Janet Jackson – A Natural Beauty?


I always thought that Janet Jackson had undergone plastic surgery, just like Michael and Latoya. But, look at this! Here is a side by side comparison of Janet Jackson at 17 and 41.

Janet Jackson at age 17 (left) and age 41 (right):

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Her facial structure is exactly the same, with the exception of a minor nose job. I can’t believe those amazing cheek bones are real! Janet Jackson shows zero signs of aging, but she also shows zero signs of plastic surgery. I’m so confused!

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  • avatar Jamie James says:

    She looks very similar, but you can see that she has had upper and lower eyelid surgery. Thank goodness she didn’t go to the hack of a plastic surgeon that butchered the faces of her sibings.

    • avatar Ptai says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that. If you look down, more of your eyelid is exposed and that is what she is doing in the second picture, plus as we age our faces become more hollowed including our eye sockets.

  • avatar Fusion says:

    Wow, who would have thought…She looks great and natural.

  • avatar Kendra says:

    Looks like a brow lift, and fat sucked from her upper lids at least. Something was done to her lower lids (no wrinkling when smiling – which would be more pronounced now since it existed on her face all those years ago). Looks to be botox on the forehead, too.

  • avatar esf says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned her. I’m a major Janet fan, and since she’s Michael’s sister people are always hating on her, saying she got everything done. I’m no expert but to me it’s pretty obvious that she has not. I think her eyes have just aged (for the people saying she had eyelid surgery), and other than that, there have been no changes. She did in fact have an initial nose job at the age of 16–her freakish father made her do it. She looks gorgeous at 42 and I’m glad you’re giving her the props she deserves.

  • avatar esf says:

    Just one more thing!

    She doesn’t have botox on her forehead, either.

    You can watch her accepting an award for acting from the NAACP:


    Her forehead most definitely moves at 1:45 😉

  • avatar B says:

    I’m glad these two pics were used because they are from almost the exact same angle. You can see that she’s really just had a nose job. And the only reason her eyelids look different is because her eyebrows are done. The bottom eyelids don’t have the wrinkle because make up can hide it. They’re still there. If you don’t believe make up can hide stuff like that, then take a look at Oprah before and after she gets her make up done.

  • avatar exs says:

    had you included a snapshot of her BEFORE “diff’rent strokes” you could see how much surgery she’s had. how about a picture of her while on “good times”?

    you’d really see the difference then.
    she got loads of surgery during a “ds” hiatus when she was about 16.

  • avatar joy says:

    exs, if by “loads of surgery” you mean “nose job,” then absolutely. that’s all she’s ever gotten in terms of facial surgery–she also got a boob job in the late ’90s.

    there is an interesting story behind that nose job, actually. like “esf” already said, her freakish father forced the nose job upon her. he often made fun of his kids for their supposedly “big noses” when they were kids. the rest of her face is exactly the same, and obviously a nose job can make a big difference because she looks pretty different from when she was a kid. think twice before admonishing JJ for something she couldn’t control, thanks.

  • avatar angie says:

    she is pretty!

  • avatar AARTZ1 says:

    Well the nose is the best out of her other siblings, thats for sure, but she’s had more body surgery than face surgery I think. She had breast implants And she’s had to have had lipo on her body a few times by now. A body cant gain and lose as much in certain parts of the body as quickly as the rest and she somehow gets all of it gone in a matter of months. and NO WAY you can do it with just diet and excercise. It just seems fishy.
    I still like her though, just like i still like Michael. Their surgery means nothing as long as their talent can speak for itself…or, at least that’s all that should matter.

  • avatar Forensic says:

    I believe she had a boob job tho’ but otherwise shes looking good.

  • avatar anja says:

    Janet is a natural beauty, her cheekbones are part of her cherokee ancestry. The minor nose surgery and probably some other few things she has had is minimal, she is beautiful

  • avatar Lfni says:

    I love how someone can claim she had a boobjob in the 90s when she clearly was developed all the way back into the early 80s. She started developing on Good Times!

  • avatar mo says:

    Only thing that Janet has had done is her nose… more than once. You can see that she is aging, she is aging gracefully though. Darker skin ages slower than lighter skin.. so darker skin doesn’t need injections as much..

