Nicole Kidman – WTF Happened to Her Lip?


Nicole Kidman used to be the cute, quirky girl next door, but apparently Hollywood has gotten to her as she grows older. Nicole uses Botox on a regular basis, she has veneers on her teeth and she has been getting injectable lip fillers for years.

Unfortunately, it appears that she took the lip augmentation to the next level and opted for either some sort of crazy lip implant, or she had an augmentation surgery to change the shape of her lips.

Nicole Kidman before lip augmentation:

nicole kidman lip <a href=celebrity plastic surgery“>

Nicole Kidman after lip augmentation:

nicole kidman lip injections celebrity plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman’s new top lip:

nicole kidman lip augmentation celebrity plastic surgery

Nicole Kidmans upper lip looks deformed. Is this the look her plastic surgeon was going for, or was Nicole’s lip augmentation surgery botched?

Last year Nicole Kidman (who will be 41 this year), publicly denied that she has ever had a cosmetic procedure:

To be honest, I am completely natural,” Kidman tells Marie Claire magazine. “I have nothing in my face or anything,” she says. “I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.

Taking care of yourself will make you healthy, but it will not make your lips bigger. Sorry, but I’m calling shenanigans on this one, Nicole (and by “calling shenanigans” I’m politely calling Nicole Kidman a big fat liar).

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  • avatar Jashana says:

    Yeah holy crap she totally lied. That lip looks SO weird!

    Hollywood is nuts.

  • avatar grace says:

    Ok. Did aliens abduct this woman and do surgery on her face and when they snuck her back in her house, they also stole all her mirrors? WTF. Ok that’s great. You don’t smoke. Completely natural? If what’s going on with your lip is completely natural, hand me a cigarette and a lighter and the phone. I want to call liars anon. while I smoke this completely natural cigarette.=/

  • avatar Lilly says:

    What happened to her top lip is common when the substance applied by the surgeon isn’t applied deep enough, therefore it stays in a much superficial part, commonly showing this level difference between the lip line and the lip itself.

  • avatar Terry says:

    No one looks that good and wrinkle free at her age. PERIOD! WE all know she is lying. If you see old shows from her teen acting days she had a face full of freckles, they do not disapear without some kind of IPL or Laser treatment. I think the public would appreciate some honesty from these people. It’s their right to be private about things, but not lying would be nice.

  • avatar AmberDextrose says:

    There’s a procedure used to stop you showing so much gum when you smile: the surgeon cuts where the inside of your lip meets your gum, so that the lip hangs lower. I reckon that would explain that ‘numb from the dentist’ smile she pulls these days.

  • avatar Nutso says:

    She looks like The Grinch.

  • avatar Cheryl L Snyder says:

    Nicole,Nicole,Nicole…Do you really think the public is blind? You aren’t obligated to tell anything about procedures you have or have not done, but if you do choose to talk about it, do yourself and your image a favor…DON’T LIE! It’s obvious something has changed with your lips, and I thought you were one of the honest ones, but I should have known better. You have a lot of Tom Cruise secrets, too.

  • avatar Karen says:

    Now whenever I watch her in a movie I can’t help but stare at her lips. I don’t think she was aiming for that when she enhanced them (or whatever she does to them).

  • avatar Mark says:

    She’s gross. As a guy, she totally turns me off. How this woman became a movie star I will never know. Clearly she signed a deal with the devil…? Catherine Zeta Jones on the other hand, work done or not, is a Knockout. And…nice lies Nicole. Pictures never lie.

  • avatar Jeannette says:

    I just saw Nicole Kidman in a movie she did with Tom Cruise in 1992 called, Far And Away. She looks sooo different, that I googled her using, “Nicole Kidman Lips” and came up with this article. The difference is astounding. The poor woman only needs to look at her earlier work to realize how obvious it is that shes not telling the truth.

  • avatar SpecK says:

    This woman is hideous on the inside and out. I boycott all projects she is involved in.

  • avatar gemma little says:

    WTF ? she playing at ! she looks well ugly now! she got that dun ! ii liked it before! i bet he BF wwud off dumped cos she has changed ! i wud if i wos him! man She is soo crazy!

  • avatar Sickitten says:

    Pants on fire. Nicole Kidman is an Irishy looking redhead who is trying to metamorphasize into a Grace Kelly blond. Everything about her is a lie…Her marriage to Tom, especially. To think she thinks she can pull off wearing her hair off of her face like the photo above is just delusional. Looks like a botched nosejob, too. Dented tip. I’ve always wondered why she never got her top lids done, they hang so low. I see she got the lipliner tattoo applied but badly. Only Jacko is the only other celeb I can think of that wants to erase who they truly are. Kidman hates her true self.

  • avatar MST says:

    She looked great in “Far and Away.”

    I still think she’s attractive, though.

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    Nothing done huh? Man these crazy hollywood nuts must think we are fucken retarded.

  • avatar Julie says:

    She definitely had her lips injected. They look ridiculous. Why do stars deny having plastic surgery when it is obvious that they did have surgery?

  • avatar Heather says:

    I just started to watch Australia and couldn’t stand it because it was too annoying watching her puffy lips and horrible acting. What a joke. And she denies doing anything to her lips? It looks like they’ve been turned inside out and sewn in place… bloody awful.

