are more slave and under men’s thumbs than ever!!!
    Some more spirituality lessons and less needles would make you look younger and in peace. And the right nutrition.
    However, I will always like her… and I am grateful for the movies she entertained us with.

  • avatar Pierre says:

    You fucked it up !

  • avatar Garrison says:

    This is a hollywood trend that will never end. It takes a brave actor to age gracefully and take roles that fit their age. No babe can be a young ingenue forever.

  • avatar Otto says:

    She is perfect for the next Batman Movie “The girlfriend of the Joker” The clown smile

  • avatar DeAnn says:

    I think and know she is beautiful! I only wish I could meet her. Have always been a fan and admirer. I wish only for the best for her and her loved ones. All these negative notes are probable from people who wish they were loved like her! YOU go girl and best of everything to you. Heck, dont even know if you read these, but anyway…… keep following your dreams!!

  • avatar Gail says:

    She was so adorable. What a shame.

  • avatar Mary says:

    I can’t believe how many celebrities, who are so rich, get completely awful plastic surgery! You’d think with all their money they could afford the BEST and would shop around. Some of them look like they got it done at a storefront office at a strip mall.

    Meg looks so unnatural and freaky, but what a distorted self-image she must have to think those lips look good! She must have had other work done also, since her whole face (cheeks, chin, eyes) look completely different. She was perfect just as she was, so cute and charming looking. What a shame!

  • avatar Bardot says:

    Some guy up yonder said Angelina Jolie is the only woman who looks good with big lips. Not true. Angelina’s lips have been toyed with; so have Julia Roberts’. It’s when the person goes too far and the surgeon gets carried away and has no sense of aesthetics that we see grotesque horrors.

  • avatar strigoi says:

    “Does anyone age gracefully in Hollywood anymore?”

    Well, they do, but in the movie biz, not necessarily in Hollywood. I’m thinking, Sigourney Weaver and Glenn Close, plus Meryl Streep.

  • avatar P says:

    I don’t recognize her anymore…Meg who?? The only other actress I can remember who has (had?)naturally big lips is Kim Basinger. At least she has not gone in the way of implanting her face, but then again I need to see a latest photo of Kim to check to be sure. And she’s older than Meg. Seems like some celebrities need to ask their fans for advice before they make a decision instead of their “spin doctors”, agents or whoever.

  • avatar Bosta says:

    I just watched Meg in one of her latest movie and have to check, for something seems to bi wrong with her.

    Incredible. I agree with lots of people here.
    I believe someone should tell celebrities that they don’t look that bad and should not take on any cosmetic surgeries.

    They just made them look “plastic” like the toys in the store.

    I believe that she spend too much time in front of the mirror. If you look at something for a long time, day after day, it makes it ordinary and nothing special, even if that something is someone’s beautiful face.

  • avatar Libby says:

    She looks like a duck ~

  • avatar maryoroark says:

    In defense of Angelina Jolie – take a look at pictures of her as a teen. Her lips were extremely large then and would have been considered very unattractive when I was young. If she has had a lot of other surgery, it was well-done and barely detectable. I saw a movie with Meg and was shocked at her appearance. When you can’t take your eyes off the star and lose the plot line that can’t be good. I’ve seen some pretty gruesome candid pictures of Nicole Kidman but none of that shows on screen so they must light her or make her up in a way that hides the downside of her surgeries. There’s enormous pressure on actors to maintain their looks, body, etc when what I want to see is the human condition portrayed realistically, including aging. It’s such a shame that everyone has to fit into such an unnatural mold.

  • avatar Kent J says:

    Its funny that we listen to these vapid people when they talk about politics.


    Clearly they have NO clue how to vote or how to run their own lives. Successful people without a clue.

    Screw Hollywood. Cause they are screwing you.

  • avatar Constantin says:

    I agree with all of you that Meg does look awful after the fix on her lips which i don’t know when. But I suppose it all comes with the territory;for being under the scrutiny all the time, always being compared to the younger crop of starlette popping up every day must be real hard. REcently Rachel Welsch said on Oprah that ‘OLD’ is a four letter word for women, more so for movie stars!

  • avatar MadameBlue says:

    She was so cute before, I love her face, but what happened to her lips!
    This is so not natural – it is so unbecoming.
    Looks like these stars worldwide have too much time on their hands and unfortunately have to spend it and their dollars on unneeded plastic surgery – making those doctors healthy wealthy.

  • avatar Lynn Cee says:

    These must be bad photos — everybody has them. I’ve seen some wonderful Meg Ryan photos in the press; they were candid shots and they looked fine. Meg Ryan’s inimitable persona shines through all of the photos, whether it’s a first-class ad for the Mandarin Oriental chain or a pic of Meg flying through the airport at Istanbul (for fashion week) — she will always be the one and only Meg Ryan. Fans want to see more of her.

  • avatar Al says:

    I feel really angry about it because I loved her eyes and lips since I was a little boy and I think that her and Alicia Silverstone had the sexiest lips in the world

  • avatar sylvia says:

    Leave her alone,luv you meg

  • avatar Kathie says:

    Meg looks like she’s been in a fight and lost! You can’t just fill up your creases with fat and botox – you start to look like something from a wax museum. Unfortunately, when the docs go shooting these chemicals into your face, eyes and lips, they don’t really know exactly how it’s going to turn out. Meg looks so weird now, I have a hard time watching her in a movie – it’s distracting

  • avatar cindy says:

    she is hard to look at,,and soooo GOOOFY looking..

  • avatar deborah cisneros says:

    Did Meg and Olivia Newton John have the same Plasic surgeon? they look like twins.

  • avatar Heywood Jablome says:

    No one mentions her ridiculous chin implant? Many people say things like she has issues, insecurities, blah skippy. It’s very simple. People fear aging as it is diminishing sexual attraction to the opposite sex. They just want to feel desired for a while longer.

  • avatar crystal says:

    I just wish I could of told her that you can’t fix beautiful. why the pressure to not just age gracefully. god made you perfect.

  • avatar Alice says:

    Beautiful Meg Ryan…..why change the perfect face and lips? Scary to see how lip changes can change a face totally…….Donald Duck, watch out….

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