in 1980, Dennis Abner was your average San Diego guy. He is a former Marine with a college education and one night he had a dream where an indian chief told him to “follow the way of the tiger”. Now, dreams can be interpreted in a number of ways, for example, to me “following the way of the tiger” would be about being strong and brave. Apparently Dennis took it literally and immediately started transforming himself into a strange, cat-like anomaly.


catman plastic surgery body modification

Dennis (who has had his name legally changed to “Catman”) started his transformation with tattoos around his eyes and has since spent close to $200,000 on tattoos, plastic surgery and body modification. Here is a list of some of his “tiger”-like changes:

* Upper lip split and reshaped

* Silicon lip implants

* Full body tattoos

* Teeth removed and replaced with pointy dentures

* Cheek implants

* Nose implant

* Chin implant

* Brow implant

* Ears clipped and pointed

* 6 stainless steel implants in forehead (to mount whiskers)

* 18 lip peircings (to mount whiskers)


scary cat plastic surgery

Catman would like to get additional body modification, including steel mounts implanted in his scalp (to attached cat ears to) and he claims that he would like real tiger pelt surgically attached to his body. Unfortunately he needs to find a job first so he can save up the money to continue with his transformation. Personally I think he should just get himself a sugermamma. Does anyone know Jocelyn Wildensteins phone number? I think they would be perfect together!

Here is a video of an appearance that Catman made on an international talk show. Towards the end of the video, they show a picture of Catman before he underwent extreme body modification:

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  • avatar noel says:

    wtf? why would anyone go through the pain of body mod to look like a beast.

    • avatar biatccch says:

      Hes not a beast. He’s a human with mental problems that, no matter what anyone says, needs help. The real beast in this equation is, in fact, the surgeon that thought he could take advantage of his mental problems to earn the money. His liscence should be taken off. He’s the fucked up maniac.

  • avatar LeighP says:

    I wonder if he ever regrets turning himself into a freak?

  • avatar KVD says:

    Why this guy isn’t in a mental institution escapes me.

  • avatar Hollyhoo says:

    I remember hearing about this guy years ago. Didnt he move to some island fro freaks or something like that?

  • avatar Martin Villiam Jensen says:

    I think it’s great that he has decided to go that far with bodymodification. Its his choice, he likes the way he looks. What about you, aren’t you decorating your own body in a way that you find comfortable (like cutting your hair in a certain way, wearing a specific style of clothes, painting your nails etc)?
    I have a few modifications, and have done some wild stuff in my life, therefore some people has chosen to call me a psychopathic (and even strange things like a murderer and a rapist) – things that have nothing to with my lifestyle, and will never have. why? why do we, that have chosen to live our own lives and be the person we really are, have to be treated like a piece of shit?
    I am 100% sure that Dennis Avner, aka Stalking Cat, doesn’t consider himself as a beast nor a freak. Why should he be in a mental institution? just because he is different than the mainstream-human? well of course that’s a good reason… not.
    He’s a human, just like you. He got a job, I recently heard that he was something with IT but according to his website he is a performer.

    • avatar kricket says:

      I agree he can be how he wants and i think he looks amazing! It takes time and dedication to do what he did I want to know who else could give there all to their passion!

  • avatar cygnet says:

    He and Jocelyn Wildenstein make a great pair.

  • avatar fcuk says:

    Just wrong and creepy. Wrong and Creeeepy.

  • avatar wetwings says:

    It’s his body, his choice. But it is creepy looking. I just hope he doesn’t wake up some days regretting it, because were he to go back he’d never look the same after all this. I suppose he values looking like a catman more than companionship because sadly most people will turn away. Or maybe he’s found someone…hope so, most people don’t want to be lonely forever.

