Diora Baird’s Boobs – Real or Fake?


Diora Baird is a 25-year-old up and coming actress and model with a gigantic rack. She’s sporting 32DD’s to be exact, which is huge considering her petite frame.

Are Diora’s breast real or does she have implants?

CENSORED – Click for photo

There is no denying that Diora Baird has an amazing body, but is it natural? While it is quite unusual for a girl her size to have such large breasts, it’s not impossible. Plus, her breasts have a natural shape to them, rather then the overly round, bolted on porn star boobs, that can occur when a small girl gets large breast implants (see Daisy De La Hoya, for example).


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  • avatar Y0Y? says:

    Look at their unnatural shape at the bottom, and the fact that her nipples are pointing at the ceiling. Even 16 year old boobs of that size don’t do that.

  • avatar Realdeal says:

    Unless she got contoured implants (the teardrop shaped implants) and had an EXTREMELY talent plastic surgeon, those are real, beautifully natural breasts.

  • avatar Definitely says:

    Fake. No question about it. I say she had pretty large breasts before, there is a natural sag to them. However, she got implants to fill up the large sagging breasts, this is why the nipples are pointing up (never this much on natural breasts) and there’s lots pf volume underneath them. Simply put, even if she had pretty dense breast tissue, there’s no way natural breasts this size could be as firm and round as hers. Of course, something could have been added with Photoshop as well.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    I agree with poster #3. Nipples are a bit high up for natural but who knows.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    Actually, if you google her, she looks different in many of her pics. Face and haircolor included. But there are a few where her chest doesn’t appear as big.

  • avatar Theisa says:

    It really is laughable how little men know about the difference between real and fake breasts. Those are real boobs, as are Lindsay Lohans. You’ll notice they both have the same drop, fold and nipple positioning that naturally large breasts have. Not to be confused with fat women’s breasts which are shaped differently because they are full of more fat than actual breast tissue.

    • avatar Priya says:

      But her nipples are much to small to look natural. I have massive breasts, and they’re completely natural; my nipples are not massive, or large, but they are bigger than hers are. Hers are WAY too small to be real.
      I think she’s got a seriously skilled plastic surgeon.

    • avatar penelope says:

      Fake as hell. U should know if your a women.

  • avatar Erin says:

    They are REAL.
    Read this quote by her-

    (To Playboy magazine, printed in August 2004) It wasn’t until in the last year and a half that I started making fun of myself and the fact that I have big boobs. I never really was comfortable with my large breasts. And I went to the plastic surgeon, and almost got a breast reduction. I didn’t do it, thankfully.

  • avatar Astaroth says:

    Could I point out to poster #6 that ‘actual breast tissue’ is fat. The female breast has absolutely NO muscle tissue, and is composed entirely of adipose tissue (fat) with milk ducts running through it. Consequently, small breasts may appear quite firm as they have little weight, so gravity has little effect, but very large preasts will ALWAYS appear much softer and droopier, simply because they’re heavier, and gravity takes over. Other things, such as nipple position, size of areola etc. are very variable, so it’s quite possible to have nipples which are positioned quite high up, or to the side. Unlike something manufactured by robots, the human body is uterly variable, and hence comes in all shapes and sizes … as do the individual parts of which it is composed.

  • avatar Kandy says:

    To poster #8: I don’t think anyone here said that breasts are made of muscle tissue. And you are wrong about breasts being “composed entirely of adipose tissue (fat)”.

  • avatar Nat says:

    They look real. When I was in school, I had a friend who was thin as anything, but she had C cups from about 13, that went up to D when she turned 16. So I don’t automatically assume slender girls with big breasts visited their friendly neighbourhood plastic surgeon. Especially when there’s a natural droop in them, like this lady’s.

  • avatar The Deuce says:

    A few things:

    #6 is wrong to say that fat isn’t actual breast tissue. Breast tissue is largely fat, especially by volume. That’s what makes them soft and round. Consider how animals have mammary glands, but no breasts, because they don’t have fat there to make them stick out.

    And it’s the ligaments that hold up the breasts, and the tightness of the skin, that gives them their shape, more than how fatty they are. If anything, having a lot of glands makes them front-heavy, because the glands are attached to the nipple, not the chest.

    #8 is basically right. Breasts are made up of fat with milk ducts and lobes running through it, and also ligaments that hold them up.

    In general, bigger breasts have more fat, even big ones on skinny girls, I believe. Have you ever noticed how when some girls get fat, their breasts get huge, while when other girls get fat, they stay the same? I think that, for the most part, it’s just a luck of the draw of where your body stores its fat.

