Someone Should Recycle Shauna Sand…


Shauna Sand looks like she is almost recyclable at the age of 36. On top of her cheap and trashy, dollar store whore wardrobe, she’s also been way overdone by her plastic surgeon. Shauna has had numerous cosmetic surgeries, including: multiple breast augmentation, lip injections, botox, brow lift, injectible fillers and probably many other procedures.

Shauna Sand before and after lip injections:

shauna sand lamas lip injections <a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

Shauna Sand before and after plastic surgery:

shauna sand lamas <a href=boob job breast implants celebrity plastic surgery”>

Why do Shauna’s breast implants look rectangular?!

Here is a video of Shauna Sand getting caught leaving her plastic surgeons office, where she claims to have gotten “nerve block”…Um…What?!

In case you were wondering who Shauna Sand is, she is famous for: being a 1996 Playboy Playmate, marrying Lorenzo Lamas and being the trashiest looking mom in Hollywood (she has three daughters).

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    I have seen pics of her when she was younger and she was a normal attractive girl. Why anyone who is blessed with natural good looks can’t accept that and then makes themselves uglier is beyond me. I guess that stems to a deeper problem, something to do with self esteem I guess. She looks awful now.

  • avatar Fusion says:

    She looks much older then 36 in that last picture. The teen makeup is not helping her cause.

  • avatar QueenKRS1 says:

    Shauna used to look like a sexy version of Alicia Silverstone. Now she looks like a trashy version of trailer park Barbie.

  • avatar Why? says:

    The blond big boobied bimbo look is so 2001. She looks like a washed up hooker.

  • avatar Paty says:

    Omg! she didnt need all that work done. she was sexy and beautiful and now she is looking like a pornstar barbie. bad!

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    I can’t believe no one has given her a nice comment I do think she was beautiful before and after don’t forget she’s gonna look different as she gets older I really don’t no why she had her lips done though because was beautiful b4 but what ever makes her happy and It doesn’t matter if people think she looks trashey even though I wouldn’t agree but as long as she’s a good mother to her kids then everythin else to do with her looks shouldn’t matter in all honesty. x x

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