Who Would You Rather Look Like?


Lauren Hutton, Joan Van Ark and Priscilla Presley are all in their early 60’s. Which celebrity would you rather look like when you are in your 60’s?

Which celebrity would you rather look like?

celebrity plastic surgery

Well, one of these things is not like the other…One of the celebrities above has not had cosmetic surgery, can you guess which one? (I bet you can!)

Finally, can you guess who is two years younger then the others? Is it Priscilla Presley, Joan Van Ark or Lauren Hutton?

(Curious to see if you were right? Answers are in the comments section!)

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  • Answers: Lauren Hutton has never had cosmetic surgery. Priscilla Presley and Joan Van Ark have both had cosmetic surgery. Lauren Hutton and Joan Van Ark are both 64 years old. Priscilla Presley is 62 years old.

  • avatar Jen says:

    Well I have to admit that’s a bit shocking. Lauren Hutton looks amazing and the other two surgeried “beauties” look like monsters.

  • avatar Sammy says:

    So basically all of Hollywood (with the exception of Lauren Hutton) is going to end up looking like mask-faced aliens by the time they are 50. Blame high definition television (and insecure women not able to handle aging)! Haha. Good for Lauren Hutton for not buying into the Hollywood bullshit.

  • avatar MsGee says:

    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren……

  • avatar angie says:

    OMG!! i can’t stand to look at JOan Van what ever her name is….she is freaking scary!!

  • avatar Ben says:

    Wow, can’t believe Lauren Hutton is that old already! But I agree with everybody. She looks WAY better than the other two. OMG, Joan van Ark looks like Beast from Beauty and The …

  • avatar Sue Nelson says:

    Lauren Hutton, obviously!

  • avatar Sue Nelson says:


  • avatar Wilson says:

    Joan Van Ark does look absolutely horrendous, not a human being at all. But I gotta say Priscilla looks way better than Hutton. Hutton has a wonky face. Though I doubt any surgery could fix that. Priscilla looks beautiful and proportionate if a little pale. She’s the best looker of the three, by a mile.

  • avatar you people are irritating says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Joan looks like a Dr. Seuss character

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Joan looks like one of those people that have a melted face.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Sorry, melted skin.

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    Lauren Hutton is another classic beauty. Just like Sophia Loren. Poor, poor Joan. And Pricilla, you’re looking a little like your ex son in law. God rest his soul.

  • avatar Ann Child says:

    Actually Lauren Hutton has had surgery on her eyes recently. Look at her in j crew ads from 5-10 years ago and now. Her lids are retracted instead of drooping which they were. I would even think she has had some cheek chin tightening since she was looking much softer 5-10 years ago.

    Check it out!

  • avatar annabella says:

    that is not true. A lot of celebs say they havent been cut. They have. If you believe that LH hasn’t been under the knife, you are naive and sending false information. Also Christie Brinkley says she’s never had work. Again, I’m laughing. Both these women have great taste and the eye of artists. Therefore they ensure the work is exceptional. They are the directors of their faces.

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