    As for Diora Baird, I’m not sure. I’ve wondered about her for a while. They don’t seem like implants, but then something does seem oddly unnatural about them. There’s the really high nipples, and they don’t seem to move much when I’ve seen her in motion, or hang down much when she bends over. I’ve also seen her in pictures where she doesn’t seem quite as big, but maybe it’s just perspective.

    Maybe she’s had some other sort of work done, or maybe small implants under already big breasts, or maybe it’s just really tight skin and ligaments.

  • avatar cammea says:


    look at the third picture on the top especially. real breasts are not shaped like oranges.

  • avatar Sal says:

    See how they start under her arm, continue around, and fade into her chest? Fake tits don’t do that. They are round balls, especially THAT size. Sorry haters, but those beauties are 100% REAL.

  • avatar Steve says:

    Um I have no clue if you guys have ever seen her in a movie but those things movie like nobody’s business. Fake tits dont have as much bounce too them as hers do. Just go watch something with her in it.

  • avatar planeswalkerkhc says:

    I’m a doctor and I’ve done enough breast exams to know that those are real. The playboy quote supplied by poster #7 also confirms it. And also, Diora’s not exactly petite but voluptuous at 5’8″. Keeley Hazell at 5’6″ is about her frame and she’s got all-natural 32Es so not all big-breasted ravishing beauties are fake. Kudos for real breasts.

  • avatar stive says:

    no they r not … i know many have very thin body with big breast but never the nippel well be that much high i say never … ok cod be like littel lwoer than this but not that much … am familler with big breast women usually … so they r fake for sure … sure like 95% well they cod be nutral but i gess its unnormal …

  • avatar Sex Toy says:

    This isn’t plastic surgery, it is what you call “a gift from God.” Breasts this good don’t happen often, but they do happen. Lucky girl!

  • avatar Total Reality says:

    There is no doubt that they are real. If we only had the picture posted here to judge, I’d say that we couldn’t be sure one way or the other. But there are plenty of other photos and videos of Diora around the internet if you care to look. In all of them her breasts move with her body. There are videos of her lying on her back, showing that when she lies back, her breast tissue spreads out and falls back into her body. Implants stick up even when a woman is lying flat. I’ve seen enough pornos with fake (and rarely real) breasts to be able to tell the difference. The Wedding Crashers scene was one example of her breasts naturally moving and flowing into her body, there is also another video of her lying back in a green bikini and then sitting up (her breasts are flat when she’s lying back and appear when she sits up), along with a sex scene in the move Hot Tamale.

    In short- there is no possibility that she has breast implants.

  • avatar dick says:

    how can you tell if they are fake or real with all the photoshop and editiing such, those are real, if they werent she wouldnt have a career. right, right
    lets go jack off yeah

  • avatar Ivanka says:

    am nutral 32E and i have the same fairm brest but even wen i was a teen my brest never have ther the color around the nippel (i dont wat u call it) be that much high no way i mean impossibel do you hear that even main didnt change until now am 27 they firme and tight but not like that ??? she have realy wired brest butful but no idont blive it sorry …

  • avatar Geo says:

    All of you that say they are real, are idiots. Even that woman up there that says us men know nothing. If you do a little research, she states herself that they are fake breast.

    The internet is a tool learn to use it.

  • avatar Hoot says:

    I’ve seen a pic of her earlier in life and they are quite real. I won’t put it past her that she got a boost recently, not so much for size but for anti-sag. If you see the pic of her – standing against a wall with one foot pulled up against her leg – it’s very obvious they are entirely natural. Deep cleavage and incredibly full, her breasts are magnificent. But Geo says I’m an idiot, so I (and we) must all be, because Geo says it. Thanks Geo – you’re the best.

  • avatar Slick says:

    I know nothing about breasts, but something seems fishy with the line up to her armpit. It goes straight up, then dekes northwest to the pit.

    My guess is real, BUT maybe with a non-implant lift.

  • avatar david says:

    She was my neighbor until she turned 17 and my family actually have a very close relationship with her. I know her personality very well and just by her personality I can tell they are 100% real, not to mention the conversations she has with my sister

  • avatar ST says:

    They’re real. I know for a fact.
    Just look at the way they bounce in Young People, amongst other things. They’re real, believe me.

  • avatar DG says:

    first off, david ur a lucky bastard and second they are real, the facts have already been stated so i wont repeat them

  • avatar Alan says:

    They are real. Both of them. How annoying that must be for the ‘fake’ hunters. Yes, she’s ‘amazing’. Amazingly real. Look up what ‘amazing’ means.

