Heather Locklear’s Face – WTF Happened?


Seriously. Heather Locklear, what in the hell did you do to your face?

Heather Locklear on set of the movie “Flirting with Forty”

heather locklear plastic surgery

As we’ve mentioned before, Heather Locklear is no stranger to the plastic surgeons office, but recently she has gone too far and has what appears to be a botched facelift.

Heather Locklear’s face:

heather locklear facelift surgery

Looking at the pictures above, it looks like Heather got a facelift plus cheek implants (that were placed slightly too high) right around the end of 2006.

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  • avatar LeighP says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a mask. Really weird looking.

  • avatar Hollyhoo says:

    I hope those are just bad pictures because she used to be so pretty!

  • avatar kathy says:

    OMG give the girl a break!! It is obvious she is still swollen by the surgery in that first photo!! People who post these remarks about beautiful women are obviously so jealous. At least she cares about how she looks and I commend her for wanting to stay beautiful.

    Now go eat your bon bons you fat ugly people who post these negative comments!!

  • avatar Bracha says:

    I dont think anyone could be jealous Cathy. Those pics are down right scary. I think a woman should age gracefully. Maybe a little plastic surgery but Hollywood actors have gone over the top. They seem to be very insecure people. And, never call anyone ugly. That causes others to feel hurt. Natural is by far the most beautiful. what confusion there is in outward appearances? True beauty comes from a kind heart.

  • avatar jo jo beans says:

    she’s not healing, she is filming a movie in that picture…its awful…she was only 40, that is too young to be doing that stuff….and cheek implants ALWAYS look awful

  • avatar Nesha says:

    the first photo dont look like her but the ssecond does!!

  • avatar Pat says:

    I recently saw Heather in a 2008 Lifetime movie. Her face looked frozen. She had no facial expressions. She never smiled. It looked like she had facial nerve damage; I hope she sues the plastic surgeon.

  • avatar bocelli says:

    No, her face was just really swollen after cheek implant surgery similarly to Madonna’s. The extreme swelling would gradually subside within about a couple of months.

  • avatar Terri says:

    I think a lot of these women/actresses looked better before they had plastic surgery. I don’t like that puffy, carved-face look. And why did Heather do this movie about turning 40 when she was really like 46 or 47 in actual/real life? She definetly did not look 40. Unfortunately she looked more like 50 or older. I thought for sure she was in her 50’s. These poor women who think they’re going to look younger with plastic surgery don’t realize that it doesn’t fool anybody. Just be your own age and the natural look is best (in my opinion).

    • avatar Lyn says:

      I saw the movie “Flirting with Forty” on LMN and she looked good! Although, I knew she had altered her face. That first pic is just a bad photo or maybe photo shopped to awful. I agree that she is way too young to get all this work done.

  • avatar Helen says:

    I saw her in Melrose Place last night and I was shocked! She looks terrible! She is so naturally pretty and now she is a clone of Priscilla Presley and all the other plastic Hollywood types. Such a shame, a few wrinkes don’t dectract from beauty!

  • avatar norgegal says:

    Has it not occured toanyone that this isn’t. Heather? Seriously…looks more like a body double or stand in. Highly doubtful that’s heather!

  • avatar norgegal says:

    Once again I write to say the 1st pix is adouble or stunt woman, which is par for the course in films. The double did a scene in lieu of heather. So they bare similarities. If that’s not convincing enough, check out the length of the blue shirts…! Pix 1 is at the waist, pic2 is at her hips region! Furthermore, the pics obviously taken at similar time frames, show totally different looks! Meaning the beautiful pic 2 had surgery the same time to become uglyish pic 1! Now how much sense does that make? None. Pic1 is not heather, pic 2 is!

  • avatar joey says:

    celebrities who have lip implants and botox injections all look the same – they look like old quacking ducks.

  • avatar tit says:

    halalahaheho lol!! Crash bang wollop! What picture what a photograph bang her on the ole bass drum lol.

  • avatar sez says:

    looks like tommy lee gave her a hiding 😉

  • avatar Isabelle says:

    Cheek implants. Terrible work. Chipmunk look. These Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are the worse in the country!

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