Some One on “The Hills” Got New Boobs (And It’s Not Heidi!)


Another girl from MTV’s faux-reality show, “The Hills”, has followed in the footsteps of Heidi Montag and gotten herself a new rack. Audrina Patridge recently appeared on a b-movie set sporting a new set of boobs.

Audrina Patridge before breast implants:

audrina patridge before plastic surgery

Audrina Patridge after breast implants:

audrina patridge breast implants

I wonder if Audrina went to the same plastic surgeon as Heidi? Their breast implants look totally identical. Audrina and Heidi both have douchebag boyfriends and now they both have big fake tits. Best friends forever!!

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  • avatar Sammy says:

    1st Audrina leaked those topless pictures and now plastic stripper boobs. Arn’t there enough talentless bimbos in Hollywood?

  • avatar Dee says:

    I dont think she was pretty before and the implants dont make her pretty now. The entire “Hills” cast is a waste of space. Audrina should have had the fat sucked out of her ankles before she got a new rack.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    She’s still ugly. Why don’t these people work on who they are instead of trying to “fix” what they are???

  • avatar biq says:

    The thing that really tells she leaked the photos herself or at least lied about the timeline is her boobs in the leaked photos look like the same boobs she has on currently, and not the “from years before” when she was too trusting she claimed.

  • avatar cindy says:

    WHYYYYYYYYY. why do girls do this?!?!?!? they look so hard and nasty

  • avatar cygnet says:

    She looked SO much better before~ why would you trade young perky breasts for breasts that look like they belong to someone who’s had 3 kids and nursed them all?

  • avatar angie says:

    why do her eyes always stare up werid!!!!

  • avatar Frank Black says:

    Forget the fake boobs and the “no lights on upstairs” stare, she could eat corn through a razor fence with those piano keys! Is she the love child of Gary Busey and Xena?

  • avatar Leita Carlisle says:

    I think all of the above commentors are probably insignificant, low-life, low self esteemed nobody’s who obviously dont have a clue what a beautiful, sweet and kind person Audrina is….so trash her if you like, but not one of you are worthy of kissing her ass!

  • avatar Rebeka says:

    better after..

  • avatar Carys says:

    Jealousy is a funny thing…

  • avatar Gabriella says:

    The first thing she should have fixed was those zombie eyes

  • avatar Candice says:

    Umm, The people that do this site KNOW NOTHING.

    Audrina has had breast implants since season 1 of The Hills. Heidi got her AFTER.


  • avatar Leita Cartlisle says:

    You wish you had those boobs and those wierd eyes….lol JEALOUS OF AUDRINA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,GET A LIFE!

  • avatar Sarah says:

    At the end of the day, it’s up to her what she does with her body. Stop finding things to critisise…truth is most guys wouldnt kick her out of bed if they met her, and the only reason she’s critisised so much is because she lives in the alien world of celebrity.

    Jesus, no wonder more girls have low self-esteem these days…

  • avatar Ben says:

    I’m not in show biz so probably not the best to comment but I LOVE women and am a worshipper of the female body. I love breasts. Not just the way they look but feel. WHY, WHY, WHY do women do this??? I have had the misfortune of groping silicone implants before and it ended the moment right then and there. Rather exercise and work the foundation muscles of the boobs to help the way they settle rather than implants! Then go bra less; please. Small, medium or large but natural please.

  • avatar daisy says:

    Are you kidding? She is sooo hot both ways! She is a very good looking lady! I really like her boob job. She looks great!

  • avatar Jackie says:

    Dont even try to mix Audrinas name with heidi, who the fuck is this jealous of her to spread these lies, rumors say lc is butt hurt and on pc everyday,, well too bad whoever is talking on this subject Audrina is beautiful and you are not…..

  • avatar deaana says:

    jealousy is amazing,she looks gorgeous. some guys like the fake some don’t she doesn’t have to worry cos im pretty sure she can get anyone & she’s finally moved on from the douche bag Justin!

    & Heidi just got implants, & Audrina has had them,but heidi wants h’s for Heidi,go figure!

  • avatar Brian says:

    I would give it to Audrina for about 8 seconds then spend the next hour apologizing to her.

  • avatar Ryan says:

    i wonder how many sausages have been between those things, i gonna guess and say probably 107, all different men and probably a couple dildo’s

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She’s as ugly as she is retarded.

  • avatar FrankieT says:

    Audrina looked fabulous after her enhancement! Gorgeous and shapely!

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