  • avatar Daisy says:

    I think she also has cheek fillers or some cheek implants.Nowadays, Nicole Kidman is very skinny, but strangely enough her face is rounder than ever.Impossible, if you loose weight the fat will disappear from your face. I saw her in the movie Australia and she looked very unnatural, to say the least. Very bloated face.

  • avatar sandra says:

    liar liar pants on fire! I suppose the face has caughtup with the acting…wooden.

  • avatar VanessaC says:

    I like her as an actress, and I do think she is pretty, but the lips are horrible. It looks like they are about to burst. I imagine once you start to do this type of injection, the skin on the lips would start to stretch, and you would have to keep doing it, no? So, that can’t ultimately be very good for your looks or your lips.

  • avatar Jennie says:

    Maybe she doesn’t understand that she’s ruined her own career. I suppose her lips are unfixable so she’s stuck with it. I thought she was absolutely beautiful before this botched lip job. The fact that she is lying is obvious, but when previous fans can’t bear to watch her on screen anymore, she’s done. Lie all you want to, but no one is going to see your movies anymore. I watched Australia and all I could do was stare at her lips. Another victim of Hollywood vanity.

  • avatar constance says:

    Darryl Hannah and Nicole must go to the same crappy doctor. Aging sucks, but it’s NATURAL.

  • avatar rachael says:

    Nicole is completely morphed into a different person.
    1) IPL to erase all her freckles
    2) Botox to freeze her face and eliminate any movement
    3)Collagen to the lips and other folds to the face
    4)cheek implants to fill out her cheeks/cheekbones
    5)Nose job
    6)Bleached blonde hair and straightening

    This woman is a complete plastic person….its ironic she played herself in the Stepford Wives!!!!

  • avatar Lilly says:

    She looked WAY better before! Nononono!!

  • avatar MichelleRN says:

    The movie Australia was GREAT…but between Nicole pretending to be Renee Zellweger, right down to voice and gestures, and her creepy frozen and bloated face with that absolutely horrifying grimmace that happens when she tries a big smile…I found myself frequently distracted and unable to immerse myself in the film as I would have liked. I certainly hope the fillers resorb with time; and there is NO doubt she’s had them, unless she’s on steroids and has developed Cushings Disease as a result of all her many implants and cosmetic procedures–a very real risk. Better to have your natural pixie face with a few age and expression lines, Nicole, than to have such botched esthetics done. You look ugly now, and you didn’t before…well not compared to how you are now anyway…beauty does come from within after all and there is only so much you can do. Youth isn’t everything.

  • avatar Faroese says:

    OMG you guys are so horrible! Pull yourself together!!!! So what if she did something with her face- her job requires that she looks her best. Im not crazy about her lips now, but guys CHILL OUT! does´t make her a bad person or a bad actress.
    God you guys are f¤%&/ up! get a life!

  • avatar liz says:

    Why do you people who make this site verbally bash everyone for the surgery they have done-especially something as small as veneers-I have veneers-does this make me plastic or fake?even if it does does it make me a terrible person-live & let live!!!

  • avatar skinny says:

    Downright creepy.
    I have thought she has looked creepy for about 10 yrs now, but now she just looks over the top… a few facial tattoos and she’d be right up there with Catman.
    However, her teeth look great.

  • avatar Miranda says:

    She looks terrible. I can’t bare to watch her films anymore (not that they were much good anyway). To me she looks really artificial and veering into Amanda Lepore teritory. She doesn’t look younger, she just looks like she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. She’s also had a boob job which looks ridiculous since everybody knew that she was as flat as a pancake. Somebody should tell her that you only person who believes in her lies, is herself.

  • avatar Sue says:

    Don’t these women have mirrors at home? If I looked like this, I wouldn’t leave my house. Women in Hollywood seem to think that getting older, and owning you age, is worse than death! So they go out and have all these procedures, which make them look ridiculous, and everyone makes fun of them, but they still do it. Just take good care of your body and your health, be good to others, love your life, and get older gracefully. The people who do this are the ones everyone admires, in the end.

  • avatar clusterb0mb says:

    Damn it! Normally i am totally not up for gossip like this but HELL! Just watch Rabbit Hole! Her Face looks totally… STRANGE. Not like herself anymore. Her upper Lip looks like someone smacked her face! What the???

  • avatar lily says:

    Disgusting. Nicole Kidman has always been a talentless person…she cannot act to save her own life. I feel sorry for her as she is a very insecure individual. She looks like a block of ice!

  • avatar mscharlie says:

    I love Nicole Kidman, it is ashame what these people do to them selves.

  • avatar cher kelly says:

    If Nicole,is saying she hasn’t had either her lips injected,at least the top one and or a lip implant I call Shenigans.Her upper lip has been done,I had lip implants done in 2002 and no one could tell,I had juvederm injected in 2005,and the doc not only didn’t nerve block first he didnt know what he was doing,so they. Were bruised I had to move it around,The body absorbed the juvederm.I found an amazing plastic surgeon,Dr.Dean DeRoberts in Syracuse NY,he did them in 2009,nerve blocked them,them outlined them,them filled them in,and iced after,I looked like Goldie Hawn from First Wives Club for a week and then they were sexy and pouty in a natural way,botox can knock 5 years off your looks, but,if your an actor,its unnatural looking when it comes to certain expressions.If she had freckles like I did and they’re gone then she’s had a TCA Peel and probably does spa dermabrasion on the regular.
    Her teeth don’t look veneered,the shape and thickness is the same.If she’s only 41-43 she’s going to look very different in her 50s.

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