janice dickinson face plastic surgeryJanice Dickinson has admittedly spent around $100,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. To date, Janice has had the following procedures:

* Tummy Tuck

* Breast Implants

* Lip Implant

* Cheek Implants

* Neck Lift

* Face Lift

* Breast Lift

* Liposuction

* Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgeries

* Injectable Fillers (such as collagen)

* Botox

* Veneers

If it can be sucked, tucked, implanted or injected, Janice has probably had it done! In Janice’s own words:

Believe me, I’m a 900-year-old dinosaur and without 14 inches of make-up and 32 pounds of fake weave I wouldn’t look the way I do. I want to be the best-looking corpse there is…I’m honest about it; I haven’t got a problem with it. I borrow bits from everyone. Every six months I fly to Dallas to get Botox and I also get collagen injections…I’m addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Janice Dickinson before and after plastic surgery

janice dickinson face plastic surgery

Janice Dickinson before and after $100,000 worth of plastic surgery

janice dickinson body plastic surgery

While Janice Dickinson doesn’t look as horrifying as some plastic surgery addicts, she definately is starting to look like she’s obviously had a lot of plastic surgery, which shouldn’t be the goal of cosmetic surgery. Although, I do give her credit for being honest about it, rather then lieing like most celebrities.

Janice Dickinson receiving botox injections (yikes!):

janice dickinson body plastic surgery

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  • avatar Jen says:

    That botox pic is seriously scary. People pay for that?!!!

  • avatar Dee says:

    She would look 100 times better if she just worked out, rather then got plastic surgery every week. Look at Madonna. They are about the same age and Madonna looks worlds better then Janice.

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Janice looks so scary on TV and in person. Janice makes mature women look ridiculous and needy with all the plastic surgery being administer to her body. Is anything still real on her body?

  • avatar lola says:

    she was so beautiful when she was young! Like the kind of person that should grow old gracefully…

  • avatar angie says:

    i agree very beautiful when she was young, but now just looks way too plastic.

  • avatar michelle says:

    And you’d think people had a little bit more self-respect for themselves. You couldn’t pay me enough to get any sort of plastic surgery.

    What a fake “wannabe-hottie”… sucks to be her, knowing she still ain’t makin’ the top “Hot List” even after all this shit.

    I Hate her. 10 years from now, she’d look worse then she does now.

  • avatar BlossomEndRot says:

    I think she looks better than many women much younger than her. She has no wobble arms and is pretty toned–at least she is honest about the work. I think she just needs to let her brows relax down a bit. I admire her for making a statement about not wearing puppy skins (fur).

  • avatar Kara Danvers says:

    Wow, later on when she tries surgery, she looks like she’s a drag queen or a male-to-female transexual. Hehehe, a lot of women celebrities are starting to look like mtfs.

  • avatar Aja says:

    I thinks she looks great for her age especially.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    WOW she’s JACKED SHE NEEDS TO qUIT NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Courtney says:

    Janice used to be soooooooooooooo beautiful how could she do this to herself.

  • avatar whuck!!! whuck!!! says:

    I don’t have 2 say nothing else I concure with all of your commets Lmbo hehehehehehehehehehehehhehe

  • avatar zack says:

    she looked kinda like jessica alba…
    now she looks like a screaming freak…

  • avatar angryjohnny says:

    I also give her credit for being honest about it. Although I can’t help thinking how insane she will look in a couple of years as she already looks freakish.

  • avatar erin says:

    She looks ok. Why would you hate her just because she has surgery? We all look better at 20 than at 60.

  • avatar Dude says:

    Did you know that Chelsea Handler called her a turkey?(Because of her neck)

  • avatar Nayiem says:

    Wow! I feel old now.

  • avatar emily says:

    seems like nobody in the spotlight can age gracefully… but then again, if she had aged gracefully she would just drop out of the spotlight. so it’s either age naturally and fade away, or keep “young looking” (or ridiculous… whichever falls into place…) and stay in the spotlight…

    things like that make me glad I am just a normal [unfamous] person!

  • avatar Brian2010 says:

    She would actually look more younger without plastic surgery.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    My god, she was gorgeous when she was young! Wish I looked like the young plastic surgery free version of her!

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