  • avatar Amy says:

    I don’t know about taller women, but I am 5’0″ size 4 and I wear a 34DD. Mine are completely natural. Sometimes people do have naturally large breasts no matter what their body frame says they should have. I have had people grab my boobs to “decide” if they are real or not. While my nipples are not pointing to the sky, many women do have naturally high nipples. Her breasts look quite like mine in shape and droop (everything except nipple placement), so I am going to say that her breasts are real.

  • avatar Mark says:

    I give you definitive proof that they are real:

  • avatar Jake says:

    First off watch wedding crashers for proof those gifts from God are very, very real. Second, to post #8 and #11, poster #6 is right, the breast is composed of fatty tissue & two kinds of connective tissue (collagen and elastin). Diora is extremely lucky to have much more connective tissue in her breast which gives them that extremely perky, firm appearance. When the ratio of fat to connective tissue strays in the opposite direction (i.e. with heavier women) breasts will start to sag, especially C cup and higher.

  • avatar Korey says:

    Mark has perfect proof that they are real. also the wedding crahsers scene, hot tamale, two and a half men….fake boobs don’t bounce and jiggle like that! I love Diora! Just because they are large and amazing doesn’t mean they are fake and the playboy pic could have been photoshopped for all the haters of that particular picture.

    • avatar Philippe says:

      Mark: I don’t know what’s wrong in your head that makes it seem like non-augmented breasts somehow bounce a specific way that implants cannot. Maybe none of your girlfriends had implants, so you never got to spend enough time seeing them in real life to make the comparison.

      I ‘m not insulting you, I just do not understand your logic. all kinds of breasts can bounce all kinds of ways, augmented or not.

      Just sharing my thoughts, and trying to learn as well. If I can be proven wrong (with something other than a grainy YouTube scene clipped from one of her films)
      I will admit defeat. If I’m wrong, I will say “you win” . But I can’t understand how a 20-second clip of a film can decide something like this.

  • avatar Anna says:

    Come on, her breasts are REAL. I’m 18 and always had trouble finding a bra that fit, because I am so small yet have big breasts. After many fittings at Victoria’s Secret, I finally found that I am just a rarer size of 32DD.

  • avatar Loyal reader says:

    Ugh!! It annoys the crap out of me when you say “This woman’s breast” or whatever. It’s BREASTS. B-R-E-A-S-T-*S*. When you say “breast,” you’re referring to ONE of them. Please add the “s” on the end in the future. THANK YOU.

  • avatar Monno says:

    My ex had quite a bit larger breast, 30H’s, and they roughly had the same shape, only a slight more droop, and her nipples pointed upwards to id go for real

  • avatar bob says:

    pre-fame topless pics of her show she had very large natural breasts on an small frame. Rather than implants she has had these uplifted, more than likely several times. Breast tissue of that weight would not maintain her shape at her current age without such a regular procedure.

  • avatar Nikki says:

    I’m short, skinny, young, and have a natural DD chest. I have ever since I was a teen. It’s possible and you can tell her’s are real by looking at them.

  • avatar Ric says:


    Lol at Lindsay Lohan being natural. She is NOT natural. Not only did she very rapidly go up several cup sizes a few years back, but she famously fell out of her dress and showed the implant scars.

    Diora probably is though – check how close together her breasts are. No gap which you usually have with implants.

  • avatar fenceman says:

    They’re real…and they’re SPECTACULAR.

  • avatar joe says:

    God, who cares? They are awesome.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Fake but fabulous!

  • avatar John says:

    I’m over all the girls/women getting on this post telling us how huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge THEIR breasts are. We are discussing Diora Baird, get over yourself!

  • avatar penelope says:

    They are fake, TRUST me. I did the same when I was young and stupid (and i already had big boobs).
    It lies in the fact that she before her surgery, still had breasts larger than average! Okay, listen ..
    The point of SUCH an operation comes with in MAKING ALL U GUYS BELIEVE THEY ARE REAL, and that she at the same time CAN GET THEM TO LOOK REAL. Then why not do it? A women with small breasts, would never have the ability to get that look. Hers, would always be tighten up, cuz’ of her missing skin, but you can see on Diora’s breast it “hangs” a little, compared to her obvious implants behind her breast muscles.

    U guyes really have a lack of insight into how well a surgeon can get it to look.. A breast augmentation will not leave your breasts to suddenly lift up, if you already got them large, which can hang. No, they will just give them more volume, and get them to have a better shape.

    They are as false as your comments, that writes they are real. But a good job of surgeon.

  • avatar Lily says:

    I don’t know why everyone’s claiming they’re real. Carmen Electra’s look just like hers, and hers are implants. These boobs are definitely fake.

