Amy Winehouse – Back to Flat


Earlier this year, rumors were rampant that Amy Winehouse had gotten breast implants. For weeks she was spotted with gargantuan boobs hanging out of her low cut tops. Many wondered if Amy had gotten implants of if was she wearing a padded bra?

Well, the mystery of Amy Winehouse’s ever changing bust line, SOLVED!

Amy Winhouse’s ever changing boobs:

amy winehouse boob job celebrity plastic surgery

Apparently Amy got sick of the huge boobs and has since ditched the padded bra. Luckly for her, she didn’t opt to get breast implants. It’s much easier to get rid of a padded bra then to get rid of surgically implanted silicon!

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  • avatar maria says:

    cook crack

  • avatar SpookCat says:

    please no more pictures of Amy I can’t take it anymore….something is going to crawl out of her hair I just know it….

  • avatar Greg says:

    Her boob size is the least of her problems.

    Staying clean should be priority #1!!
    Taking care of her health is #2.
    Then getting her life back to something resembling stable, normal, & productive is #3.

  • avatar sophia says:

    Agreed with Greg.
    But i think with bigger boobs shes looked healthier.

  • avatar Kelli says:

    Amy’s obviously wearing a push up bra in some of these pictures, but more seriously the cause of her fluctuating breast size over the years has to do with her severely fluctuating body weight probably due to drug addiction as well as eating disorders (she’s admitted to a “bit” of bulimia in the past). Amy, in her natural state and with a healthy body weight looked to me to have pretty ample boobs. You can google pictures of her pre-drug use/eating disorder and see what I mean (specifically the pic of her in a black mini dress at an award show as well as in her “Stronger Than Me” video). I personally love her and thinks she’s beautiful when she’s got some meat on her bones. I pray she gets clean and healthy soon.

  • avatar Nun_O'Dis says:

    Somebody sliced an orange in half and then slapped the pieces on her “chest”

  • avatar TAV68 says:

    hahaha she can get her boobs done as many times as she likes but that does not help her scary face.

  • avatar jen says:

    You should do some more research before posting these images as propaganda. The poor crack head (who by the way has an amazing voice of her own quality) used to be anorxic and that includes on and off bingeing… she used to be beautiful and voluptuous; unfortunately she didn’t embrace her curves. to conclude, you post such false accusations

  • avatar Lily says:

    She did have breast implants at one time. Even push up bras don’t make the boobs look like bolt-ons like she had at one time.

  • avatar joanna says:

    R.I.P Amy!!!! xxx

  • avatar joanna says:

    You will always be remembered how your music touched peoples souls xx

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