Scary Spice Has Gigantic Fake Knockers


I couldn’t help but notice that Melanie Brown (aka: Scary Spice, of the Spice Girls) has extremely large knockers nowadays. I didn’t remember her having obviously large boobs back in her Spice Girl’s years, so I did some digging and found some old pictures of Scary Spice and it is clear that she has indeed had breast implants to increase her bustline from a large B cup to a double D cup.

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) before breast implants

scary spice melanie brown plastic surgery

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) after breast implants

scary spice melanie brown breast implants <a href=boob job“>

Melanie Brown’s breast implants actually look good, in my opinion. She had a decent amount of breast tissue to start with, so the implants don’t look overly fake, round and bolted on.


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  • avatar LeighP says:

    Her breast implants are gigantic! She should have gone a size smaller.

  • avatar KVD says:

    They look huge in the picture on the left, but they look pretty good on the picture on the right. She’s got a booty to balance out those boobs, so she can work those implants.

  • avatar JM says:

    I don’t think she’s had implants. She’s had two kids, gotten older and gained weight.

  • avatar Sofia says:

    She definitely had a boob job.The question is why,damn it?!She had great natural boobs!!!Now she looks like everyone else.With fake,ugly ballons under her chest.Stupid woman.If I had her natural size boobs,I would never even consider a breast augmentation!

  • avatar Mi says:

    You sure she got surgery? She DID have a baby after those 2nd set of pics

  • avatar NS says:

    … i don’t think they are fake.. all body’s store fat in a different way. when i was weighing 115 5’3 i had a nice 32B ive gained alittle weight over the past year or 2 and now at 135 and 32D and thats with out having kids… if i can jump up that much i think just about anyone can.

    • avatar Jamie says:

      Oh of course they’re f**king fake. Everything about her is fake now, she’s had loads of surgery, probably chemical face peel, botox to reduce crows feet, you name it!

  • avatar Jay says:

    They are for sure real, unlike Victoria Beckhams soccer balls. Mel has had 2 kids since the Spice Girls and they are 100% real. Mel B would admit if she had fake boobs, but in an interview she said they are 100% real, and even offered for the reported to have a feel.

  • avatar Jesper says:

    Well, boobs might grow if you gain weight, or have a kid. And on that account she might not have fake breasts. But recent pictures, where you can actually see her sixpack, well, she still have huge boobs. And when you can see the abs of a woman, she has a very low percentage body fat, and very very very often have very small breasts as well – which she doesn’t. So therefor, they are fake !

  • avatar Alison says:

    It’s not just her boobs she’s had her face done too. Look, there’s not even a smile line which there should be! Sonmething’s happened to her eyes too, compare them to the older pictures.

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