  • avatar Bob says:

    Of course they are fake. Yeah, small frame women can have large breasts but they can’t defy gravity. Look at her playboy pics. I’ve seen enough real and fake boobs, gf’s with both, to know that real ones CAN NOT be that perfectly round. And natural nipples are never front and center. Sorry. But hey, what does it matter? She’s so hot………….regardless.

  • avatar The Guy says:

    It’s funny that this is a topic of concern. I can say with 100% certainty that she is all natural. I’ve know her since middle school in Miami Beach and one of the things guys spoke about senior year was how large they were for such a small framed girl. Also, not that it matters to any of you but she’s actually pretty damn cool…and kinda goofy lol.

  • avatar Adam says:

    @Ric – You’re thinking of Tara Reid, not Lindsay Lohan.

    My vote is for real…if they’re fake she got the best boob job in history because there isn’t a scar to be found and they jiggle like they’re real.

    Real or fake, doesn’t matter…they’re spectacular.

  • avatar sexyman says:

    who cares?!?! her boobs are awesome and she’s frikin HOT!!!

  • avatar x says:

    No fakes can bounce and squish that way. No material implants are made from can do that. The softest implants that exist (like the ones Tiffany Towers has) still cant squish nowhere near as naturals. Those claiming theyre fake should first check out some videos of them in motion.
    Lifted maybe, but definitely not implants.

  • avatar Larissa says:

    That’s exactly what I believe she’s done. Lift or she put an implant to fill the saggy skin

    this picture of hers was in the middle 80’s and she already had saggy breasts: breasts.http://www.fatbackmedia.com/nsfw/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/diora-baird-oldschool-nude-3-top.jpg

    I’m a 32E as well, I’m 24 and although my breast are beautiful and I am happy with them, I wish they feel firmer! The doctor said that to have my nipples as high as hers, I would need to get an implant to fill the saggy skin or a lift, and they would still look natural, but the lift would leave a large scar!

  • avatar Emily says:

    Her breasts are definitely fake – the curve at the bottom with the nipples being too upwards are huge indicators. Look at Dita Von Teese’s boobs; they are just as natural looking but just as fake.

  • avatar man says:

    Seriously… you ladies should watch them in motion. They are NOT implants. Otherwise i’d be jerking off to implants bouncing exactly like naturals. Which im not, because no implants bounce like naturals.
    These do bounce and squish exactly like naturals. I know, its hard to believe when you look at the pictures but clearly there are some unique freaks of nature 😀

  • avatar noskacj says:

    real . i belive in it, and im right, and you others are wrong.

  • avatar Expert says:

    They’re 1000%, unambiguously real.

    Watch her naked scenes in movies such as Wedding Crashers. Or look at her pictures, for example, her photo shoot this year here: http://treatsmagazine.com/magazine/issue-3/dioras-key/

    When she’s on her back, her breasts fall back into her body, flat. They also move and jiggle and change shape, always falling in the direction of gravity.

    Watch any porno movie- or any other movie- that shows naked implants. They don’t change shape, or internally jiggle. When a woman with implants lies on her back, they stick up, and have the same position that they do when she’s standing up straight. The difference is stark and obvious- watch movies that have real and fake breasts, and you can tell the difference very easily. Diora Baird has plenty of movies and video clips out there, just do a quick google search.

    You can’t judge based on that one picture above. Yes, her boobs look spectacular and unusually perfect. Based on that one picture, they could be fake. But we have a lot more evidence- all of the video clips, many of which are naked.

    Diora has 1 in 10,000, maybe 1 in 50,000, natural boobs. That doesn’t make her breasts fake. It makes them a gloriously perfect freak of nature.

  • avatar Tlay says:

    Im sorry. I know this is old but i had to chime. I noticed that most of the people calling them fake are women. I understand that most of yall dont want to believe that hers are real. Its ok. You dont have to have look anything like her to be a very attractive woman. But you have to understand that every so often someone hits the genetic lottery. She hit it. Plain and simple. Mind you these pics are from a magazine so they’re brushed to perfection. But from what i’ve seen from films she’s been in. Her boobs are 100% real and from my recollection they’re the greatest boobs i’ve ever seen so far. Period.

  • avatar Merlyn says:

    Those are fake. Even a blind wanker can tell.

  • avatar NotBuyingIt says:

    I’m not saying hers are fake, but keep in mind that it is very easy to hide breast implants when you have a fair amount of natural breast tissue already. A lot of Hollywood women lie about their boobs being real, when in fact they’re not. Victoria Secret models are notorious for this.

  • avatar RealasFak says:

    Real as shit. Haters gonna hate.

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