When Bad Boobs Happen to Bad Girls…


When any women opts for breast implants, there are several possible complications that can span from bad to worse. Better then death, but worse then other complications is: Symmastia

Allaura Sweet & Her Symmastic Breast Implants:

CENSORED – Click for photo

Symmastia happens when the plastic surgeon over-dissects the tissue in your chest cavity, essentially cutting it off of your breast bone. This causes the breast implants to meet in the center and makes for an unusual looking set of boobs.

Even more unusual is the women above (wannabe porno chick Allaura Sweet). She is suffering from a bad case of Symmastia and goes on showing off her horrible boob job, pretending like they don’t look like they should be confined to a tent in a circus side show.

Symmastia is also referred to as: “Uniboob”, “Breadloafing” or “Kissing Implants” and is quite uncommon in terms of breast implant complications. If this happens to you, you probably shouldn’t have used a coupon for your boob job…

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  • I can’t tell from just looking if this is symmastia or not, but it is at least really bad contracture. I wonder where she had this done and if she smokes.

  • avatar hgfdxsz says:

    This cunt is a such a dumbass! She gets het tits done when shes only made 5 movies and been in the biz for over a year!!! her tits are gross to look at and she isnt even a good performer. If you read this you dumb slut please retire from the biz! your pathetic at what you do and you leave your son behind so you can party with those ugly whores from myspace.

  • avatar jenn says:

    Poor girl… I don’t know where she had hers done, but it was done so horrible, def. a botched surgery. I’ve had my boobs done twice, first ones were a c-cup and my new ones are a d-cup… and they look nothing like that, nor do any of my friends who have implants.

  • avatar Mr. Pete says:

    Come on!! Give this girl a break! Allaura is a hard working girl trying to succeed in a very competitive industry. I think the results of her surgery gave her a unique and special look to be admired. I guarantee you the majority of the people in this world would wish to have her body, courage and dedication to succeed in the porn business. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Keep it up Allaura!

  • avatar Allaura Sweet says:

    To all you who have no lives,
    Thank you for making me the center of a topic. The phrase “Even bad publicity, is still publicity” comes to mind. As for MY chest, when these pictures were done, my boobs were 2 months old. Therefore, they do NOT look like that anymore and yes I still show them off proudly. So keep on talking because as long as you are, my name is still going around. Thanks and have a great day!
    Allaura Sweet

  • avatar Allaura Sweet says:

    Oh and as a side note to kgfdwhatever, the fact that you even had the balls to speak about my son, when you know NOTHING about him or me shows just how ignorant you are so keep on talking.
    Allaura Sweet

  • avatar Danny says:

    Your breasts look great to me. Your one stunning looking girl. 🙂 Good luck!

  • avatar bri bri says:

    leave my girl alone!!!!!! she makes good money and is a highly respectful person. i advise the bullying to stop. you haters are just fuckin jealous because you want some and cant have it. shut your ugly fat mouths.shitheads….i love you girl….

  • avatar Frog Prep says:

    Casey Serin needs to be executed.

  • avatar Lucky Fann says:

    Believe it or not- I had sex with this young lady. In fact, yesterday. She’s an escort girl. Very nice young woman actually. Her boobies look and feel fine. So does everything else. Have a great day, everyone!

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    You didn’t have sex with her Mr. Lucky Fann or Mr. Masterbater.

  • avatar Frieda Groper says:

    This young woman is actually an escort in the Kansas City area. I visited her at a motel near the Worlds of Fun amusement park. She is very nice, very sweet, funny and seems to enjoy what she is doing. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t, but she puts on a believable facade. Yes- I did have sex with her, In fact, we did lots of fun stuff, some she did to me and vice versa. She would not do the typical things that girls like her don’t do- her boobs looked slightly odd, but just slightly. Up close they look quite nice. It was a very pleasant experience, above average for experiences of this nature. She works at a local. popular exotic dance club in downtown KC. I would have to say, yes- Lucky Fann did have sex with her, because I did also.

    • avatar Dear Frieda says:

      Thank you Frieda for confirming what I previously suspected about this person and the true nature of her “business.” I wonder when she has time to go to law school and be with her “family” while pretending to be a porn star, stripping, working at a casino, being a hooker and screwing married men? What a shame. At least his wife will know where to find her now that I am sure what is going on. Thank you!!!

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