  • avatar retard says:

    All that money and it still doesn’t even look close to a fucking cat. What a fucktard……

  • avatar Papabejo says:

    So did he fork over the money and also get neutered? What a nut job. $200,000 bucks and now he must get a job to keep the work going? What a waste of money. The only job he may be able to hold is telephone solicitor, that way no one will see this freak! He probably has screwed up his voice with that stupid lip split thing…

  • avatar Lulu says:

    i respect him for living his dream with total commitment, but i always feel a little sad when someone who goes to such extremes would have otherwise been cute. whatever, though, he’s doing what makes him happy, why should anybody else care what he does with his body and money?

  • avatar Mark says:

    Seems to be a nice guy in the interview.
    I think he looks awesome; respect for the man who lives his dream!
    But why does he have breast-implants?

  • avatar Linz says:


  • avatar Amanda says:

    The doctors who performed these procedures should have their licenses revoked.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    That’s just really scary. I never thought anyone would want to or even be able to look like that.

    It’s wrong.

    They will definitely regret this.

    There’s GOOD plastic surgery (e.g. Megan Fox) and BAD plastic surgery (e.g. Michael Jackson).

    It’s easy to tell the difference, I think πŸ™‚

  • avatar Esosebype says: – great domain name for blog like this)))

  • avatar AthenaArson says:

    I think he is an insperation. He is showing people to be who you want to be. Who you believe you are. I believe I am a tiger at heart too. And cats are my favorite animal. I had 20 cats at one time.
    They are just so special, and creative.

    And I have to say that Catman is super cute. I would love to meat him one day, maybe chat sometime.
    So people don’t judge, he is clearly more himself then you ever will be.

  • avatar renita says:

    What a friggin psychopath.

  • avatar Andy says:

    He needs a job to get more plastic surgery? Who is going to hire him? In addition, who will ever marry him? If he had kids, how would his kids feel about him? He is most likely living a very lonely life (because of his appearance).

    Yes, he is a human being, but he has made some irreversible choices that will negatively impact the rest of his life. And I’m sure have already negatively impacted his life. He will never be able to go anywhere without being stared at, mocked, etc. Someday, when he is a 70 year old man, he might really regret what he has done. I can’t imagine what it is like for him going through the normal things of life we all go through- doctor visits, grocery shopping, renewing a drivers liscence, etc.

    I feel sadness for him and wonder why any person would desire to have the appearance of an animal and would change their appearance so drastically that they would spend $200,000 on it (I’m sure he has massive debt… I can’t imagine that he has a high paying job considering his appearance). And why? Why would someone want to look like a tiger?? Or any animal for that matter?

    Sure, he may be “himself,” but I could be myself too and go around in old sweatpants, burping and passing gas and cussing and not bathing… and I bet you, it isn’t going to get me a good-paying job or a lot of good friends.

  • avatar kba says:

    it looks like he has breasts or something

  • avatar bex says:

    i am not understanding the people who are saying this is an inspiration. this man is clearly fucked up.

  • avatar Fiona says:

    Geek to Freak or what?
    Am I seeing things or has he had breast implants also? See the clip when he walks down the stairs with the briefcase………..hmm either that or bad case of MOOBS!

  • avatar janetb says:

    que sera sera

  • avatar Helen says:

    he’s just plain psychopathic. They put addicts in rehab and not THIS GUY?! he needs help!

  • avatar Guy says:

    Instead of having all that surgery he should just buy lots of cats or just get help like the way Helen says.

  • avatar Whatsittoya! says:


  • avatar Demonoid says:

    he dont need help. he just ruined his own life πŸ™
    some people do such self-destruction, for whatever reason. he never cant get “normal” or “accepted”… typical born-again loser… who ever say “its his choice” u are absolutelly correct. its HIS choice to ruin his own life. he is “himself” – sad fuckface… lonely to the rest of his life πŸ˜‰

  • avatar tommyboy says:

    I wonder if Jocelyn Wildenstein dresses up like him for halloween

  • avatar Jaijef says:

    I could do ALOT with 200K dollars.
    Pay off a house,car,etc and then live off whatever I had left for about a year or two.
    OR take 200K dollars and give it to charity.

