Tila Tequila Has Breast Implants


<a href=celebrity plastic surgery” align=left hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″>Tila Tequila had plastic surgery to increase her breast size, right around the time she turned 18.

It is fairly obviously that she has implants because of the obvious roundness of them, but Tila showed some good judgement when picking her implant size and did not go too big. She chose to go from an A cup to a B cup, which looks good on her.

Tila Tequila is only 4′ 11″ tall, so implants bigger then a large B cup would look pretty silly on her little leprechan body…

Tila Tequila showing off her breast implants:

CENSORED – Click for photo

Many people have argued that Tila does NOT have breast implants, but Tila herself admitted to having fake tits in an interview with Import Tuner Magazine: Tila’s Interview. Case closed ;)…

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  • avatar jessica says:

    dont forget her hair and eye lashes are fake too!

  • avatar jessica says:

    dont forget her hair and eye lashes are fake too! but shes still cute for having all that fake shit on her body!

  • avatar linda says:

    she is all fake
    and it doesnt look very good

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Is it possible to have boobs bigger than your entire body? I really don’t think huge breast are for everyone, especially when they start to look big and distorted. I tried to watch one episode of her show on TV, but I found it too difficult to accept her as a grown woman. Tila looked like a little boy in drag at times, and almost comical as a sex object for a man or woman. I finally turned the channel, when I equated some of her movements to that of a child (pornography).

  • avatar eee says:

    I think she looks really good but I can believe she haven’t done anything to her face cause her nose looks perfect.

  • avatar Crystal says:

    She definitely looks larger than a B cup. The only thing I find unattractive is her large forehead, but she can’t do anything about that other than keep the bangs.

  • avatar Xtreme says:

    She shoulda gone DD style and she doesnt have a B cup… … someone doesnt know their Import Models well

  • avatar Silla says:

    People here who seem to nit pick about other things that she should fix should just let her be. If she did try anything else, she may end up looking worse. Plus, her hair and lashes are not fake. Unlike like people with nappy hair who need whole bunch of chemicals to get it straightened, THEN they add weaves and extensions, all Tila seemed to have done was wear mascara and dye her hair.

  • avatar myspacer says:

    Tila Tequila is a 32D chest, it says so on her own website stats, and in what world would you guess those to be a B cup they look huge, but nice and most def fake.

  • avatar Dlina says:

    having a breast implant is ain’t easy ..soon when you getting old you gonna get breast cancer and it’s gonna be hard on you cause you need time for pap smear every 3 months… It costs you lots of $$ if it’s were me i will not implant my breast but i will just remain the normal size and it can last long… Though even it’s small but i feel proud and healthy then being fakers and regret in the end…

    She is short but not all asian have small tits, i disagree with that. I’m asian too, all my family when they were in early 20’s they are skinny and have small tits , but soon when they get married with 2 or 3 kids their tits start to grow more and the worse part is their ass is much bigger then the western women…

    It depends on your genes and i can only let you know this VIETNAMESE, THAI and Phillipines womens MOST of them have small tits and NO ASS… You can see all their porn movies and only for those who have $$$ they will do whatever just to make it look good on them…

    Luckily i’m not those typical ASIAN womens. I just feel appreciate with wot i have and there’s no need for me to change anything on me… Thank god!

  • avatar Alice says:

    She does have an occasional weave. I remember being mesmerised by it on one of her reunion shows. You could see her previous short bob underneath the new longer “upper coat”. It’s not a bad thing to have a weave, often times celebrities wear weaves because of all the damage that lights cause to their hair.

  • avatar bocelli says:

    Who are the people that think her breasts are real??? Do they actually have eyes??? How can anyone think that her breasts are real??? Hello!!! They are as fake as fake can be and in a very obvious way!!!

  • avatar Gothixaz says:

    All those haters who posted up nasty comments about how fake she is and how her show looks like child pornography are simply jealous. Even if she did go under the knife, she’s brave enough to go through it all to make herself look good. She has fame, money and fans while you nasty people have nothing better to do than slam her over the net to make yourselves feel good. Pathetic. It’s her body and she has the right to do whatever she wants with it.

  • avatar bex says:

    She is hot, and you haters are just jealous that you don’t look like this. Btw, the D size implants do not look weird on her. Get a life.

  • avatar bibi says:

    at least she admitted to having done a boob job. unlike that fat plastic fake o kim kardashian. but yah her boob job is a no brainer, one look and you can tell. it’s like 2 orange halves squeeze under that tight skin with no fats and the result is just the outline and the silicone bags that you see. not nice. looks very stiff and bolted on.
    personally i think she looks like a she male. in fact if you go to thailand there’re sooooo many she males around and they look even better than real girls!! it’s scary.

