Ambre Lake – Wins Rock of Love 2, Buys New Boobs


Previously, I had blogged about the girls of Rock of Love 2 and Bret Michaels love of fake boobies. I had mentioned that Ambre Lake was one of the few contestants that did not have breast implants.

Oh! But how things have changed for Ambre since she won Rock of Love 2!

Ambre Lake before and after breast implants?:

ambre lake breast implants plastic surgery

Ambre Lake’s new boobs:

ambre lake <a href=boob job plastic surgery”>

I wonder if Bret bought those breast implants for Ambre?

I was checking out Ambre Lake’s modeling photos and it appears that she has also had Botox and she formerly was receiving lip injections to plump her lips. Ambre is currently 37 years old.

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  • avatar Jen says:

    Yep, she got her boobs done. You can tell they are brand new too since they are sitting so high and stiff on her chest.

  • avatar Annie Bananie says:

    I think she’s ugly with or without breast implants, and now she just looks sleezy to boot.

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