    IDC that he wants to be a cat but that is a crapload of cash to do that to one’s self.

  • avatar vardelay says:

    he is literaly living his dream. it seems like a while ago, he dreamed that someone was telling him to embrace the cat, or the tiger, or something feline.
    he’s not being himself, he’s actually trying to be something that’s not even human.
    i think it’s weird. and i don’t think everything is relative. to compare that kind of extreme transformation to cutting your hair is irrelevant.

  • avatar KCK says:

    Does he crap in the garden? Let’s hope the vet neutered him so no more of his breed can continue…………….. euk!

  • avatar DinSF78 says:

    Did no one else notice that the guy has breast implants, too!?? He has breasts! Watch the video at the 1:07 mark, you’ll see his breasts bounce just like a woman’s. I’ve never seen a tiger with breasts!

    He’s disturbed. It’s not body modification, it’s mutilation.

  • avatar crouching tiger, hidden FREAK says:

    eewwwww, but how cool!!!! i wanna be just like him πŸ˜‰

  • avatar Asuigeneris1 says:

    I know the guy, he is actually very articulate and intelligent…though perhaps a tad eccentric. LOL

    ….and worry not he has a good looking girlfriend, that seems to like boinking the “catman”. πŸ™‚

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    He has L.A.M.S. To look what it means than read the blog below

  • avatar michael says:

    he doesnt have breast implants. He had testicular cancer u KunTs. it means there is an oestrogen testosterone imbalance. And just because he’s had surgery to make him look cat like doesn’t make him a psycho. Plenty of famous people have plastic surgery and extreme procedures but because they do it to conform to how they think people want them to look thats ok? Fucking hipocrits.

  • avatar Mandy says:

    To those who are saying he’s a psychopath: Usually psychopaths look like average, clean cut, “good” people. You know, like Ted Bundy (serial killer) or your charming, normal looking neighbor. In fact, you often see neighbors of psychopaths on the evening news saying things like “he was the nicest, most normal guy ever!” and “he just looked so normal and he was always so nice and neighborly!” They usually throw in a few “I just knew there was something wrong with that guy” comments but that’s really not true. Psychopaths don’t care about anything, they don’t have the ability to care, and in fact revel in the suffering of other people.

    This guy is clearly not a psychopath.

  • avatar Evadadiva says:

    I know him personally and have to say, of all the humans I’ve ever met, he is in the upper % of truly kind and nice people. His heart is really in his transformation. I applaud him for having the guts to take his vision as close toward reality as possible. Yes, it’s strange, yes, it’s “abnormal” but it’s ultimately his choice. He’s intelligent and sane enough to know the social consequences of his choices. As far as who would marry him… I consider him a catch!

  • avatar sundancer says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the whiskers.

  • avatar Amanda says:


  • avatar Amanda says:

    Oh, I see his from San Diego. California is full of cookoo liberal lunatics & freaks like this one.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Here is another clear example of a defect in someone’s gene pool.

  • avatar Gary Bowden says:

    I remember seeing him on FANactic(I think that was the name)on VH-1 a few years ago and they did a segment on this guy.Even showed him at a restaurant eating raw meat,like a cat would..This guy must have a lonely life and a little nutty to go to this extreme..I couldn’t imagine a female/woman being interested in him.Not unless she was part of a circus,I guess..very weird.

  • avatar manda yung says:

    It’s his free choice!

  • avatar SuperCactus82 says:

    You know, I could get past the tattoos and face injections and piercings…. but I must ask… WHAT IS WITH THIS GUYS TITS!?

  • avatar Dr John says:

    Doctors didn’t do this, a body modification artist did do it and so called doctors in mexico.And what is with those massive mantits! To the person who said he was a catch…why aren’t you with him then? Even you know he is screwy! Remember to spay or neuter people like this to keep the gene pool clean!

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