  • avatar Jenn says:

    Ya, Tila is a total shemale.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up already?

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:

    Before Tila looked cute.
    But after she looks fake.

  • avatar asa says:

    tila has a big and beautiful breast i like tila can big her breast i want fuck you tila can?

  • avatar Jesus says:

    This comment is for “Dlina.” You made absolutely NO sense with what you wrote before. Pap smear every three months? FOR WHAT? You DON’T check your breasts with a “pap smear”, you do it with a mammography (as a “woman” you should already know this). a pap smear is a gynocological procedure which has to do mainly with taking a “biopsy” of tissue of the cervix and partially around it.

    You DON’T get breast cancer getting implants or else they wouldn’t approve of it and it definitely wouldn’t be widely practiced around the world. And you can’t get it unless you already DO have it and obviously it will spread more easily. So you need to get a checkup before you do consider getting breast implants.

  • avatar asa says:

    i want fuck you tonight

  • avatar asa says:

    i like her breast it big you no tila i suport you i hope you can biger than that your tits.i love you fuck you

  • avatar Terra says:

    Sorry guys, before she was famous she was a stripper/gold digger. She went to Ruby Skies with an old balding fat sugar daddy. She had eyelid surgery, fake nose and chin/jaw at the time. She has a naturally sexy bod, but everything else is fake! I still think she’s pretty though. I’d pay for her plastic surgeon.

  • avatar emily says:

    omg. I am wearing that same beige/black lace bra right freakin now… well, at least she has good taste in lingerie

  • avatar Camille UK says:

    I think she’s beautiful and if she has the guts to have it done then fair play to her and the person who wrote about her lookin like a ladyboy is wrong haven’t you ever seen the Thai ladyboys there more pretty than us real women ask anyone in there country what’s the beautifulist thing about it and they will say ladyboys because they think the reason there ladyboys now is because they did sumthin wrong in a past life and there bein punished now It’s called buddhism Karma!!!!
    Oh and ladyboys are very direct if you ask if there a ladyboy they won’t lie and I respect that plus I respect any celeb who can actually admit to havin surgery because most won’t. x x

  • avatar N.D. says:

    Tila’s really tiny. Breasts(real ones too) look larger or smaller on larger or smaller frames. For instance mine fill(don’t overflow, just fill) D cups. But I’m a lot taller than Tila(who isn’t?). So they look way smaller than people’s generic perception of D cups…

    Still I wouldn’t guess Tila’s original implants to be B cups rather C cups. Full C’s at that. Tough to get cleavage with less than a C even on a tiny frame.

    The new boobs look like either full D’s, or DD’s.

    Still it’s hard to guage without literally following her into the dressing room. She’s super-tiny. It looks like a 32 anything would be too big for her. 34’s slide around on my and I’m nowhere near that tiny.

    Something’s just off somehow.

    As for her looking like she’s in drag…

    It’s the darnedest thing. No matter how adorable or pretty an Asian girl is, once she puts on tons of makeup and pads out(or gets implants), she ends up looking like a ladyboy from Thailand(guess they don’t call it Bankok for nothing). There’s a magical amount of makeup that’s just right for Asian girls and when they wear even a smidge more, boom! Tranny-country. Weird but true. Sad too, cuz Tila’d be sooooo pretty without all that gunk and bleach.

  • avatar Jasmine says:

    Thank you, Jesus. The person who posted #19. If you are a guy, you know a lot more about pap smears than certain dumbasses who come on here and say that having fake boobs make you go get your vagina checked every 3 months. I applaud you for your post. As for Dlina, why would you post something that is not true and doesn’t make any sense? I have fake boobs 34D, 5’4 and I’m Cambodian. I can still breast feed when I have a baby, it won’t increase my chances of getting breast cancer and it won’t make me go get a pap smear every 3 months. All women should get a pap smear annually. And how does getting fake boobs being a typical Asian? Women of all races do it to make them feel better, fit better in clothes and look better. If you have the money then go for it. Don’t hate and get your facts straight. As for Tila, that girl has gone crazy. No comment.

  • avatar Chick says:

    Um… no. She is absolutely 100% NOT a B-cup. I’m 5’2″, 110 pounds, and a B-cup. She’s a C-cup.

  • avatar Alice34DD says:

    She looks good with all of her plastic surgery whatever size she is she has had the intestinal fortitude and courage to admit it in todays appearance glorified world. Way to go sister!

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