  • avatar belhous says:

    AARTZ1, I don’t think she’s had lipo, if only because every time she loses weight her six-pack comes back. You don’t get great abs when you get lipo… you just get a flat and strange-looking stomach. The last time Janet was in tip-top shape was mid-2007, promoting her movie, and she had a six-pack then. Now, ironically, on tour she’s a bit bigger–but looks good nonetheless.

    She did indeed have a boob job. Can’t you see how much bigger her boobs got between 1993 and 1997? She was fully developed by then.

  • avatar Zoey says:

    I have to disagree here. Notice that you can see more of her eyelids. That doesn’t happen with aging, with aging you get droopy skin, not articulated lids. She also looks like she had a small chin implant, which elongates her face. I think the cheeks are real, and are spectacular. Notice that they are rounded on the bottom, and the implants tend to give a more pointed, triangular shape. She’s had liposuction, too. She had distinct ab definitinon and a lot of fat on her back, and the two don’t go together. You have to have very low bodyfat (all over) to get those abs. I think there have been breast implants too.

  • avatar joe says:

    LOL she did not get a chin implant. I don’t see any difference at all there. If there is a difference it would be natural–as you get older you lose some fat from your face, and that would make it look a bit longer.

    I agree on the eyelids though. I love JJ but her eyes do look different. It’s weird, really–instead of looking younger her eyes look more tired. Would surgery do that???

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    The little plastic surjery she had she made it work 2 her advantage!!!!!! she didn’t go over board
    she made it bring out more of her beauty. You go Janet girl!!! I ani’t mad at cha!!! u look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other Jacksons
    need 2 take some lessons from U. though I think its 2 late 4 them(smile).

  • avatar Vera says:

    Her nose looks smaller, but I don’t think she’s had much else done.

  • avatar disha says:

    im Happy She Didnt get anything eles Done im INLOVE With Janet Jackson i love this Woman and She looks the SAME SO HATERS GET Gone…she Only had her NOSE Done and Thats It SHE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HER!!!

  • avatar daimlerz says:

    Janet’s eyelids now, as she ages, is definitely more raised meaning she had surgical intervention. The photo of her at age 17 shows her first nose job because her nose when she was younger was bigger and less defined. Her nose now was subtly reshaped narrower but shading makeup can also create that effect (the dark brown shading on the sides of her nose at age 41 is quite obvious)

  • avatar Jamie says:

    Both pictures are after surgery. The picture of 17 years old is after her first surgery. If you see pictures of only 2 years before she looks radically different

  • avatar Mr.KoolAid18 says:

    U idiot those both are after her surgery…….she got her nose job a 16.

  • avatar Eric says:

    About her eyelids which are the only part of her face really in question, other than the nose job she has admitted to her eyelids i think can be explained. she’s looking to the side and down in the age 41 pic and when you look down you can see the top lid much better.

  • avatar Nik says:

    OK, she was beautiful, and yes she has had a nose job!! obviously! But what about her tummy and her thighs and her sides, etc…. ? That’s the question I have!

  • avatar Ron says:

    Did you know that Janet hated her brother Michael Jackson?

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    don’t nobody respond 2 Ron he’s just trying 2 get attention!!!!! The girl brother just died have
    some respect 4 Janet and her family!!!!!! And U
    R a total LIE!!!!!! Get a Life loser??????

  • avatar Garrison says:

    I always thought she had a slight nose job but little else. Far from Latoya and Michael’s messed up and overdone surgeries. None of them needed it — the Jacksons have good genes.

  • avatar JJ Fan says:

    Doesn’t look like she has has ANY surgery to me! She’s gorgeous Go Janet!

  • avatar Alex says:

    Her nose is too fake…
    I wonder why some people went ,and still go for that triangular looking tiny little nose when the rest of their features are strong and broad,it doesnt look good.
    I mean…her eyes and cheekbones are big,and in the middle this tiny little barbie-ish nose drownin between them…is not a good look.
    Thats the way nosejobs looked “back in the day”,but some people still go for that look now,its icky.

  • avatar ancientgirl says:

    Nosejob, yes. But I think the rest could be natural. I remember her as a little girl on Good Times, her cheeks were like that as well.

  • avatar chaz1979 says:

    Most black women don’t need major work like their white counterpoints. Especially if they are brown skinned like Janet. If they don’t mess with their faces by buying into all that hollywood crap that they need “a little nip here and little tuck there” and stay away from that botox crap. They will age incredibly well and will always look 10 to 15 years younger then white women (provided that they have not lived a life of abusing alcohol, drugs, hard living etc). Janet had a nose and boob job. Thats it! What you see is natural. No cosmetic surgery to her face outside of the nose job. Like they say “black don’t crack”!

