Heidi Montag is a vapid waste of space Wants Butt Implants


heidi montag <a href=butt implants” align=left hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″>I hate writing about Heidi Montag because she is such a vapid attention whore, but here goes nothin’…

Heidi Montag from MTV’s “The Hills” reveals that she wants to undergo more plastic surgery. She has already had breast implants, a nose job and lip injections, but she claims that she also would consider getting butt implants. This is what Heidi told In Touch Magazine:

“I work on my booty so hard, so that’s the one asset, literally, that I need”, Heidi said. “Butt implants are the new thing, so Kim Kardashian, watch out!”. Spencer, 24, says he adores Heidi with the booty she’s already got although he’s quick to point out that he’ll support any decision she makes. “I havn’t seen her upset a day since she had her first surgery done,” he tells In Touch. “It’s such a personal thing, I would never tell someone to do it or not to do it.”

Quite honestly I think Heidi and Spencer are making this claim simply for the attention, because Heidi’s butt is the only attractive thing on that girl.


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  • avatar Hollyhoo says:

    I think that Heidi Montag should get as much plastic surgery as possible. It couldn’t hurt when you are that ugly!

  • avatar Gillian Ran says:

    I think she is serious and attention whore too. It’s way to easy to spot that. I just wonder, what kinds problems she has in head when she needs to talk about this in public.

  • avatar wow says:

    why do we even give this girl a time of the day…ridiculously+fake fake…and I do not mean plastic surgery alone…personality is fake! she got nada to contribute!ick

  • avatar mark says:

    shes obviously pretty unhappy with her life since she has to beg for attention even though its not positive

  • avatar lisa says:

    She is such an attention whore.
    She shouldn’t go flaunting plastic surgery off like that. Thousand of girls watch The Hills or the City or whatever shit she’s on and she shouldn’t go mutilating herself like that because many young girls look up to her and think that she’s pretty and she shouldn’t smack their innocence in the face like that with a new set of buns. It’s not okay to go around saying , “that’s the one asset, literally, that I need”.
    A lot girls probably looked at their butts in the mirror and felt ugly because Heidi says her butt isn’t good enough so theirs must not be either.

  • avatar daisy says:

    She was pretty ugly before at least now she doesn’t look as bad. I do think she’s trying to hard. She should just accept that she isn’t the pretty girl and should stop with all the plastic.

  • avatar Jenn says:

    Her face looks only slightly better and her breasts look terrible. She looks absolutely ridiculous with those large implants. It looks like she had to large balls stretched under her skin. Way too large. She’s history in Hollywood and I don’t think people should support anything she does. Terrible role model and perfect example of what not to strive for.

  • avatar fumf says:

    i don’t give two shits about these people, but here’s the thing: she’s a vapid waste of space….and you spend your time thinking and writing about her. so what the fcuk does that make you? really, you effing loser, get some perspective on your life. now, onto what i was here for in the first place > pics of kardashian booty. way more important than any celeb gossip that occupies your sad lives. ha!

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