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gisele bundchen breast implants plastic surgeryGisele Bundchen is a gorgeous brazilian model, who has become an extremely successful super model here in the USA. Gisele is the most mentioned model when I tell people that real models do not have fake tits (breast implants). I can’t even count how many people have tried to tell me that Gisele Bundchen has breast implants.

Well, Gisele is certainly gorgeous and sexy, but she doesn’t have breast implants. She happens to work for a company (Victorias Secret, ever heard of it?) that makes millions of dollars selling padded push up bras, which is why her breast looks larger, pushed up and rounded sometimes. You’ll notice that when she is not working, slinging bras, her breasts appear to be normal, natural b-sized breasts.

See? Gisele Bundchen has naturally glorious boobies:

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  • avatar Magenta says:

    She’s obviously had a nose job though.

  • avatar mark says:

    She hasnt had anything at all. People just rip on her because they are jealous they dont get paid millions to take pictures.

  • avatar julles says:

    very beautiful woman….but looking at top pic i really think she could have implants but small ones that suit her figure.

  • avatar Lilly says:

    Actually, Gisele HAD breast implants, in the beginning of her career. If you look for pics of young Gisele (age 17 to 19/20) you will see a big difference between now and then.
    Her boobs were very large and round, typical silicone boobs (as you can see at 0:40 of this video : ).
    At the 0:40 mark, she’s walking M.OFFICER’s runway in 99/00, only with body paint as a top.
    She also had a nosejob, which was great and very sutil.

  • avatar mo says:

    she also had a nose job too.

  • avatar Cookie says:

    She now has fillers in her lips – quite subtil but an enhancement.

  • avatar Ada says:

    She’s got a nose job back in 1996!!! If you look to her picture from 1995 and 1994 you’ll see it!
    If you visit her website you can see the fotos from when she started to work as a model and that her nose wasn’t like it is now!!!

  • avatar wetwings says:

    subtle is ok. great nose job.

  • avatar Israel says:

    I am deeply sorry, but Gisele either had implants long ago, or got them recently. She is supposed to have small sized boobs, and I just saw two picture where she sports a pair of Huge Cs or Small Ds.

  • avatar Saywhaaaat? says:

    She’s hardly the beauty people make her out to be – I think she looks rather equine and trannyesque.

  • avatar MST says:

    I agree Saywhaat? — without all that makeup she looks like My Little Pony.

  • avatar Ally says:

    def got a nose job…and possibly filler under her eyes as well. don’t know about the boob job, though.

  • avatar Issa says:

    She had implants and then had them removed. There are pictures to prove it. Personally, I don’t get why she is a model, let alone a top one. I see so many models trying to make it and they look more deserving of the ‘top model’ title. She looks like a man to, a horse. I am not hating because I don’t have any problem calling another woman beautiful. It’s just not what I see when I look at her. BTW, she also had a nose job.

  • avatar Karma says:

    When she first started with Victoria Secret, she had very round fake boobs and I was wondering why she didn’t wait until the settled out first before posing. It looked like she just had surgery the day before. I know that she may have exchanged for smaller and more realistic looking size but she has definitely had implants

  • avatar qwerty says:

    I believe the first picture shows Ana Beatriz Barros,also a VS model,not Gisele

  • avatar Paty says:

    WTF guys! im from brazil and i can tell you with 100% sure that she HAS implants. duh! but little ones. and another thing, she had her nose done years ago, but also you can see just a little change for better. thats what i call a good plastic surgery: Everybody notice that something is better but anybody can tell what’s really different!

  • avatar francina says:

    Not Cute…but the model thing. Men love that.
    Bridgette is way better looking.
    Also Giselle is rocking the Brazilian thing (aka: faux sexy) when she is of GERMAN HERITAGE.

  • avatar DeCe says:

    who cares about bridget? someone should tell her to stop wearingtrapless dresses, she looks like a band-aid. bridget is a pretty older woman, but there’s nothing special about her, she’s commercial and people should stop dressing and making her out to look like gisele, she’s embarassing herself. gisele doesn’t look like she had breast implants, they sure look real, maybe her nose was done, but people say bridgets’ nose was done too.

  • avatar a straight man with 20/20 vision says:

    i love beautiful women and will readily admit wehn a woman is beautiful,.however, i don’t see that with Giselle Bunchen, big nose, thin lips, and nose job or not, her nose is STILL big. sorry, i hardly see a beautiful supermodel when i look at her, let alone a top one. Hell those fug chick on Americas Next Top Model look better than she does.

  • avatar Julia says:

    Bridget does look like a bandaid in strapeless dresses!!! OMG LOL

  • avatar Look for info!! says:

    Darlings if you’ld only look for info you would find in so many websites that she had breast implants, little ones that look real, she’s the firs to assume it!!! and last year, the size of her implants ran out of stock in brazil because everyone wanted to have the same due to the great looking breats.

  • avatar tayriley says:

    she HAS had implants. i follow fashion shows and it is possible that she has had ones put in then taken out later…but she definitely had them at some point. she has also had a nose job.

  • avatar Jess says:

    I believe that you are incorrect. Please look at these before and after pictures! A push up bra does not create larger looking visible implants on the skin no matter how good of a bra that it is!!!! She looked to be about an A cup before her surgery and a full C afterwards.

  • avatar vecuccio says:

    She has had breast implants. In your main picture you can see the awkward and unnatural angles her pushed together breasts take on. Real breasts NEVER do that.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    What is super about this model?

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Why is SHE the highest paid supermodel in the world? Super MODEL? More like Super Tranny!

  • avatar lala says:

    People,stop with the hate already! Remember, before becoming a VSA she was pretty much always a high fashion model. Yeah, she had an SI here and there but really, her appeal was for the likes of LV, Vogue etc. She has an incredibly edgy and unique face – strong and confident, hot and toned body with limbs that go on forever, and beautifully tanned skin. And, she’s great at her job – she’s confident, knows how to work with the camera, get along with the people she works with and charm the people who matter in her career. She’s come a long way and I give her props for her chops, boob-job or not.

  • avatar Vera says:

    Gisele is absolutely the most beautiful woman ever !!! She derseves the title of supermodel. She’s unique.
    Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous woman.

  • avatar Cat says:

    Leonard Di Caprio was the best career move she ever made. If she hadn’t dated him then she wouldn’t be so well known now. Sorry to Ms Bundchun and her fans but she is not the most beautiful or charismatic model out there. The top photo is with implants as they have that rounded fake shape, natural breasts in a push up bra don’t make that shape – trust me, I have had implants and am now natural. Personally I think implants turn you from being a beautiful and intelligent woman to being a piece of meat only viewed as dumb by women and dumb and useful only for sex by men – this is not a good basis for self value.

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