    • avatar Craig says:

      Uh-oh. So, let me get this straight: (1) most white women need plastic surgery; (2) [Black women] “will age incredibly well and will always look 10 to 15 years younger then white women”? Apart from being blatantly racist and completely unfounded, I find it hilarious that you think it’s even possible make so broad a comparison of two groups of women numbering in the billions.

      If anything, instead of presenting yourself as a “strong black woman”, you come across as a black woman who feels insecure and threatened by white women (or how white women are viewed as more attractive by the media, etc., etc.), and overcompensates by denigrating an entire race of women. While it’s true that darker complexions tend to be more resistant to sun damage, if a fair-skinned woman (caucasin or not) takes good care of herself and takes precautions in the sun, the damage (and premature aging) are minimal. What you mention about women aging well, provided that they take care of themselves, is true for all races, not just your own. It might be make more sense to learn to love and accept yourself instead of focusing your energies on belittling others as a substitute. It won’t empower you or make you happy. If anything, it’ll make you bitter–something it sounds like you’re already in danger of becoming.

  • avatar chaz1979 says:

    sorry typo “white counterparts”

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    I respect Janet Jackson very much but not sure if It’s the photos but are her moles (beauty spots) on different sides?
    Just asking because looks as if there on completely different sides on each photo but as I said I don’t no if It’s the photos.
    Anyway Janet your the best.

  • avatar Black Spokesmodel says:

    Sorry to be the one to say it, but minorities don’t age as harshly(specifically african americans) as other races due to the high levels of melanin in our skin. In other words, “Black don’t crack”. See other black celebrities for further context. Thank you.

  • avatar filson says:

    I dont think she had a brow lift…. it just looks like her eyebrows are thinner because she has threaded or plucked it a different way. She may have taken out some of the fat from her upper eyelids but oh well. That is it IF THAT. She looks beautiful !

  • avatar vdaddy says:

    Let me start by thanking u for posting pics from virtually the same angle… With that said, let’s try to put thingz in 2 perspective: we know she”s had a nose job. As for all of u speaking about chin implants, give it up! That is the same chin look at both fotos! As for those of u speaking about eyelid surgery, please consider not only her freshly WAXED and ARCHED eyebrows which can give the illusion of a brow/lid lift. Janet has some of the best hair and makeup ppl in the world who know how to create “looks”. Option 2 please notice how much muscular janet is in the 41 y/o pic. There is no longer thos fatty deposits b/c she’s noticeably more chiseled. Last but not least, anyone who says Janet has had implants in the 90’s clearly has not seen her “when I think of you” video… Her cups runneth over. Oh yeah and during the superbowl halftime show, that was definitely a 40 y/o saggy boob, not silicon.

    • avatar K. Breezy says:

      Breast implants are taken in and out all the time. She definetly has them. She has had scar tissue build up from them. Not as bad as Vivica’s. But breast can start sagging even with implants. Not that I feel anything is wrong with them b/c she looks fly in my opinion.

  • avatar vdaddy says:

    Oh yeah, did I mention I’ve not only seen but have actually MET this woman in person? She is beautiful and humble… IF she has had more procedures than she cares to acknowledge, at least she’s doing it the right way: to slow the aging process not reconstruct her whole face.

  • avatar Dota says:

    She said in an interview that she got her nose done first when she was 16, so it was b4 that pic you’ve got

  • avatar Just Me says:

    Janet looks great, just as she did when she was younger, and if she got a nip and tuck here and there, WHO CARES!!!!!!! She doesnt walk around with the attitude like she is better than anyone else. Why should we care?

  • avatar Craig says:

    Oh, please. That is not her original nose. She had already undergone her first rhinoplasty by the time that first photo was taken, and you can see from those two photos that she had the tip shaved down in the interim.

    This is a photo of Jackson in her early teens:


    Now granted, she was young and noses naturally change over time, particularly from adolescence to adulthood. I always find it funny when people compare a photo of someone when they are 10 to when they are 40, and claim that they must have had surgery because of the difference. Still, there is no way in hell that the nose Jackson now sports is God Given. The entire structure of her nose changed.

  • avatar mel says:

    people are so full of crap with their theories…why are you so confused that she’s beautiful, how dumb….janet had rhinoplasty by the time she was 17, nothing else has been done, don’t buy into people not wanting to believe the natural beauty!!!!

    • avatar adam says:

      No offense, but you don’t really make sense. Some of it is “theory”, some of it is not. She certainly had her nose done, she looks like she’s had a facelift (or two), and it’s pretty obvious she’s had her breasts done. You’re on a site dedicated to celebrity plastic surgery. What did you think you were going to find–original documents from the performing plastic surgeons, proving what they have had done? Nope, sorry. You’re gonna have a bunch of people theorizing on what they’ve had done. Don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  • avatar Gabriel says:

    She has a beautiful cheek structure, but I don’t like her nose job(s).

  • avatar kris says:

    Haha…the black woman talking about how most white women need plastic surgery/black women will always look 10-15 years younger than white women! Man, oh man. That is so freaking racist, it’s almost baffling. If that was said by a white woman about black women, this chick would be all over it, decrying it as white racism. I agree with the guy who said she sounds insecure and threatened. No one needs plastic surgery unless it’s reconstructive, so lets be real. Furthermore, while it’s a fact that the melanin in black people’s skin deals better with the sun, if lighter skinned people slap on a little sunscreen the playing field is pretty much evened.

    I have seen some pretty beat down looking people from both races. Some PEOPLE are just lucky to age better. I wonder what her thoughts are re: mixed race people like myself? I wonder people such as myself fit into her obviously very well thought out, narrow-minded theory (SARCASM)? What a joke.

  • avatar Nicole says:

    Truth be told…darker skin people be it black, indian, latino, asian or whomever…in most cases have better looking skin than very pale skinned people. Don’t get mad about the truth. There are products that can help slow down the inevitable, but sweety sun block is not it. I’m a 39 year old Mexican American and I look at least 10 years younger than my white co-workers sho are my age and younger and I believe it is because of their skin issues. I like them a lot but just keep it real. I’m not talking about celebrities like Janet Jackson or Sandra Bullock; I’m referring to the average girl in the office across the hall. Look for yourself. O! By the way Janet has had surgery but she looks GOOD.

    • avatar Steve says:

      I don’t find that true at all. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Latin people in general. If a white woman or man takes care of themselves, their skin usually looks fantastic. Latin people seem to have many more skin-problems than any other race (ie. acne, discoloration, excess hair on the face, etc). And it looks as if they’ve spent so much time in the sun that they usually end up looking like a leather bag. And “very pale skinned people”, are a very small subset of the caucasian population.I’m not even white, I’m Japanese. We are also a generally quite light-skinned, and we look leaps and bounds younger than almost any other race out there. So, it has nothing to do with how dark or light your skin may be. It’s about how well you take care of yourself. And yes, “sweety”, that does include wearing sunscreen. So, if you want to ensure that you don’t end up looking like one of your more unfortunate leather-bag-looking brethren, you may want to invest in some good sun-screen.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    Oh Lord Janet just had another nose job…she’s beautiful as she was..The jacksons
    seems to have issues with the way they look…that’s what was Michael Jackson promblem and he was a handsome looking young man!!!! Janet please stop slicing on your nose……U don’t need it honey!!!! Please stop b/4 its 2 Late.!!!!!!

  • avatar R. says:

    The old picture on the left is AFTER she had her nose job, which she got when she was 16. Shes already admitted it a long time ago.

  • avatar Frankenstuff says:

    Yeah her nose has definitely been worked on. I would liked to have “worked on her” when she was about 18…

  • avatar mibbles says:

    Janet Looks great.. I think her Nose Job is just prefect, not overly done. And she has nice cheek bones.. all the Jackson’s are blessed with prefect cheek bones, even the brothers. look at their mother, thats where they get their cheek bones

  • avatar Mark says:

    She has admitted she had a nose job at the age of 16! That picture is from when she was 17 so the nose job was already done!!

    Then she has done more work after, like breast implants.

  • avatar surgmark says:

    Hi I work in surgery where I’ve assisted Dr.’s on different plastic surgeries. . Yes, Janet Jackson had her breast. ..nose and eyes done. The face surgeries are very noticeable when you use the right pictures to compare, the picture to have use was when she was on the show “Good Times” although she was a little young your basic facial structure don’t change without plastic surgery.

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